My name is Maurice and I work at the Decathlon headquarters My work consists of two major projects 60% of my time I work on the marketing and communication of our Decathlon dart brand Canaveral The other hours I work as a digital sport leader for our webshop I have been playing hockey and baseball from an early age, but I also have a passion for darts sailing and fitness As a digital sport leader I ensure that the webshop grows by working together with various online specialists My Decathlon adventure started in the store in Rotterdam Now I help them to increase brand awareness with our online data Our daily activities go hand in hand with sports That is what connects us as a team Every Friday we end the week by exercising together At Decathlon you get the freedom to decide for yourself how and at what pace you develop yourself I have already achieved one of my goals: working for one of the Decathlon brands I learned to dare to express my dream.

I would like to give that advice to everyone.