How To Match A Pocket Square With Your Necktie[0:00:00] In today's video, the ultimate guide to matching your tie and pocket square [Music]Rule number one.

Start with the necktie.

You want to find a necktie that’s goingto work with your shirt and jacket combination.

Rule number two.

We’re going to go ahead and add a pocketsquare to this combination.

Notice we didn’t start with the pocket square.

You start with a necktie, then you add thepocket square.

Rule number three.

You want your pocket square to complimentyour necktie, not exactly match.

So, I’m not looking for red pocket square,I’m looking for one that complements.

Rule number four.

Finding accessories that complement each other,it’s not that difficult.

What you want to look for is one color thatthey have in common.

Now, I’ve made this easy, kept the necktiesolid.

But, you notice the red right here on theedge, that’s why these two are going to work so well together.

Boom! Look at that combination, doesn’t that lookgood? Now, a necktie can be worn without a pocketsquare, but to me it just I don’t know it feels lonely, it just doesn’t look nearlyas good.

And, of course you can wear a pocket squarewithout wearing a necktie.

I personally love this look because I feelthe message it sends is that I did pay attention to the details and, no, I did not forget towear a necktie.

This was intentional.

And, let’s talk about ties.

So, there are all types of different tiesout there, but a lot of people are confused on the bowtie.

Now, the bowtie is just as formal and fitsin any situation that you can wear a necktie and, yes, a bowtie with a pocket square looksamazing.

Now, your pocket square and your necktie canbe made from the same material.

In this case, silk, but bonus points if youcan bring in something like cotton or linen, I think which gives a bit more texture andmakes it interesting.

And be careful of pocket square creep.

This is when you wear a pocket square that’stoo small and it starts to fall in and hide or you wear a pocket square that’s too largeand it starts to spill out.

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That’s it, let’s get back into the content.

All right.

So now, we’ve laid out the rules, I’mgoing to walk you guys through my thought process.

I’m going to take various neckties variouspocket squares and talk about why I think they go together or why they don’t.

All right.

So, this necktie right here, a nice stripe.

Now, this is going to work with a shirt andjacket combination because of the blue right here that is shared with the jacket.

It’s going to actually create a lot of contrastbecause of the difference in pattern.

And this right here is a very bold necktie,but one that actually is still very formal because of its traditional heritage.

All right.

So, let’s start off simple.

Let’s look at this white pocket square.

Yes, it has a bit of red right here, but youcan really hide that in the fold.

Now, would this work with this combination? The answer is yes.

The white presidential pocket square is easilyone of the most versatile pocket squares that can pretty much match with any combination.

But, I think you guys can see this combinationright here just a very clean look.

Next up, let’s look at this pocket squareright here.

We see a paisley pattern white backgroundand the blue.

You think this would go? The answer is yes.

The blue color right here matching with thejacket and with the necktie actually and the unique pattern paisley I think it works greatin pocket square, one of my favorite pocket square patterns.

And you can see I can just bring that in here,the pattern is going to bring a bit of disruption.

I think it’s a great combination with thisoverall.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

All right.

So, we’re going to stay similar, go withanother paisley combination, but this one has pink, but notice, again, blue and a fewvariations of it are the dominant.

What do you think this is going to work? The answer is yes.

In fact, I think it looks even better thanthat last combination.

And the pink, yes, it’s nowhere else inm outfit, but it really stands out it’s going to grab attention and that blue is goingto make it work with this entire outfit.

And this right here, a great combination.

All right.

So, we got a small repeating pattern on allthe background with the blue outer lining.

What do you think, is this going to work withthis combination? And the answer is yes again.

Notice, we’re going for complement.

It’s that little bit of blue here on theedge which makes it work.

[0:05:00]Now, what about this combination, we’ve got gray with white with the black.

Do you think this is going to work? And the answer is it can work.

I don’t like it as much.

I do like my pocket squares to have more color,but the white right here is actually going to work with the shirt, so I could actuallywork to pull off this combination.


I don’t like it as much, but you could pullit off.

Now, what about this one right here, a dotcombination maybe with a little bit of a light blue and dark blue on the outside? Well, again, if you follow the rules you guysknow that the blue will make it so that it works, but if we just want with the red rightin here and that’s what we showed with the dot.

The great thing about this is that differenttype of patterns will work well.

So, a stripe right here is going to work finewith the dot, but if we had a stripe that was the similar size, probably wouldn’twork as well as a pocket square.

But this one right here, yeah, you could makeit work and I think adding a bit of color in red a splash there is going to work fine,but probably not my first choice.

Now, what about this? This should be easy.

We’ve got linen with the blue with the graywith the white.

The answer is yes.

And the great thing about this, again, iswe have linen mixing it with silk.

So, this combination right here, you actuallyhave a difference in texture and that right here is going to make it more interesting.

All right.

So now, let’s talk about this necktie, beautiful,I absolutely love its small repeating pattern, classic piece and it actually can be wornin a business environment.

But, this is something that is drawing attentionto itself, so you got to be careful with the pocket square combinations you put with this.

So, I would in my opinion keep the pocketsquares in general a bit muted.

This pocket square right here classic presidentialfold in white, I think works perfect.


So, again, I’m looking for something thatcomplements.

Notice I’ve got this light blue.

We actually have a light blue right here onthe necktie, so technically this will work.

But, when you put it together, do you likeit? And that’s another secret weapon when you’reputting the stuff together, guys, if you don’t feel confident, then don’t try – thendon’t do it, but practice wearing and say, you know what? I like this combination.

It’s not going to be for everyone, but Ilike the combination there.

What do you think of this one? Maybe I need to go with a different fold.

Let me know down in the comments.


So, let’s talk about this combination, verybusy, very busy, am I going to try to put this together? No.

I think this is way too much competition here.

And, again, a favorite pocket square righthere, I absolutely love this one the color combination, beautiful, but is it going towork? Ah, you know this is a purple and this isa pink.

I think some people could actually look atthat and say that they’re really close, but I don’t know it feels almost a littlebit too much competition.

What about this combination? No, I don’t think so.

Again, too much competition here between thesetwo.

So, what do you think? Pretty muted tie actually works well withthe jacket and this pocket square, again, the classic white presidential fold workswith anything.

Does this combination work? I, you know I’m on the fence with this one.

I do feel that the necktie is a little bittoo strong a little bit too casual, but I can see how it could work because of the colorcombinations.

What do you guys think what do you think ofthis combination right here? I think this can work actually if you wantto put this in, it just got that nice color that just works.

I’m looking there’s a little bit of blue,the blue works here.

I could go with this.

What about this combination? This one’s a very light has a very airyfeel.

This one much more formal.

You think we can put this together? I don’t know.

Maybe because of the white shirt, I thinkyou could pull it off, but I’ not so sure about this one.

Again, guys, let me know down in the commentsdo you like this combination? And, bringing in the dot.

Now, I think this is a great combination.

Again, because this tie is very muted anddots although they are in general casual they can be worn with this color with this combinationright here.

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Take care.

I will see you in the next video.

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