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(techno R&B) Now first things first, we'regonna talk about ClickFunnels, how you can market it inClickFunnels Online 2019, (unintelligible), wannaget past his income, basically gotta stick withit, you can make that journey of doin' stickin' withit, that's gonna pay off.

When you're doin' somethin'like goin' to your nine to five every day, you're still tryin'to figure out one thing, is is it worth it or not? But when you take your time and do it and anytime you wanna learnfrom it, I'm gonna tell you, you need to try that one click way.

You wanna funnel away,it helps out a little.

I'm gonna tell you RussellBrunson, he started off with this 30 days forentrepreneurs who have done it, been successful with it, and have different marketers in it.

So I don't even know howmany people in this book, but you know, everybody know who, let's just get me a goodexample, you might seen his ads Russ Tomlinson, show yahow to sell, let's see.

Realtors, he talks to realtorsand man, it's just so many like Dan Henry, he's oneof the guys I came across in the book, he's got Spencer Mecham, he's one of the AffiliateMarketers that front (audio garbled) for the Marketing section of it and you name it.

It's so many people in this book that when you learn somethingwhen you take it from them, don't try to re-write thatwhole thing over yourself, 'cause it's basically sayingthat if you try to tweak the wheel, you might breakit, but if it ain't broken, you gotta run with it.

But that's what I can tellyou when you're understanding the marketing of it,when you wanna learn how to generate sales, or generatehow to build a funnel, everybody done somethin'of it, some kind of steps of how they do it, and whatthey're gainin' from it and what they pickin' up.

If you try to figure it outyourself and the skill of it, but I can just tell you,you gotta keep on pushin', don't give up, that is understanding that it's possible things thatcan open your mind to see it different, life, future,goals, dreams, you name it.

But that's what I couldtell you is one funnel away that helps you out and itbuilds you up and learn from different types to havea good group, ClickFunnel has a good group for it,and to have a good coachin', coach with you, and coachers at you, whatever you wanna call'em mentors, you name it.

But you come to link, click the links, it's down in the description,go straight into it.

And understanding thatwhatever you do, don't give up.

If you seein' yourself, like,you've been working so long at one job over a periodof time and you never, still doin' the same thing,probably not gaining a raise or just not movin' up,sometimes you have to do it on your own and takethose steps by yourself.

You realize the goals you try and the goals you make is your dreams, you have to make yourdreams to come to reality.

You understand them stepsin the life of struggles, people still dealin' withlife everyday, once you start, my philosophy behind thisis, you have to build a plan, once you build your plan,everything will fall in suit.

'Cause you're settin' it up.

That is your goal to expectsomething like, what I said, like, working withClickFunnels Online 2019, it's understandable thatthis book right here, one funnel away, it's the 30days of basically it's showing any marketer or any internetmarketing, any video marketing, you name, they're sayingin this book, if they lost everything in 30 days, howwould you gain it back.

Just take the steps, pickthe book up, you know.

But like I said the linkwill be in the description, so you can jump right into it.

And it's worth it.

Fill your journey, fill your journey, build yourself at the same time, alright.

Now I'm gonna tell you this,check me out once again.

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