hello everyone and thanks for tuninginto the financial investor channel my name is Brent and today we're gonna betalking about Marcus by Goldman Sachs now we have talked about this in thepast I made a whole video talking about Marcus by Goldman Sachs I had a 1.

5percent return so in 12 months you would see your initial one thousand dollarsbecome 15 your initial five thousand dollars between become 75 you would seeyour initial ten thousand dollars become 150 but I just received an emailnotification today that they increase their rates by 0.

1 percent which givesthem a total now of 1.

6 percent so this is a much higher rate than thetraditional brick-and-mortar stores that you know brick and motar banks such asChase such as well Fargo your local credit union those will have racebetween point zero one two point three five percent so that's one dollar foryour $10,000 or three dollars and fifty cents for your point three five percentoff your $10,000 what would you rather have would you rather have you knowthree dollars to 50 cents or a hundred and sixty dollars off your $10,000 sowith a thousand dollars or yeah with a thousand dollars you would now make sixokay so yeah they they increase their rate to one point six so here instead ofbeing one point five we where you would make fifteen off your thousand you makesixteen instead of your 5,000 here you'd make a b-boy I cannot do that math butluckily they had this handy-dandy calculator here so five thousand dollarsover five years let's go ahead and change that up here actually over here Ibelieve was what I had estimated there you would make $80.

00 so it's set aseventy-five for your five thousand you would make 80 instead of your 150 foryour ten thousand you would make a hundred and sixty so I say ten thousanddollars is a good number because $10,000 $10,000 will run you roughly threemonths and if you do your what's it called your budget that's itif you do your budget and your family spends two to threethousand dollars a month you know it's you know three by three is nine so whatam I doing here three thousand by three is nine thousand so we'll run that up toten so three thousand each month for three months would give you right aroundten thousand dollars with a little bit of leeway so ten thousand dollars is agood initial deposit for your emergency fund for your rainy day fund if you haveless that's you know just kind of build it up if that's something you would liketo do I'm not telling you guys out you know telling you to go out there andmake your emergency day emergency fund I think it's important I have my ownemergency fund overall Marcus I moved it over from American ExpressI have probably much more than I really should have in there I probably haveenough for a year if I wanted to but I am getting me moving those funds outhere shortly I'm just trying to get into some other investment opportunities so Ijust wanted to kind of share this with you guys I know this is gonna be like avery quick video talking about Marcus by Goldman Sachs I had made a whole videoon this back you know back in January 29th 2018 so it's only really been twomonths and they've already increased their rates I know other people havereally liked this video they're putting 10% of their money into this Bank thisis one of the best high-yield savings accountyou know how is the deposit made wire from your present Bank yes it is so I'vealready set up my account on here I moved money into this and it's beengenerating some nice interest every single month for the money that I havedeposited in there so if you guys would like to check it out go ahead and checkit out in the description below I will have a link and then also in the commentsection I'll have a link to this website and to my prior video that talks aboutthe whole breakdown it was Marcus by Goldman Sachs I went over the whole howto open up an account I talked about what information they would require youknow entering your password and such so that is everything for this video if youguys have enjoyed the video remember to Like comment and subscribeonce okay and I'm back so I want to thankeveryone for watching up into this point if you did like the video hit the likebutton below remember to subscribe it hit the notification button for newvideos I put out videos weekly so go ahead and hit that if you have anyquestions about anything that was covered in the video or just in generalleave them in the comment section below as a friendly disclaimer I am NOT afinancial advisor or tax professional but the information provided is myopinion for entertainment and fun that's not investment advice this is just me asa financial investor trying to help others make their money work for themFigg you guys for tuning in I will see you next time have a great day bye.