Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath.

Author of Candida Crusher and formulator ofthe CanXida range of supplements.

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I'm going to talk about some male home remedytreatments for jock itch, for male yeast infection.

I've had so many guys I've seen over the yearswith jock itch or male yeast infection.

Many people think that yeast infection isonly a woman's problem.

When, in fact, millions of guys around theworld suffer badly from a male yeast infection as well.

Guys, if you're watching this and you've gota bad yeast infection, we're going to go through a couple things that's important to discuss.

I've done many videos on jock itch that youcan watch, but hygiene is a big one.

If you've got this problem, you need showertwice per day, morning when you get up and evening before you retire.

You must do that.

It's a must.

You must wear cotton underclothing.

You probably know all this.

And also, you need to keep pubic hair quiteshort.

Those are three core things you need to dooff the cuff.

Otherwise, you're wasting your time even goingfurther with this video.

If you've achieved all that, I want you tostart having a look at tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil cream.

Check out the CanXida cream that I've formulatedas well.

That's quite a nice one.

That's got some anti-fungal inhibitors inthere as well.

Just even a couple of drops of tea tree oilused on the area after you've washed.

Make sure the public hair is short.

You've washed the area.

A couple of drops on the hand of tea treeoil and then rub that around the scrotum.

That's going to help significantly.

And on top of that, you take beer, pizzasand sugary yeasty out of the diet.

That's going to be probably 60 to 70 percentof the cure.

Just by that alone.

Just by taking the crap out of the diet thatyou know you shouldn't be eating and by applying a little bit of cream or tea tree oil in thearea, having the bathing in place twice a day.

Remember what we said.

Public hair short.

Maybe a bit of sunlight exposure in the summertimeto the area.

Maybe swimming at the beach.

These are all home things that you can do.


Without even going to the doctor to fix theproblem up.

Make sure that your lifestyle is in line withyour treatment and your diet.

There's no point having the best foods ifyou're going to stay up late at night or have a crappy job.

There's no point in spending time in the sunif you're going to wear nylon underclothing.

Check out some of the videos we spoke about.

You can get on top of this problem.

It can be fixed up in about three months quiteeasily with most people.

Check it out.

Thanks for tuning in.