– How would you like to startyour very own online business with zero experience and no upfront cost? – Hey this is LeahRaefrom toddandleahrae.

Com and in this video I'mgonna walk you through a very simple business model that you can get started with today.

It's gonna allow you to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per week.

Now this considered anactive-income type business model where you're going to be doing some work and you get paid fordoing that specific work.

Active income is great,you do it, you get paid, it puts money in the bankand food on the table.

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Now let's dive into my computer and I'm gonna walk youthrough this process.

So the website we're working with today is called duda.

Co, duda.

Co, this is a super-simple website that allows you to createwebsites really easy.

You don't need experience beforehand guys, this is drag and drop, if you know how to work a computer decently well, this is an option for you.

Not only are their websites beautiful and easy to make, but they'realso very mobile customized and especially when you're driving around to local businesses in your area and people are usuallyon Google Maps, right, and they're looking for aspecific type of restaurant or some sort of store or specialty thing that they're trying to find and if they find it on Google Maps, yeah they're gonna check thehours and stuff on Google Maps but, they're gonna headover to the website, look at the menu, or get somedetails about what they offer before they decide if they'regonna go there or not.

If it's not an easy websiteto navigate from their phone, they're probably gonnamiss out on that business that they could potentially have.

So here's what you would do, you would come in to duda.

Coand start their free trial.

Up in the upper right corner, grab access to the free trial here, andthen you're gonna go through some of their resources and tools.

They're gonna teach youexactly now to use their site and what you can do with it.

Now if this is something,and you start playing with the free trial, you make a website, you sell it to someone, how you can invest in actually one of their programs where you can have multiple websites that you're hosting all through them, super template, easy-to-create website that real brick and mortarcompanies are paying you for and you can set it up so thatthey pay you a one time fee or you know that you canstill maintain that website for them and you can haveincoming, ongoing income coming in from thesebusinesses month after month.

So this is website, the platform that you're actually gonnacreate the websites on.

So how do you find peoplewho needs websites.

Well a really simple way toget started with this guys is actually to head over toGoogle Maps for your local area.

Now I've gone into our city where we are and just brought up where we have a lot of mom and pop type shops, restaurants kind of like our littledowntown strip that we have.

What I would do here is actually look at the different businesses and see who doesn't have a website listed.

Maybe they have a website listed but it's maybe not mobileoptimized or just looks really bad and they could definitelyuse some help with it.

So I'm gonna click on thislittle restaurant here called Annie's, and when I look at it, it looks like a littlemomma shop kind of cafe here and I don't see an option for a website.

Add missing information, add website, this is a perfect option forsomeone you could contact.

What you could do is go in to dudo.

Co, grab one of their templates, and walk up a website for a diner.

Then, head into Annie's,contact the owner, and present your offer to them, that you can give 'em awebsite just like this for x amount of dollars, or if they even want you to manage it with real small momand pop type companies, restaurants, that sort of thing, they very well may wantyou to manage it for them.

They're busy running a restaurant, they don't have time for that.

So you can actually offer that and get monthly residualincome coming in as well.

When they pay you, go in, update to the actual year-longmembership or monthly membership or monthly membership with duda and then go in, create their website, get that to them, and thenhead off to your next customer.

As we click around some more we got a local Mexican restaurant here and yes, they do have a website but it's not a greatwebsite, we'll just say.

Okay so, definitely it could be optimized in a lot of different ways.

So this could still be someone once you have a little more experience, you've got some reallystreamlined templates and you really know your stuff, I'd still contact them, especially if you check this website on your phone and it functionspoorly on a mobile site.

They'd be great folks to talk to.

So take a little time, startwith just your local area, or you can actually dosome face to face meetings with some small mom and popshops and get some customers in the pipeline, getover, make the website, sell 'em, make some money, and now you just rinse andrepeat, you can keep going and the more experience you get with this the more you can expand, youcan offer websites to people all over the world who just need a great, mobile-optimized,beautiful looking website.

Poof, now you've got, an online business, how simple is that, it'sreally not that complicated, don't over-complicated it people.

Again if you wanna getmore into passive income, click the link at thetop of the description.

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Again this is LeahRaefrom toddandleahrae.

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