Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] Hey, what is up? It is Mark Z from Empire digital resources and my YouTube channel nuclear inbox Make money online.

Anyways, this is free training.

It was gonna be part of OTO 1 I believe it's an overview of the whole course of affiliate marketing and I believe also it is Be talking about how to collect leads via warrior plus as well as a little bit of mani chat training These probably aren't great and you know what, it's free Get the Nuggets out of it.

You can watch it listen to it Throw your headphones on it's what I do with videos that for me and I just throw my headphones on like Mickey Mouse, right? So those headphones on and you're good to go.

Alright, check out the videos and leave a comment subscribe to my notification poster Hey, what is happening? It's time for the overview of Ritson repeat Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] So one thing we found out we kind of pitch this out to a few gurus out there and one of the first things they said about this course is that there are plenty people that want to learn even how to make 10 to 20 dollars a day and They just want a method that actually works so Basically, we're no guru.

I know and I are no guru Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] Were sort of advanced newbies I guess you would want to say and we just want to share some of the things that have worked for us So that's why we created rinse and repeat.

So we put this video on pause for a second Well, I get some of my notes up so that I can Eloquently say all this stuff to you and in a precise concise manner I don't want to take up a lot of your time in these videos.

So they hit this pause and we will get right back so the first thing this course is gonna teach you how to do and you've probably heard it before if you're going to learn how The offer you're gonna how to pick the offer.

Okay, and I don't know how this whiteboard things gonna really work, too Well or not.

It's a real life board as you can see right here Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] So you could pick the offer and then from there we're gonna talk about creating a squeeze page So we're gonna create a squeeze page for his offer.

Okay? There's also an alternative option of not even creating no squeeze page, okay maybe you don't you want to do a a squeeze page and then Out of all this what you're going to be doing is really building a list list Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] You have to build that list.

Okay, so you gonna build that list now? There's time to chew even build list You don't even do squeeze page and once you pick your offer, you're gonna sub straight to the offer All right straight to the offer and there's reasons why you want to do that Now, how do you get stuff to go from the offer that you picked back in? Step one to any spots.

You're going to want to learn how to drive traffic Traffic light blows so you're gonna need either free traffic Okay, or do you need pay traffic now? I suggest everybody here stick with free traffic to start with And I would go from free traffic to building to list right away because you want to get that list going now Basically, that is it.

That is the nutshell of course this right here You'll learn to do that properly.

You'll learn to use all the tools Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] We're going to talk about you're going to actually learn how to make at least Ten dollars a day maybe twenty Okay, maybe a hundred dollars a day.

You make it up to heart out of the day Whatever it is, you're gonna have your goal is if you follow this easy to follow plan Which looks like a bunch of scribble Scrabble on a whiteboard behind? That is the overview of rinse and repeat and you're gonna go like well I've seen this before you have seen it before I care too.

You've seen it before There's been four courses in the last month that have released this exact strategy, but guess what they either don't talk to you as somebody that's Been around for a little bit or they just give you way too much information.

We're not gonna do that in our course we're getting exactly Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] Exactly what you need? Strategy that works gurus don't want to share at all.

Well, they have actually but you're not paying attention anyways, click below for the next video buying One time offer one or OTO one.

So this is the first training ot No one we're back in word plus here And I mentioned in the front end the main course that you could collect emails without having to put a stupid signup box out there which kind of irritates people Makes them go high and I want to get my email out So within a warrior plus it's very easy to do So what I mean is I mean, they're the vendors tab here and we're plus mmm And I'm not gonna go into a ton of detail here Because I do have another course out there on how to set up your own offers and products.

So If you want to learn how exactly how to do this Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] I'm gonna link it below and you can go ahead and buy that course, it'll walk you step-by-step through everything I'm not gonna do that here.

I'm just going to show you exactly how to collect emails so What you need to do is you need to go in here under the vendors area and then click on offers and what your new? To create a new offer I call this one bonus because I offered bonuses out this way And it's very very simple to do and it works well because they click it and they're added to your email list so I'll go in and look at the product actually, so the product is called Well, the product is called would one of promoting with traffic victory.

I was trying to reach you know, sell it But what you need to do here get out here here Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] We go what you need to do is go into the offer setup options and you'll go into the offer settings And basically just fill out some crap in there, you know bonus This is above us, you know, who cares and then you're gonna send it to a page You have to have a page in there.

So you fill that in.

Okay, you'll send it to a page and Once you do that, it's all good.

And well, you know, you just fill out most of this stuff add tracking off Click Save.

You don't want to allow any affiliates on this because you're really not gonna be promoting it and if you notice Something here from the get-go when you go back out one page look back up here When you go back out here, you'll notice that this is a Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] Private I believe here.

Where do I see it? You'll notice that this is private.

Anyways, don't worry about all that So basically, like I said, if you really want to learn how to set this up Really? Well the offers and the products you'll want to get that course below somewhere.

I'm gonna link the course down here Alright, so let's not digress too much.

I know that's why you're here.

You're here to learn quickly You're here to learn concisely I get it Alright, so now you got your offer set up and of course you need a product so you come here to your products And you come in I call the product bonus And under the product of bonus I Actually deliver it via zip file.


There's a couple ways you can do it I was doing it this way for a while, but you can actually you know Choose a file and you know do the bonus there.

So basically it delivers a zip file to the customer and that's your bonus and Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] Here's the magic.

This is where the magic happens so this is Right here versus email webinar integration optional you go ahead and you set it to your get response Whoo, I don't use anymore, but you said it to a weber? Whoever you're using and you make that connection there again The course below will tell you exactly how to do all this offer and product stuff But that a nutshell is how you end up collecting emails without making them freak out Oh my god, you know he wants my email address.

No, no, you make them feel comfortable And here's I'm gonna show you this out here on the offer page real quick.

So go back in that offers Shown you this first? Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] So whatever you set up an offer Which is something else.

I'm going to teach you in the course below which I'm really had out for a while now is On your offer your main page here down here is you get you have get code Okay, you have to put this on a page, you know the northern in other words Yo, you'll put this button on a page to get them to go grab their zip file or whatever you're giving away But now here's here's the beauty of all this the code Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] Says Add to Cart look at that just zero dollars because you're giving this thing away Okay, you just give it away It's it's a beautiful thing to do.

I believe it is That's in the product page So I see why these guys to dress around a little bit, but I'm gonna try to get back here really quick here So we go back to the products area Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] And that is where you set the price of the product It so becomes free when you tell it here.

So bonus is our product.

You tell it here that it is a free product Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] Pretty easy, right cell type is free product So basically you tired two things together the offer and the bonus You get the setup you get the Buy button that says buy zero dollars and you make sure on your product page It's the product whatever product you're you know, whatever bonuses or whatever you want to do You you are LinkedIn – you're not LinkedIn not like that company But you are linked to your autoresponder whether it's get response to Aweber MailChimp Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] whatever and that's it for this module for how to collect emails without the Nasty little box.

I don't know exactly what I'm going to call it.

But this is part of OTO one Thank you for purchasing and there's more modules below Alright, this is more oto one here another way to collect leads is Via mani chat, if you don't know about mani chat, you should really learn about mani chat So many chat is a chat bot system where you can collect leads These are all leads that I've collected I haven't really stayed on top of mani chat Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] And in fact, I'm going to link a video or a training course below called destiny That is a really good course on how to set up mani chat.

So we're not really even going to talk much about managed at Basically, it is a chatbot system where you can really collect leads Some people prefer to give it away their email Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] but at the end of the day, it looks like One of those leave Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] Forms, I showed you in the front end and of course, I believe it was viral store where I had a little chat icon Let me see here.

Let me pause this video Alright, so pause the video there for a second.

I Want to show you what it looks like when it's all said and done, so we're not really going to talk about how to setup a manager chat bot because that's a course in itself and that course is below this video by that course and And they were walk you through exactly how to set up a chat bot Manning chat, everybody uses this that's you in chat box right now and you can totally Get leads this way.

So what does a chat bot page kind of look like? Well, I set the virus viral store Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] This is kind of like a bridge page pre sale page where you're going to call it I had a video for it and everything and then right here.

This is let's chat Then I also give them the option obviously in case they don't wanted to chat bot I get the option to you know Give me their email here so they can either give me their email or they can go ahead and do it Let's chat which would put them into my manage bottleless Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training] Email list.

I guess you could say it's not really an email list But the same way you can reach out to them in that way.

So that's just another way you collect leads without really collecting leads We really don't have a squeeze page where you're squeezing their email address.

All right got I think a couple more trainings ago This one is really short like I said really want to learn about chat BOTS, please please please buy the Training course below it will take you a tizzy on how to set up chat BOTS all kinds of chat bot tricks you can do If you're into that type of thing if you think your audience is into that type of thing Definitely definitely get that course, so we'll go on to the next video And check out the next one Manychat to Be Warriorplus Paid, Now It's [Free Training].