what's going on guys now the last videowe actually went over yet another great coupon site that can help you sourceonline arbitrage products to make you 5 to 10 grand a month right from your homeright from your computer super super simple stuffgreat great video if you haven't checked that video out I highly suggest that youdo I'll put a card up in the right-hand corner right now and I'll also link inthe description below if you want to check that out on top of that today I'mactually gonna drop a lecture from my new course online arbitrage Pro thatcourse is probably about 60 lectures now on counting I'm adding lectures everysingle day to obviously help answer questions that students have on onlinearbitrage their best methods to make more money and stuff like that so I'mgonna drop this lecture here in a second that I just did on the course and itbasically run you through my three-step process and of the checklist in thementality I go through on how I can make extra money on this unfillable and upthe on fulfill Bowl items in my unfulfilled well inventory you know thechecklist I go through to see whether I can resell them back on Amazon whether Ican potentially resell them in another place or anybody else that has aquestion drop it in the comment section down below I would love to answer it foryou if you want to go ahead and grab online arbitrage Pro first link in thedescription that will literally run you through the process of how you can makefive to ten grand a month just like a lot of the people in my course arestarting to scale up to all explaining the course is very very easyhere is a lecture answering the unfulfilled inventory question alrightguys now this is an important lesson and I'm sure a lot of you have thesequestions so you know feel free to shoot me questions like I've said before I'malways willing to help I'm here to see you succeed and help you make money withus online arbitrage method but this is a good question and I thought I should addthis question I didn't just answer it right away I didobviously answer right away but I thought that I would turn it into avideo obviously so that I could put it on the course to help a bunch of otherstudents that might have similar questions so that they can make moremoney so basically this person this student asked me through an email youknow he asked me a lot of other things but this this was the main question thatI thought would be great for the course when the customer returns the item andit says customer damaged or unfillable and it goes into your unfillableinventory you know do I return it myself or like does he get it returned and pullback out of FBA to his actual you know address wherever that is or should hedestroy it you know does he does you just have to eat the cost of thatand that's a great question that I'm sure a lot of you are asking so I'mtelling you you know my thought process I'm gonna give you basically a threestep process to tell you you know whether you should eat the cost whetheryou should get it returned to you rather you should get it destroyed and myentire approach to this that's really gonna help you so that you canpotentially make more money off that product or you know maybe uh at you knowsome sometimes you are gonna have to actually you know get it destroyed butthat's totally okay you know your margins should be high enough you shouldbe buying enough products that even one or two or even a couple in a lossshipment here and there is not really gonna affect your bottom line this isjust to help you you know to you know really increase you know 90% of it'sgonna be the sourcing sending in making money off the arbitrage and maybe fiveto ten percent of it it's gonna be you know these little things that reallymake a difference to your bottom line you know that you can make more moneywith so like the claiming another example of this before we get into theactual process would be might be you know claiming missing shipments that's avery very small portion but it can be you know an extra thousand every youknow month or so if you go back and you know reclaim your lost shipments did alecture on that before but let's jump into this question so my thought processwhen you know I see something like this and I see a bunch of my unfulfilledinventory is the first thing I'm gonna see is you know how long has it beensince I've ordered this is crucial and I've talked about this before because ifit's been less than 30 days you know if I actually see in my own fulfillmentinventory I'll go check my orders for that specific item if it's been lessthan 30 days then I simply know I can get a full refund so I won't get itshipped back to me and then wait because then that obviously could it could bemore than 30 days what I'll do is I'll go to my orders and I'll file for thatimmediate full refund right away even if I don't have the product I'll file forit right away and I'll file under inaccurate website description like I'veshown you before in this course so that I'll get you know I'll basically get theAmazon will let me return it for all of my money back so if it's been less than30 days then I file for a full refund and get the item shipped back to me andthen once it's shipped back to me I simply make sure that you save thatprintable label so you're gonna print it out you know put it next to a box ityou're gonna get ready to ship that product out when it comes back to yourhouse and then once it comes back to your house you put it in the box youship it out with that label cent drop it off into a post office man or a FedExbin or I believe a lot of the returns are I think the returns are allUPS but you know I'm pretty I'm like 99% sure but don't don't quote me on that sodrop it off in a UPS bin um you know anywhere it's prepaid label you want topay for any of the shipping you get 100 cent of the refund if you file for anaccurate replica description so how long has it been since I've ordered if it'sunder 30 days get your full refund if it's been more than 30 days then I checkmy next step would be to check the potential product you can potentiallystill resell it on Amazon and it gets that but my first course of action isokay is there a potential profit margin on any of the other sites that I cansell this on so if it's clothing item that is you know looks decent quality Imight pull it back out and you know sell it on Poshmarkif I you know if it's not or maybe if it is you know if it's a different item alot of private label items are also listed on eBay okay so I might checkeBay I've shown you how to do that before I'm gonna check eBay to see ifthere's a profit margin for it and if there's a market for that actual item ifthere is great sign I might you know think about if it's a good item to sellon Macari if it's good item to flip locally if it's good sytem you know sellan offer up or Etsy or anything like that so basically I'm checking theprofit margin I'm checking the potential other places or you know is there amarket for it and is there a margin if there isn't one if I don't see a goodopportunity to sell that then I just destroy it and I eat the cost you know Ijust take them on a loss like I said before it's one of those things it'svery very minimal it's not gonna hurt your bottom line even for the peoplethat aren't fully scaled up you know if you have a hundred to invest it up youknow I'm like even a month or every couple weeks you know it's it's reallynot that big of a deal because the majority products you can be buying forlike one to five bucks so an item here and thereyes I understand it's five bucks but it's really really minimal in the grandscheme of things don't get worked up over it just destroy it okay so if it isobviously then I get shipped back to me if there isn't then I just destroy it sowhen it does get back to me if I found that there's a profit margin and youknow I think I can sell it on another site I could potentially still sell itback on Amazon so we'll get to that but then it's obviously coming back to me sowhen it does get back to me I a inspect the item to see if it's actually damagedif it's on the fillable or if amazon just classified it as unfulfilled likewe've talked about before because you know a lot of people if for example ifyou're returning a product you return it asthere are multiple ways to get free returns one of them's inaccurate websitedescription and another one of it another one of them is to file for youknow the the item was damaged in shipping or in shipment so if you filefor item most damaged in shipment or something like that you're gonna get afull refund and Amazon is gonna take that item when they get it returned tothem and they're gonna throw it in somebody's unfulfilled well inventorykind of like the question that this is asking so that could be very well whathappened with you or it could have actually been damaged so the first thingI do is I inspect the item to see is is it in fact damaged or is it justclassified in Amazon's eyes as damaged no is it then it is it slightly open forwhatever reason is it messed up in any way if it is not messed up in any waywe're very very very very minimally maybe there's like a slight dent in thein the corner of something then I ship it back into FBI – next shipment I'mprocessing shipments I'm buying products all the time you know I probably shipout every two to three days you know maybe multiple multiple boxesI'm throwing in my next shipment box and it's going back into FBA and we'll tryagain that's my approach I highly recommend that you take it – if it isslightly messed up you know you know and I don't think I can resell it back onAmazon or I don't want to take the risk for whatever reason obviously use yourjudgment you know I'm sure the majority of you can gauge you know whether or notit should be actually a new product on Amazon you know so use your judgment ifit is slightly messed up you know maybe just like a little bit dented too muchor you know it's it's got a cut in the package and it's very very minimal orsomething like that then I might resell back on another platform and I mightsell it on Poshmark that I flipped a lot of items back on Poshmark I flip a lotof items back on Macari I flip a lot of items back on eBay and I makerealistically probably a grand extra extra a month just doing that with otheritems on top of that I've done an entire video on this on my youtube channel ifyou want to check it out but if it is slightly messed up that's where I'llresell it and if it is really really messed up then I will just throw it outand eat the cost even though I brought it back to me it's it's just one ofthose things very very minimal but that's my three-step process guys I hopeyou enjoyed it I hope that you kind of understand the approach that I'm takingI thought this was a good question to kind of throw on to the end of thecourse you know obviously I'm gonna keep adding videos after this but I think youcan really help a lot of people so I thought thatI would add it so there you have it guys that's basically how you handle anunfulfilled well you know that your all your unfulfilled will inventory can youmake actual money from it can you make extra money from it should you justdestroy it what's in your best interest should you sell it back on Amazon youknow should you sell on another platform and the ideal process that I go throughthat you can use as well to see if you can actually make more money off thatitem or if it's in your best interest to destroy it I hope you enjoyed the videoif you did give it a thumbs up I genuinely appreciate it and it reallyhelps the channel grow on top of that drop a comment down below and let meknow your thoughts on this whole you know not not just the unfulfilled wellinventory but the whole online arbitrage pro and whole online arbitrage couponmethod that I'm teaching in a nutshell I would love to hear from you guys youguys are the heartbeat of this channel I want to make videos that you love a lotof people have been responding not just obviously in the comments and watchingthe videos that I've been doing on the online arbitrage but hey I know it helpsa lot of people make a lot of money and be a lot of people have bought thecourse which you know kind of not not caught me off-guard I expected twopeople to buy the course obviously and a lot of people to do so but not that manythat fast basically in the first week of launch so very very grateful for thatguys I really appreciate it but I want to hear from you maybe if you haven'tcommented on any of these videos but you've been watching one or one or twoof them you know I won't hear from you what are your thoughts on itwhat are your whole thoughts on this online arbitrage in general if you haveany questions let me know if you don't want to make it publicobviously I prefer you to drop a comment down below so I can answer it here butif not just shoot me an email to Brian at Brian with why Wow Brian at Brianwith a while yeah that'd be crazy email Brian with why at BG media innovationcom I would love to answer that for you andfor anyone else looking for the course online arbitrage pro is the first linkin the description.