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Com thanks so much for stopping by to check out this videotoday i'm going to be doing a mailit review of a product called mailit if you're notfamiliar with it no worries give me a few minutes of your time i'm going toexplain exactly what it is how it works some pros and cons and from therehopefully it'll be enough information for you to be able to make informed byour decision so excuse me without further ado let's get right into thereview millet is a email management system list building to all rolled into awordpress plugin now if you currently have a list you'reprobably using third-party email provider like get response mail chimp oraweber i am currently in Aweber user as you know Aweber starts off with aone-dollar trial and then it transitions to a $19 per month fee if you haveanywhere from 0 to 500 subscribers similarly with getresponse you as youcan see in the chart later indicated below if you have anywhere from zero toa thousand subscribers going to pay a slightly less fee of fifty dollars permonth and then with both Aweber get response millichap and most otherthird-party email platform providers the price continues to increase based onyour number of subscribers so as you cross into the next bracket as youcontinue to build your list a price of your subscription with your provider isgoing to continue to increase with that being said mill it is a one-time $37feet that means no monthly price no monthly increases no matter how manysubscribers you have no matter how many emails you send that price will notchange if you purchase within the first three days of lot and Britain mightdecide to keep it at that price $37 this it so essentially a roughly twotwo-and-a-half months the plug-in pays for yourself if you're currently using athird-party email provider so from a cost perspective mailit is a greatalternative to Aweber is a great alternative to get response is a greatalternative to mail chimp cost-wise so I'm going to in this and let's continue to movethrough this great cost wise now does it work Brit and Mike spend about six monthsdeveloping the mailit plugin and as you can see from the examples that they havehere on the sales page and i think three different examples they said close to10,000 emails they got open rates of over twenty percent and click the raceanywhere from nine ten percent very good click-through rates / rates in factthese were a lot higher than what might a wet bread was currently experiencingusing Aweber and since that Tommy's transition his entire list to mail it sonot only is he practices what he preaches you know he's backing up withhis own money he spent the money into developing appropriate product and nowhe's actually using it right now I can put out amazing products in the past andhe always provide excellent support so from a cost perspective and effect thathe's shown you proof that the plug-in actually works 242 and in my opinion sothe setup of the plug-in is just like any other wordpress plugin is you uploadthe zip file this is the dashboard you see when you first upload plug-in thisdashboard here gives you a summary of your unique opens clicks I subscribe toaccept or similar to a summary dashboard you have a takeover or any otherthird-party provider as you can see there's a simple menu across the top andthe first thing you want to go you don't want to do is click the help button thehelp tab and you're going to see a few videos on how to get everything set uphow to get started very very simple for the most part onceyou just take your child through videos now those are all the pros greatalternative especially if you're experiencing problems with the openrates I'll click through rates and these are problems that are new in terms ofyou've been doing the same thing in terms of email Ulysses responsible thenall of a sudden you notice that drop issues that are not related to anythingyou're doing is related to your email provider so if you're looking forsomething different you're looking for something that's going to get you openrace is going to increase those over race that you once had something initially tried to you to that providerthen i would say definitely jump on this definitely try because it's already beenproven has already been tested the price is amazing so what are some of the things I don'tlike about Miller well first of all if you don't have a WordPress website youcan't use it because it's a wordpress plugin not everybody has a WordPress website nobig deal wordpress is free to upload to your domains that you host it no bigdeal if you don't have one easy to get started if you know what let's build alist before you know no excuse no better time to start than now because the moneyis in the list so you know get a wordpress site get the plug-in and getgoing but when the cause is in my pain is you have to have a wordpress sitemoving on the word the emails are going to be sent from your IP address so brickclearly lays out in the instructions how to safely and effectively use thisplugin so you do not get your IP address band if you do it properly as you cansee Preston almost 10,000 emails and had no issues consistently Tom and Tom outif you don't follow the instructions and you do this improperly there is a chanceyour IP address could be Ben and you don't have that issue as much using athird-party email provider lastly the only thing the last thingthat I didn't like so much was the fact that you cannot you cannot rescheduleyour email so for those of you that are currently using a system where you cango and you can schedule a lot of broadcast mailit review you can schedule out he wasscheduled emails for consistent periods of Tom you cannot do that with thisplugin i don't know if that's going to be incorporating the future but I wouldenvision as as things develop that maybe something that gets included later allfor price of $37 it may or may not so just to recap mailit cost respectiveoutstanding in terms of the number of emails you can see the numbers of scriptsubscribers you can have if you have it listing list you can import that listinto mail it if you don't have a list no big deal you can just get startedwith the plug-in you set up a wordpress website install this very simple toinstall follow step-by-step directions and get going if you're transitioningfrom a third-party developer body you may find a bit of a challenge becauseyou cannot schedule emails but that's not to say that you can't have greatsuccess with it because Brett prove that to you with the fact that he stoodalmost almost almost a thousand subscribers he's making over eighthundred dollars per day I continuing his regular routine and he's getting higherhigher opt he's getting higher open rates and higher click-through rates andhe was getting with Aweber so it just depends on where you are your career andwhat your issue is if you if you're experiencing issues with your providerthen I think this is a great alternative something you should definitely jumpball and and take advantage of one price is what it is if you're not experiencingissues with the third party provider and and everything is fine then maybe youshould stay where you are if you're brand-new and you don't have the budgetto afford where 1994 month or something higher then again this is a greatalternative it just depends on where you are either way I hope this review mailit videowas helpful for you and if you want to give it a try I'm gonna probably right here ever inthe video and right here in the description you purchasing through thatlink will give me a small Commission it doesn't cost you anything extra when I was certainly appreciate it againhope this review of miller was helpful for you have a great day and I and goout and build your list are ticker.