Alright so let's talk about how tocamp at Camp 4, like how to get a spot.

So the first thing you want to thinkabout is.

there's basically like two seasons, you're gonna have summer andthen you're gonna have winter.

So which one are you coming in? If you're cominglike April to September that's pretty much summer.

Everything else: Octoberthrough March- no, yeah lol October through March that's basicallywinter.

So the reason you need to know that is because you're either- there'seither going to be a ranger where you have to register to get spot or ifyou're coming in the winter then you're gonna do self registration.

So one moretime just to reiterate that: if you are coming April through September ishthere's probably going to be a ranger at this little kiosk that I'm about to showyou and if you're coming October through March you're gonna do self registration.

Alright so let's start with parking.

Theredefinitely is a parking lot for camp 4.

It's going to be that road rightover there.

oh look perfect, car.

There's a turn inright here so that's kind of like one of the main roads in Yosemite and thenyou've got this huge ol' parking spot over here.

And this is where everyone whocamps at camp 4 is gonna park.

So parking spot right here, there is where you areeither going to- there's going to be a ranger there or that is still the sameplace where you're gonna do self registration.

So you're gonna walk upthis little pathway and go to that kiosk right thurrrrr.

And little side note: so ifyou're coming in the summer and you're going to need to register when there isa ranger at that kiosk right there.

this area where there's these big logs kindof like leading up to the kiosk.

All up in there.

People start forming a line- okaytechnically like I think the rules are that the Ranger comes at 8 a.


to 8:30a.


every day so that you can register it right? But the rules say that you canstart getting in line at 6 a.


However, I have been here twice inthe summer where the line started forming at like 4:00 a.


And I have also heardthat some people will kind of like camp there overnight.

I've seen people post up with like camping chairs and just all kinds ofstuff.

So summer is definitely a little bit more difficult and sometimes you'regonna have to wait in a really long line just to get that all settled.

So again, just to double check because this can be kind of crazy, this is usually where the linewill start, which is nice because you've got somewhere to sit I mean if you'rewaiting in line.

And if you're not coming in summer/ you're coming in the winteryou're still gonna go to the same place.

So you're still gonna walk up right hereagain, super close to the parking lot.

Okay quick things to note: photo ID required, cashonly, and this is like the window that you would go up to if the Ranger washere.

So in the winter time it has the self registration sign so you're literallyme just going to come over to this side- Oh even if this says "CAMP FULL" but "selfregister".

ehhhh that doesn't necessarily mean the camp is full.

So what you can do.

so you can come over here and there's a light thatturns on; motion sensors, so that's awesome, even if you're here like you gethere at four o'clock in the morning and you need to register.

So this is kind of thestation that you're gonna need to be around if you're doing self registration.

This is what you're going to do first.

You're gonna take one of these andyou're gonna have to fill this out.

Now you're gonna take one of these, there'sactually none in there right now so this is – this is, what you could getout of here, is gonna go in your vehicle.

I'll show you the one Ifilled out already.

I'll just insert that here.

So here's that thing that was missingfrom when I was showing you guys.

This is what you put on your car.

On yourrearview mirror.

And then this, so it's like you're.

you get a bear locker so you fillin like your locker number, your name, your tent description, your vehicledescription; because they're like pretty strict about like parking and everyonehaving like an actual spot.

So anyways, that's just kind of like the info thatyou're gonna get over there.

So the order that I recommend doing this: taking oneof these, taking one of these, and then heading out there.

Because at the selfregistration point all you're gonna do is walk around and you need to find aplace where there's room for your tent and there's an empty bear locker.

They have pens here so once you find a spot out there and an empty bear lockeryou can either fill this out with you or like just fill this out here cuz they've got pens.

So, this is the envelope.

This is what you fill out.

Fill out the back side too.

Man, I can't rip this thing.

There we go.

You keep this side.

The actual envelope part, here's where you're gonna put your money in there.

$6 USD per person per night.

So put your money in there, seal this up.

Right here.

you're gonna take the money and this will all be filled out.

Remember the back is empty because this is the part that was on the back.

Yeah, you're just gonna put that right in there.

So I'm not gonna put that in there cuz I obviously haven't filled that out yet.

But, you drop that in there Then you go to this sheet and you fill out the same stuff.

You fill outwhat spot you got, what locker, your name, and all your info.

And then- oh.

thenyou take this: you fill all of this out too and youattach this to your tent with this little thing.

So this needs to be on yourtent.

okay so after you handle all of that at that little kiosk you are freeto go back uhh there's like a little trail whatever.

There's one here, there'salso one like- goes that way like through the middle of the campground.

You can takeyour stuff and go post up.

The trail that you can follow to get to the campground.

Yeah literally not far away at all.

Here's all the camping.

It goes likepretty far back.

But again, so here's the camping, here's the trail: I'm on it rightnow, turn around look you can even see the parking lot behind these trees,there's the kiosk right there, there's just like a little information station,and the rest of the parking lot.

So it's like super close.

Also just a little sidenote: there are restrooms at camp 4, they only have cold water, they do havemirrors.

There's the men's restroom, the women'srestroom, and in the middle right there is where you can get some potable water.

So this is kind of like a general little camping area set up.

Everything has onepicnic table, one fire pit, those are the bear lockers.

So those are what you'regonna be looking for.

You need to find an empty one of those and then like ageneral area to be able to set up your tent and everything.

And as for thatpaper, some people will tie it on a little string to their tent.

Some people will put it in their little stake.

It is.

can you see that? Right there.

on their tent.

You know, just whereverwherever you can figure out where to put it.

So in all honesty the way that Ifound it to be the easiest to get a spot at Camp 4 cuz like you couldliterally- just okay like two ways I guess: you could go around lookingthrough the bear lockers and try and find one that's empty like with yourspot cuz they're really strict about that like the whole bear longer thing.

Orlike what I will usually do is I will just get here early early in themorning and when the Sun starts to come up you know people are packing up theirstuff and they're getting ready to leave so I'll just kind of like dowalk through and be like "hey excuse me like are you leaving?" and they'll just be like "yeahokay I'm leaving" so then you're like "okay I'll take your spot" So then I don'tknow it goes really fast.

It's a lot easier than having to like open people'slockers or try and go find one that's like empty, at least in my opinion.

Ithink you can- you could easily do that too and like it would totally work, butfor me I just walked through and was like asked people if they're leaving.