libra corner facebook crypto currency so what's the use of what is it concretely why use it what is the interest for facebook to create its crypto currencies is what we can to make money with and what are the consequences that he can have on our financial world so I'm going to do the presentation of the facebook cryptocurrency that will surely revolutionize our world so before you start and well if you want to know how to invest in the crypts have conducted with free training that I offer you and discover the crypto monique I love and clicked on the button at the top right of this video sign up and I will share you free training so already concretely what is a crypt in world and well a cryptocurrency it's a currency that is usable only on the internet it can not exist physically I can not you in exchange is like that physically in fact we can only exchange and only online you also need to know that a cryptocurrency and well you do not need to banks to use it here we do peer to peer exchanges between particulars so there is a lot of crypto currency or in other words also called crypto assets today there are more than 3000 in traffic whose bitcoin you may know who first crypto currency created and which is the best known so unlike bitcoin is well libra to and a crypto currency with a stable price because it is pegged to the euro to the dollar to the pound and the yen so in fact it is strictly impossible to make money in investing in libra and in a moment i'm going to give you a little trick to still earn a little money now what's the point concretely the libra corner the crypto currency of facebook is indeed the libra to where libra I do not know how to buy products or services directly on facebook in one click without going through your bank without going through by your credit card and that with the partners of facebook who has 20 30 today that they have signed a partnership with facebook that is for example free uber spotify ebay paypal booking visa and many others so why use the libra to buy facebook shoes rather than your euros well you have to know that there are 2 billion users on messenger or tsap that can be sent helibras between individuals of a country to another and that again without going through your bank so no cost and almost instant so much more interesting that go through the traditional bank transfer or by paypal which is still instant but there is a fee so what is the interest for facebook to create his currency crypt well it's just to have even more data about you because in addition to having your data personal your name first name your age your birthday short if you're in couple etc where lived and well they will have in their possession all your expenses so thanks to this new information so all your facebook spend goes resell this data to other companies that are interested they will they be able to offer you other products adapted to your strengths so it scares you that facebook you trace even more about your spending bah actually think a little when you use your bank card in your bank is what you buy or buy it with who you buy it how much did it cost you and so this is your bank already knows all this information so here it's exactly the same thing facebook will know this information just like your bank so what are now the consequences of this crypt to free coins to kryptonite facebook well the banks will be used less necessarily because it's going to libra and instant and free so it can weaken traditional banks that we know today especially amazon samsung will also create their crypto currency and that's a little less known so personally I find the creation of this facebook chaplain crypt very positive because that allows the general public to get rid of traditional banks that are too fragile it gives power to businesses and to consumers like you and me and so I much prefer that that it is that the state is the power so I shot a video a few months ago on my youtube channel before facebook paillogues his famous cryptome is free ap and I said it was possible that the future critot international currency not be bitcoin or other volatile crypto currencies but a staple knocks a stable currency crypt and so it looks like my assumptions is coming into existence so do not miss my videos subscribe right away as a customer when on the button at the bottom right of this video so what is certain is that if the 2 billion 300 million users of facebook uses the libra coyne and trust him for the shot eh ben for sure that it will eventually be at the same level as the euro the dollar or the pound and she will become a world reference currency like its other currencies and maybe even that facebook will eventually become a bank in a few years here is if you enjoyed this video thank you to put a little loïc and subscribe by clicking on the button under this video and then I remind you that if you want free training to find out how to invest now in the lead sign click on the button at the 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