I'm here at the Delhi court and there has just been more drama in trying to get married here.

As soon as we entered the court area, there was a tout lady who came up to us and told us she'd help us find the right place to get an affidavit signed.

And my girlfriend started going along with it.

And then that woman.

we got rid of her because she realized she was a tout and she was just there to make commission of us.

And that means we are gonna get charged a lot more than the going rate.

So we got rid of her but then she got on the phone and she called up and that officer we were going to was told that we were coming.

So they knew exactly what we wanted when we got in there.

And then we got in there and we are getting married via the Special Marriages Act.

And the people there told us that I again had to convert to Hinduism to get married here in India.

And then they wanted to charge us 1100 rs to get these affidavits signed which was a total total rip off.

So we just got angry and then we said "you guys don't know what you are doing here but you're lawyers.

" So then we left and another lady, as soon as we leave that room she's trying to help us again.

another lady trying to help us go to the right place so she can make more commission off these lawyers.

And I didn't expect that here at the court in India.

And Manisha just made a good point.

A poor guy can never get married here if he has to pay 1100 rs just for an affidavit.

Forget about the marriage.

This is just to have an affidavit signed.

And so for example, the cost to get married here is just 15 rs.

So how can an affidavit, that we need for the marriage, be 1100 rs? It should be far far less than that.

So they just saw us coming and tried to take us for a ride seeing a foreigner there.

The other thing she asked us was "how much do you want to pay" after we said no to 1100 rs.

It's a shame that I wasn't filming actually.

I should have.

I just didn't assume that, you know, a public notary of the court of India would try and screw us and rip us off as well.

So now I think the best way forward is just to get Manisha's family lawyer to do it for us.

to do all the paperwork because we are just getting screwed around here.

There's no point us wasting our time doing this.

I thought it would be easy and I thought it would be fun to do it all ourselves but.


It's just.

it's just too hard.

Okay so I'm back home and I've looked up the real prices for notary publics.

They are all online.

The Government of India mandates these prices.

And so we should have only paid 15 rs and a few more rupees for some special paper that they print it on.

But they wanted 1100 rs from us.

It should have been maximum like a 100 rs, that's it.

Maximum, that's the absolute maximum.

So it's disgusting that these lawyers are out there ripping off people in the name of the Indian Government.

These are public lawyers hired by the Indian Government.

It's absolutely shocking.

So be careful.

Google online for a list of what prices they should be paying before you go and visit a notary public in an Indian court.

But I've given up.

I'm just gonna go to a private lawyer and get them to do all my marriage documents.

This is a real shame because I wanted to do things the public way.

I wanted to, you know, be able to arrange my marriage by myself.

No pun intended.

But it's just too difficult with these scamsters operating and giving you wrong information and trying to charge you some crazy fee.

And if you guys want to follow my marriage, if you want to see a really untraditional Indian wedding.

check out my marriage playlist.