To give you a brief overview of the LawSchool at the University of Sunderland.

What we have here is a diverse range ofopportunities for students to come and study law with us.

First of all if a student perhaps doesn't quite get the grades that they want, they can come study with our Integrated Foundation Year.

(Andrew) The beauty of this year is that itgives you the opportunity to really skill up, gain your confidence and at the end of it students have produced some fantastic work.

So it gives you the academic skills that you need, it gives you the research skills that you need, and it gives you the subject knowledge to go on forward after the initial year.

Having successfully completed that, what they can then do is start on our LLB programme.

The LLB is a three-year undergraduate course, it is a qualifying law degree.

Which means that it satisfies the academic stageof training for those people who want to either become a barrister or who want to become a solicitor.

It's likely to appeal to people who want to work in the legal profession or for those who just simply have an interestin the law generally.

Students who study here at the University of Sunderland also get to use our Moot Court.

Which we use for all practical sessions, which would usually take place in a court setting.

(Caroline) In the second year also you'll be askedvolunteer in our Law Clinic as well.

(Rosie) You get a very hands-on experience withclients, you can deal with the client from the start of a case all the way till the end.

Within the clinic we have the opportunity to work on law from all sorts of areas.

So we deal with criminal law, family law, civil law, private client and commercial and business disputes.

(Caroline) What we'd also encourage you to do isperhaps continue an academic approach to your courses by coming to do a masters program with us.

(David) The LPC program here at the University of Sunderland, is the Diploma which is necessary to bridge the gap between your undergraduate LLB provision and then allow students to go into a training contract and train to be a fully qualified solicitor.

(Ashley) I studied my LLM here from 2010 to 2011, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was able to tailor make that particular degree and pick the areas that I liked.

Without that, doing my LLM then, I would never have been able to find out thearea that I would like to have done for my PhD.

The postgraduate LLM, particularlythe academic LLM, gives the student the flexibility to be able to find out what they enjoy.

I think that's probably the most important part of the LLM is that they enjoy it When I was a student here, I had a very good experience.

The team here is very hands-on.

they're very friendly and open.

If you ever have anissue we have an open-door policy here.

Which was exactly the same when I was a student.

I had the opportunity when I was a student, to do lots of extracurricular activities.

I think that's only increased over the last couple of years while I've been working here.

We're just continuing to build as time goes on.

(Caroline) One of the most important bits of advice that you can think about, is to come along and see what we do and come to the Open Days.

See who we are, see how passionate we are and leave us feeling that you have a really good sound understanding of what law is about and how the legal practice system works.