– Are you having issueswith the appearance of your Kindle ebook or epub file? Then you're not alone, you'll wanna hear me out on today's video, stay tuned.

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Recently, one of myviewers, Tracy, asked this.

"I just uploaded my epub fileto Kindle for my first book.

"I notice that the tablet view looks ok, "but the kindle viewis a little messed up.

"Have you ever had this issue?" Thanks for submitting that question Tracy.

So to answer that, whatI need to tell you is, you are not alone.

I've had that issue quite a bit, and I still have that issue.

However, now that there'smany auto-formatting software out there on the market these days, if you just test out here and there, you'll find something for everything within your self-publishing business.

To be noted, I do quitea bit of publications in the fitness entry, so of course, that requires a lot of tables, it requires a lot of pictures, and it's just a ton ofheavy-lifting content within the actually book itself.

So it really can be problematic when you're trying toformat something like that.

And especially uploading it into these auto-formatting softwares, such as the one in KDP or in Smashwords, or in Pronoun, or even Draft2Digital.

So here are a few rules thathave kinda helped me out.

It starts with this, one,when you're doing images, I recommend keeping your images below five inches wide by six inches tall.

Now this is a general rule, it's not gonna work for all Kindle ebooks, or ebooks on other platforms, but I've found that serves me pretty well.

Two, when it comes to any kind of tables, I would really recommend that you just develop the table, take a snapshot of it, and turn it into a PNG or JPEG file, and then resize it and upload it as an actual image within your book as opposed to putting thetables into the book itself.

The problem is, mostauto-formatting software out there don't really recognize the table too well, so it can become a jumbled mess.

Now, I've been able to put some tables into some of my books onKDP, but I gotta tell you, it just was not worththe time and heartache.

It would've either made more sense for me to hire out, or for mejust to snapshot the tables.

And the next thing is, whenit comes to your chapters, and your chapter titles, try to make it a heading one or heading two.

A lot of auto-formattingsoftware out these days start to recognize andpick up those headings, and then they'll auto-format your table of contents accordingly.

In fact, there's actually a full tutorial on how to format your documentfor Pronoun publishing.

It also works reallywell for Draft2Digital and also really well for Smashwords, so take a look at that linkin the description in below, as well as the cards over here.

So, hopefully that helps you out on your next venture into publishing on KDP, Smashwords, or any other aggregate publishers for that matter.

If you have any furtherquestions about epubs, mobies, or any kind of document uploading into auto-formatting software, make sure that you drop'em in the comments below.

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