We have been one of the first partners with Veeam and N2WS.

We have been using CPM for quite some time.

2nd Watch is almost 9 years old.

We have worked with AWS since the beginning And as soon as N2WS and CPM emerged as a product We saw the need for our customers to have a reliable backup solution And we have been using it since then.

It has been excellent.

My team is responsible for a number of our biggest clients and, I mean hundreds of thousands of Snapshots every day.

It is simply reliable; he does his job Before, we had to go and configure.

We had a kind of traditional backup server where we had to configure the backups manually Using tag scanning and automatic instance discovery is very useful ; we use it many times in our auto-scale groups and in our MR cluster for certain types of data; it is very useful.

CPM is great, support for organizations is great I mean, I can not think of a better solution for our business.