promoting jvzoo products is a veryspecific type of affiliate marketing most people don't know how to promoteJVC products the right way and wonder why they're not making any money withjvzoo there is one key way of promoting jvzoo products that gets you sales ifyou want to know how to make money with jvzoo as an affiliate keep watching ifyou haven't created your account already on jvzoo get started you can create afree account as jvzoo affiliate you get accepted right away now what I'm goingto share the next step is the best way to promote jvzoo products that I havefound it doesn't require any paid software or any promotion methods to gettraffic the concept is really simple when a new vendor is about to launch aproduct in jvzoo there's obviously a lot of buzz going around that particularproduct and a lot of affiliates may want to promote it this bus which usuallylasts around one to two weeks after the product is launched will drive people tofind out more about your product that is when they go to Google or YouTube theysearch to look for more information about the product your job as a jvzooafeared is to find these products that are currently in the launch phrase andcreate details video about them and not just any video I will tell you the exactsteps that you need to do so keep watching this strategy is called launchjacking basically it's all about making as much money as possible during theinitial launch period of the jvzoo product now you must be wondering how doyou find all these products that are upcoming in jvzoo you can view upcomingproducts launches on jvzoo by using a website like mooch I hear youget a variety of products that you can look for the one that matches yourinterest and audience you want to make sure that you gain access to theproducts so that you can review them you will need to reach out to the producttraders and ask them for a review product to increase the chance of themactually buying giving you the review the product you need to prove to themthat you are the real deal and that you have a way to get customers many sellerswill still approve this frequency even if they don't know you so it just makessure that you write a compelling description so now here's where thisshe comes in upload your first video five days before the jvzoo productlaunch you will need to actually review the product the best strategy is tocreate a video of you promoting the product itself first cover what comeswith the product talk about why you think the product is worth buying if youhave any bonuses to offer them you can do that to entice them to buy the jvzooproduct we are your affiliate link when you upload the video make sure that youinclude the keywords of the product in the video title that indicate it's alsoa review also make sure that you optimize your keywords so that yourvideo will be on the first page when people search for that product onYouTube or Google that's where you get your free traffic the reason thisstrategy works is because someone searched for this item might most likelyhave already heard about this they are looking for more information about thisproduct before they buy it so if you create a convincing video theconversion rate will be higher just one video is not sufficient you also need toupload another video at least two days before the product launch now for thisvideo show the jvzoo product solves a certain problem that someone has Icreated a detailed video on how to do that in my previous video title how tocreate a video for affiliate product promotion the link is in the descriptionif you miss that video now after the Jerry Hsu product is launched we willrestart searching for that product on YouTube and Google if you have optimizedyour keywords and your watch time is high for that video it will be ranked onthe first page of the YouTube or Google video section I will cover more detailson how to get your video ranked on the first page of YouTube in the comingweeks so make sure that you subscribe so you don't miss out on that so users willthen click on your video and then watch it let's say you get at least 100 viewson that video and out of that hundred let's say 50 people clicked on youraffiliate link and 20 people went on to actually buy the product so if theproduct commission for you was 20 dollars and 20 people actually boughtthe product then you will get $400 I'm just giving a small example so you don'tneed to get a lot of views to get fair amount of money so if we do thisapproach for many upcoming products then you will be able to make money withjvzoo as an affiliate.