Did you know that 35% of your credit scoreis from your payment history? Hi everyone, I’m Christa McCourt with United Realty Group.

Secret #1Pay your bills on time! Secret #2 only use 30% of the capacity of your card.

For example,if you have a credit limit of $3,000 you should only use up to $1,000 of and keep $2,000that is unused.

Secret # 3 is that 10% Of your credit score is based on Inquiries andpast applications.

So let’s add those three up- that makes 75% of your total credit scoreis based upon these three things.

Pay your bills on time, keep cards at 30% capacityand don’t have too many inquiries.

These tips alone will help to dramatically maximizeyour credit score.

I’m Christa McCourt with United Realty Group.

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