Hey guys what's up its September 11th andyes lets all just take a moment to remember 9/11 18 years ago.

Anyway so I'm on theway to Milwaukee just about shortly.

But I'm not alone and I'm not with Angelashe's back at school.

I'm with my friend Zach, HIIII.

Um sowe just got Starbucks because coffee for life um and we are about to go to Milwaukee andwe are going to go to the cheesecake factory for lunch and you bet your little buts I'mgonna film because food porn who doesn't like food porn? Do you like food porn? Yes.

yes we love food porn so and hopefully getsome cheesecake because you cant go to the cheesecake factory and not get cheesecake.

its called the cheesecake factory for a reason.

yes, so I'm gonna put the camera down so wecan go.

Ok so we made it to one of our destinations.

we are near the cheesecake factory but weare also at Bayshore mall and we are going to very quickly stop at Ulta so Zach can takehis foundation and shit off his face accept for his eye make up because he is having issues.

so we are gonna do that and hope we don'tdie and all the things so ya.

Ok guys we made it to the cheesecake factoryfinally.

and we ordered food and our food just came.

so Zach and I both got um flatbreads becausethey were cheap it was like the most least expensive thing on the menu so we got flatbreadsand they are actually pretty smaller that what I thought they were gonna be soo I gotthe pepperoni and Zach got the margarita and here is already eating his flatbread pizza.


apparently its somebodies birthday sooya its so funny we figured out what were gonna eat and then we were looking at the cheesecakeand we were like there are 8 different cheesecakes what do we do so but we finally figured outwhat we are gonna get so I'm gonna eat now.

sorry, so we just got our cheesecakes andI have to show you it because Zach is getting impatient because he wants to eat the cheesecakes,all the cheesecakes.

they are huge.

soo this is mine and that is Zach's, he gotthe cinnamon Cinnabon swirl thing and obviously I got the Oreo one and we are gonna try eachothers but I'm not gonna film it soo sorry.

ooooh she blurry! ok hey guys so its a little,its like almost midnight, its like 11:30pm.

the concert is done how do you think? I'm tired but it was awesome, it was, it wasamazing.

childhood dreams check.

dude I almost cried yall I literally did.

um but right now we are in my car obviouslyand we are waiting for traffic to die down a little bit before we hit the road becausetraffic is a little nuts right now sooo and we almost witnessed an accident earlier andI was not having it, I was literally freaking the heck out for the people on the road, Iwas like omg we're all gonna die even though we are on the sidewalk and the accident washappening on the other side of the road.

I was like omg we are all gonna die.

I'm that dramatic right now.

um but ya soo we are waiting for traffic todie down and ya this might be the end of the vlog maybe then um but I didn't film in theconcert because copyright reasons and I didn't want to put music on top of the backstreetboys because that's just not cool umm so but I got a picture of Zach and I before the showstarted.

I had to take a picture because they wereplaying music in between or like before and again you know copyright reasons so ya andI got some merch, Zach got some merch and it was a fun time, took my makeup off, ugh.

I feel like we might, no I'm gonna wait alittle longer, it looks like the traffic died down because there are people crossing thestreet.

just cause it looks like its ready to go doesnot mean its ready to go.

I'm gonna wait.

I'm willing to wait a little longer so isZach, we don't want another panic attack or anxiety, ugh.

but ya so when the concert wasdone we had to find some water and most of the places in the thing, the stadium wereclosed but we found one that was open specifically for people to get water and I was like ohmy god thank you.

that's what I need.

don't fall asleep on me.

I'm tired my eyes hurt.

you need to help be my eyes until we get onthe main fucking road, Are you kidding me.

Y ES!! every time I remove my makeup, then why didyou remove your make up? and realistically it was just eye makeup but you look like youstill have mascara on you face.

ya soo this might be the end of the vlog,I know it wasn't super super entertaining but its better then nothing sooo ya there'sthat.

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