(chill electronic music) – I'm gonna take Lee's grandpafor a ride in the Tesla.

I've been telling him forweeks that I'll take a ride, he's super excited.

So he's turning 79, I'vebeen hyping up the Tesla for a long time, telling him, you know, that there's no transmission, and no gas, and he's never seen anything like it, so I'm gonna take him fora little bit of a joyride right quick before we get into this video.

(chill electronic music) – (speaking in a foreign language) (chill electronic music) – Yo, what's up guys! Welcome back.

What are you doing? – I thought I was doing the intro.

– That's weird.

– Oh yeah, true.

– Don't do that.

(laughing) I am super stoked todaybecause, as you can see, I just bought a brand new car, and I was actuallydreaming about this car for the past couple years.

I could rant about being progressive and actually the fact that Tesla's doing really cool thingsfor the environment and everything else, but I won't talk too much about the car because that's not what this video is about.

Today, I'm going to teach this guy, this is my camera man Lee by the way, and Lee doesn't know- he's been filming my magic for probablyclose to eight years, a long time, so he's gotten to see a lot of behind the scenes magic.

He doesn't know how any of it works, but he has to get those angles and stuff, but today I thought, "You know what? "If you're going to constantly be filming "magic, you ought to knowsome basic magic yourself.

" So I'm going to teach you a few things.

– I can't even shuffle adeck of cards.

(laughs) – We'll see about that.

Maybe I'll teach youa cut, some cardistry.

– All right, nothing too hard.

– Here, you get these ones.

– I don't like this one.

– I'm using these over here.

These are- my buddy Troy, he put out these cards, the marble-backs.

Very, very sick.

He'll be using the first cards- I'm using these okay cards, design is okay.

– Stay tuned for Lee's channel where he's gonna do card reviews.

"They're okay.

" – That's my extent of– He's like "They're cool.

" Let me just, the seals onthese ones are a little- You got your cards all ready, huh? – Dude I'm a pro.

It's like the firsttime you're doing this.

– I'm a seasoned vet.

Got ya! First thing I'm going to teach you is something called "the kickflip.

" So it goes like this.

– What? – I'm just kidding.

(laughs) We'll start with a basic cut.

So what you want to do is hold it in a straddle grip.

Hold your hand up to the camera like that.

Notice where my pinky is.

Yeah, and it's kind of straddling the deck between these two fingers.

– Oh geez.

– Yeah, okay? You're going to want to do here, you can hold with your middle and- – I was just testing it out, but see? I don't have these muscles yet.

Look at this shake! – I know, they'll develop.

So first things first, you're going to let half the pack drop from your thumb to the palm of your hand.

Just your thumb, let's go of- no, no.

Keep your thumb there and you're going to move your thumb.

You're going to do this- Oh, okay, okay, yeah.

Right, exactly.

– Perfect.

– So you're there, it kind of drops into that little cradle.

Now your index finger is going to contact underneath the bottom packet.

– Like the corner? – No, no, underneath completely.

– Okay, underneath.

– And you're going to push- yeah! – This way? – No you're going to pushso it comes this way.

So it's gonna do that.

– (laughs) – Try again, its all right, I'll spot you.

Start over, start over.

Start from the beginning.

– All right, all right, all right.

How do you drop so smoothly?- So you're here- – So you just push this one?- Watch my thumb, watch my thumb.

It just kind of lets go of half.

– Okay so you're justpushing the upper part.

– Exactly, pushing the upper part.

Yup! – Yeah, okay.

– All right, perfect!- (laughs) – Now, you're index is going to- – Go under the bottom pack? – Yup.

Now you're a little bit low on your middle finger, as you can see.

– Yeah.

– Do you see how high I am? Because if I was low, I wouldn't be able to get my indexunder and have it flip.

So you want to be here and you want these two are the onescontacting the top pack.

This- don't move, don't move, has got to be kind of there, all right? Now your index fingeris going to push this.

Yeah, yeah, no you got it.

Now this one, this bottom packet, yup, has to drop down here so that your index- Ah, okay.

– Pushes it, push with your index all the way, all the way! Yup! All the way, all the way! Now move your index outof the way, curl it! Yup, and let that drop.

– Oh, okay, okay, okay.

– All right, so you'rehere, watch my index, it goes in, it curls out of the way.

– Shit, you make it look so easy! (laughs) – Hold it high up in your hands.

Yup, straddle.

– Push– Your pinky needs to be up a little bit more because your pinky is kind of up here, right? Again, you're holding it a little bit low on these because it's goingto hard to move your index.

– So I kind of gotta go straddle.

– You gotta kind of fingertip it.


Boom, yup! Index comes in.

Oh, so close! – Ah no!- So close! We're here, yup.


Yes, yes, yes!- Then push, push.

– Almost, oh, oh, hey!- Hey! (laughs) – Not bad.

– Well we're gettingthere, we're getting there.

– That is called a Charlier cut.

I want you to practice that.

– Yeah, I think I need it.

– You're gonna practice that, we're going to come back and see how you do in another video, but thatis the basic Charlier.

– This is my homework for the week.

– Now I'm going to teach you a little bit of a magic trick.

I'm going to show youhow to get a double lift.

A double lift is when you get two cards and it looks like one.

– That I knew.

– All right, but I'm going to show you how to get it from the center.

It's called a center double, I'll show them at the same time ifyou guys don't know this.

So they're going to say stop whenever, I'm going to pull that card out, show them their selection, extract it, put it on top, and now,obviously, that was two cards.

All you have to do here is, you hold it in dealer's grip.

Dealer's grip is, let itfall down in your hand.

Exactly, be very comfortable with it.

Your thumb is going to riffle down so just practice riffling down.

You definitely want the cards more leaning this way when you're riffling through because if they're like this it's going to be hard toriffle through, right? So you want them to kind of fall into the- Look let it kind of, look at this.

Look where my index is.

– Yeah, yeah, okay.

– Yup, kind of falling there.

A lot easier, right? – Yeah, yeah, that leans way better.

– So you're here and they're going to say stop somewhere around the middle.

Once you're there, your index is going to contact the top part here, just the top.

You're going to riffle off two cards onto the corner of yourmiddle finger here.

One, two.

Okay? Your middle finger, not your index.

– Middle finger, oh Ithink I had three, no.

– Your index holds the top packet.

– Yeah and then themiddle finger comes down.

Okay I see.

– Middle finger stops those two.

– So riffle.

– Index goes to top, one two.

All right,- I got it.

– Now you're going to pull it sideways and keep the packet tight enough for it to stay like that.

Keep the packet tight, there you go.

Now turn it around.

– (laughs) – You're gonna grab that.

Just grab it, turn the pack around, and drop it back on top.

Not bad.

– That's awesome.

– They say stop, now look how low it is on your thumb compared to me.

Bring it up here.

So look how high it is on my thumb, you want to bring it up there a bit so it's easier to riffle.

All right so you're here.

– Stop in the middle, index.

– Index, one two.

– One two.

– Sideways.

– I'm going to go like this.

– Yup! Keep the pack tight, turnit around, grab that card, Turn the pack around, drop it on top.

– Bam! (laughs) – This is actually great.

It's fun seeing youbecause you've been filming my magic and tutorials for a long time and you only now start realizing how intense practice is even for this.

Even just holding a deck.

– I think what I'm realizing the most is you're muscles, your flexibility in your hand and your muscles.

– Well it's just muscle memory, being able to hold a deck.

– I'm shaking doing all these motions.

Even if I do this, yousee my hand's kind of.

And you guys are just very smooth.

– Well it's developing those muscles to a point where you can do those movements slowly and you're notshaking, you're not forcing.

It's these tiny, micro muscles you have in your hand and in your fingers that you never use for anything.

Now all of the sudden you're forced to- like this one here,it's just a pinky count.

That's when you count cardswith your pinky, right? – Yeah.

– So if you want two cards, you go one two and then I can grab a double, right? So just try doing a pinky count.

It looks so easy.

– Pinky is here on this corner? – Yup! And you're just riffling two cards.

– Oh yeah, okay.

– That's the strength of the pinky.

– Look how smooth you are.

Look how you're hardly moving.

– I have full control over my pinky, where it's going exactly.

– And look at this shake.

Look at this shake when I do it.

Look at that! And again,- (laughs) you want the packet to lean, when you're doing a pinky count, you want it to lean inwards, right? So that it's a lot easier to.

– Inwards, towards your palm.

– Yup.

So you're not forcing asmuch for that pinky count.

– Look at this shake, it's insane.

– You're gonna go one two, one two.

You grab that break and from here- you can do it one handtoo, this is a Vernon move, you kind of bend the cards like that and you let it slide outand that's two cards.

– I gotta focus on my two for now.

That's amazing.

– You got your work cut out for you.

We're gonna do an update in a few videos so when we're not filming, I want to see you with a deck of cards.

– Thank you sir.

(laughs) – Thank me now, thank me later.

All right guys, that's it for the video.

I just wanted to introduce Lee, show him some magic here andhopefully he can practice.

Probably not, he's probablygoing to give up.

(laughs) Stick to videography.

– Nah, I got this, I got this.

Check this out.

– That's not bad.

(laughs)- (laughs) – Thanks Lee.

– Thank you buddy.

– Anyways guys, quick video for today, stay tuned for tomorrow, we've got a puzzle video dropping, gonna be real sick.

Thanks for watching, smash the like, notifications, all that stuff.

We'll see you in the next one, peace.

– Peace.

Ah! (laughs) – Hey, good enough.