hello guys welcome back to my channel okay this music makes me sad let mechange it up today I'm doing a voiceover on one of the mukbangs that I filmed which did not work out because of some difficulties in the audio and I thoughtwas the harm in trying something different you know? putting up my hair because I've seen that people find it disgusting to see me eat without my hairup so I'm sorry about that and I was not aware of the stain on my chin while Iwas eating so if you better ignore that I'm currently eating the stewtype samyang spicy chicken ramen its one of the famous samyang spicy noodle family and I have two boiled eggs and some kurkure chips on the side as you can see my chopstick skills havenot improved but practice makes perfect and that's why I keep using it so that Ican improve this noodle,unlike the fire nuclear noodle you can actually enjoy iteven though it gives you a kick of spice it doesn't make you not want to have itanymore and it's tolerable so this ramen stew type noodle is great for people who like soups like me this whole combination of eggs and theramen and the kurkure is tastier than I expected.

It was great.

Also the bowl looks really crooked with a soup inside.

This is probably becauseI'm using a tray which is not entirely flat so please excuse that and the meal is done and this is medoing my outro so thank you guys for watching please do subscribe and see youin the next video goodbye you.