This is Jack from tofluency.

Com and in this English lesson, I'm going to share an idiom I used after driving for seven hours.

I'm filming this lesson on a very rainy Monday morning but I've just spent a week at the beach.

So, my family and I went to a place called Hilton Head and it was wonderful.

We spent a lot of time in the ocean walking on the beach, having fantastic food, swimming in the pool and just spending time together as a family.

It's hard to tell in this video but I actually got a bit of a tan as well.

However, the drive back was very long – it usually takes about four and a half hours to get from Hilton Head to where we live in North Carolina, but there was a lot of traffic and we had to stop a couple times because we have childrenS.

, o it ended up taking over this seven hours in total.

I drove the whole way back and as you know, driving for a long time is really uncomfortable – your back is in a weird position and it really starts to hurt as well.

And as soon as we got back and I turned off the car in the driveway, I looked around and said to my family: I could really do with a massage.

So, I used the idiom: I could do with – I could really do with a massage and this just means that it's something that you need or that you want or something that you could benefit from if it happened.

Because my back was hurting because I had been driving for so long, I felt that I needed a massage – I wanted a massage.

Here are some more examples now: when you have had a stressful day, you might say: I could do with a drink.

I could do with a drink.

When you are really busy doing something and no one is helping, you might say: I could do with some help.

I could do with some help.

When your hair is getting long and it's getting messy, you can say: I could really do with a haircut.

The really adds some emphasis to it.

What's interesting is that we can also say: I could do without.

I could do without.

You might hear someone say: I could do without all this stress at the moment.

I could do without all this stress at the moment.

And this is saying that the stress isn't wanted or needed like it's a hassle at the moment to have all the stress – we don't want and we don't need this stress.

Now it is your turn: what could you really do with at the moment? Is it a drink? Is it a break? Or is it something else? Let me know in the comment section: what could you really do with at the moment? And if you are new here, then just go ahead and click that subscribe button – it will take you less than a second and it's going to benefit you in the long term.

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So, thank you for watching.

Speak to all very soon!.