What is going on Amazon sellers or hopefully soon-to-be Amazon sellers, my name is beau Crabill and the grind never stops I just got done with my mastermind event in Las Vegas if you were one of my students down there is so amazing to meet You and it was an amazing event.

So excited for that However, I know I'm actually going to South Florida to visit one of my suppliers because I'm going to be buying them acquiring after partnering Up with them you hear more about why I'm doing that and the opportunities that will be created from that later on throughout this video The one thing I just hit over $11,000 just today in Amazon.

I actually show that to you right now So you can see that over eleven thousand dollars on how we're just going to fly out to Miami tonight I'm also be having a student event down there in Miami so that would be great Stay tuned for that and other cool stuff throughout this video What's going on everyone? So just got done with visiting one of my suppliers and whenever I'm working with my suppliers I always try to see how I can add value to them So I actually ran to one of the sales reps there that is really involved with their e-commerce side of everything So what I actually did is he was telling me that he was going through all these tools like the FBA calculator Keepa and Rev seller.

I was like, you know, I just have a tool that can like automate this entire process And so now he's actually using my boss analyzing software's I wow This is amazing Like oh you need to just charge people for this only I was like, okay, but yeah I always try to see how I can add value to my supplier.

So I know like that thing right there He's gonna save him hundreds and hundreds of hours.

Which okay, I'm not just trying to help him out I'm actually trying to get something out of it So when he's saving so much time he's able to go source me more and more products.

So that is it There's two days and tell the Miami event, which you'll see clips on that later, but today was pretty good in productive day What's going on everyone? So today? I'm actually going to be visiting some of my suppliers now I always like to visit my some of my suppliers always learn extra information.

However, what's most important? I'm actually going in the process of buying and acquiring and partnering up with one of my suppliers So I'm be doing that next you'll see some footage kind of with that I'm like and then afterwards I can't explain on how it went Okay, so that was actually way easier than I expected now I just got done visiting some of my suppliers and also finalizing the deal with the supplier I'm going to purchase and all I Got to say with the spire that I'm going to purchase that happened.

That was way too easy literally I did not have to negotiate at all everything that I presented to them They agreed to did have to go back and forth I'm also visited some suppliers that that actually be at or one smart would be at my Miami Bend I'm having for my students tomorrow.

I'll talk more about that as well But the supplier that I bought already was able to make a very large order with them And I'm already on pace to increase their business by over forty percent, but pretty much what I present to them They agreed to everything and went very very easy.

So now that kind brings with a question Okay, but Beau why are you buying up a supplier? the reason for this is because I've built a lot of trust with my suppliers and I see to an envision that I have to Grow with this business things with my students thing with my YouTube channel and say all wrong with my Amazon business I think overall buying into a supplier and getting cheaper prices and Sourcing products specifically that sell well in Amazon is going to really help in a lot of things Because for example when these suppliers are doing their business Most of their business is going to exporters they're going to brick and mortar.

They're not really sourcing for Amazon sellers So when I get a list of products right there from what they just source from the brick and mortar source Which a lot of that carries over into selling well into Amazon But if I could get access to the products that are getting from the manufacturers and the publishers I'm able to look at those say okay These are gonna sell best for Amazon sellers Which that's really what I did today already able to make a very large order with them bigger than what they usually get at all It's that's great for that now questions may have is okay Beau, how can I go sign up with you? how can I go buy from you as a Supplier, right so I'm not gonna make it public because if every single person just like went into that I'm trying to ask for products.

My phone will be ringing off the key.

It would not be a smart thing So what I'm actually gonna be doing.

Well first, I'm just sourcing good products to sell for Amazon But I will be opening up to some of my inner circle students So if you know what I'm talking about if your inner circle student you know exactly what is you're gonna start to see products being offered that's gonna be coming from the supplier that is partnered with So that's kind of it for that tomorrow.

I'll be having an event down in Miami.

It's actually very interesting So I just more supplier – and I actually try to do this whole entire deal with another spy of mine That was much bigger, but they actually said no and they weren't open to it at all I literally just got done meeting with them and I just explained to them what I did with the supplier I just bought and they're actually pretty interested now and we have another call on Monday and they're gonna be a little more open But they event I'll be having tomorrow in Miami the great event.

I'll be sharing some very exclusive content You've never seen before People were to meet me and get some great content as well If you want to get access to events just like this because as you're watching this video the Miami that's probably done Then feel free to just kind of make sure to subscribe to my channel comment down below on where you want me to come I know I'm looking at on my calendar probably going to Texas soon Maybe go to San Francisco maybe Chicago so comment down below on where you want to go next on these events But that's kind of it.

You'll hear see a recap on in Miami that very soon the rest this video So as you can see, I'm not in Miami anymore, however, thank you so much for every single student who attended the Miami event I had a great time.

I know all of you had an amazing time as well got extreme value out of it and If you didn't attend my own event, and if you're in Miami because I know I probably had 5/10 couldn't say Oh, I wish I could have sorry.

Well, I'll be in Miami sometime soon again, but if you see these opportunities always take Action on them and take the opportunity to get access to one of these events because it's gonna be well worth your value I'll actually have a link down below on my where I'm gonna be next however That's kind of all I have to say about the Miami event.

That is great time But the next thing I want to talk about is kind of recapping on the whole me buying up one of my suppliers So you may have a lot of questions about that like, okay How can people start buying from you and how can students do so blah blah blah first off I'm gonna be utilizing a lot for my own personal Amazon business, but I actually have seen so far There's actually been deals where it makes sense to a wholesale out I mean with those I'm actually starting out with just my inner circle of students But right now I'm super excited because I fit just under $300,000 in my Amazon account the past 30 days.

So that was great actually take a screenshot right there Refresh it for you as well – so pretty doing pretty dang.

Well right now, however this whole deal.

I just did with my supplier That and this other deals.

I'm going to do with more suppliers of mine I think that's gonna 510 X what I'm doing right now So just super excited for the future And then we said the next point cuz I know a lot of people are saying well, how are you able to do this? Right, how are you able to buy a supplier blah blah blah blah blah well, because I know a lot of people think okay, you look like you're worth $5 and they're like Okay, blah blah blah blah blah and most people my age and I say most people they start making money They just start to Waste more money and with me the more money I make the more I'm going to invest into things that are gonna make more money You need to get money to work for you.

And that's why I think okay.

I have specialized knowledge in Selling products and Amazon and the retail and online retail industry.

So me doing this deal with aspire I knew that I can grow their business to a point where they never even could have thought of and it made a lot sense To do this deal.

So that's all I have to say about that.

Thank you so much for watching this video I hope you've enjoyed it.

If you did like this video I have any questions at all feel free to drop your comments down below in the chat and Give this video a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel So one you can understand what I'm doing these other events going on and just also just get some extra content from me, too But thank you so much for watching this video.

Have a great day.