Hey guys it's Lauren well can i – no orwelcome back to my channel in today's video I am talking to you abouteverything I picked up at Altos website I recently just been thinking about howmuch I shop at Sephora I'm always buying high-end beauty products it seems likeas you can tell from all of my bazillion hauls from Sephora if you want to checkout more my makeup balls I will have a link in the cards and in the descriptionbox down below if you want to check those videos out but today's video Ijust didn't looking at like trend minute seeing all of these brand new drugstorebeauty products you know coming out and I want you to try them and then thatmade me think about all of these holy grail drugstore products that I haven'ttried out that I want to so I found me but the bullet I made a major order onulties website and it came in yesterday I've been dying to look at theseproducts I haven't tried any of them so we're gonna do this together if you guysare new here please be sure to be subscribed I would love to have you as apart of the family also if you would like more updates on my channel thenmake sure to check out my Twitter I think that's all I have so let's getinto the video alright so the first thought I haddecided to pick up is this wet and wild photo focus pressed powder here's whatit looks like this product I believe free goes for just around a $5 andreason I decided to pick this up this up and trying more and more pressed powdersout but a lot of them like I said before have been high-end and I wanted to seehow this kind of compares to the other you know more lunch free patterns thatI've been trying out and see if there really is a difference between the twobecause right now I don't really have a basis of comparison and while I'm sayingyes this new Charlotte Tilbury powder I've tried out is amazing I want to seeit just how it compares to something that's more affordable but it's still apressed powder alright so the next product I decided to pick up is one thatI've been wanting to dig up for so so long you guys but I really didn't needany foundation in my collection I had so many and I'm starting to take me foreverwork for all of those and still I have a few that I need to finish up but I thinkone of this product so this is the Physicians Formula the healthyfoundation that's what it looks like this product retails for roughly $13 itjust kind of pins with all drugstore products depending on where you get itfrom and what time you get it from then yeah the price could change but as ofright now on altos website that's what you can get it for and this product ismarketed to people with all skin types which I really do enjoy i watch a lot ofdifferent youtubers i watch people with you knowlighter-skinned handsome me much darker skin tones to me people with really oilyskin people with dry skin like me it just kind of overall I've heard peoplelove this product and I really don't wanted to try it out because I do knowthat physicians formula is known for their healthy ingredients they put intheir products and I haven't trying to use better ingredients when it comes tomy skin one thing I will mention though is this product has a joke footapplicator and some people have a problem with that with foundationsbecause what the concealer with a different applicator you know you'rejust applying it underneath your eye and then putting it back in the bottle andbecause there's not a lot of acne or bacteria underneath your eyes there'snot much like a contamination factor to it however if you are into putting allof your face you do get a ticket since there is gonna be dirt on your face andwhen you're putting it back in you know there is a concern that that could beyou know not good through product and I don't know how much truth there is tothat but if if that is something that's gonna irritate you then I would saymaybe steer clear from this product and if you guys are interested in what shadeI'm using I'm using the shade LW – I haven't tried out am actual skin – and Iwill let you know if that's like actually a good shade for me but if youhave similar skin tone to me then this may be one you want to try alright sothe next product is actually when I tried out it's one of my favoriteconcealers at the moment I keep it in my kit I use it on other people I tried out70 different shades I like if I can drive but what I really love it for isto cover your blemishes and for that I use the shades 14 and 12 I actually needto pick up number 12 which is why I purchased it this is the color pop nofilter concealer that's what it looks like this packaging is actually new tome if you can see it's more opaque than if you've seen the other ones than itwas before and I really like that because my labeling was coming off whichreally irritates me not because well I do like it for aesthetic purposes but itwas also coming off the shade number which I don't really love cuz my memoryyou know so I got I need it there to remind me especially when I finished upand want to produce another one and so actually if you didn't already knowcolor pop has a few of your products on all this website they don't have theirwhole line they do have so many products it'll be hard for them to do so howeverthey did just launched this product on ulties website which might be the reasonfor the new packaging revamp which I really do enjoy I'm excited to you knowhave this in my collection again and I can't wait to start using it alright sothe next product that I'm about to mention it is probably the one I wasmost looking word getting and it's so ironic is when Icame it was completely correct like this is exactly like I didn't open it you seethe seal this is exactly what it came like I was so upset and I mean it's timebecause at least it wasn't more of an expensive product like at least who wason a product that was like five dollars but I'm so excited to try this outbecause it's brand new it's one of their new bronzers first off I love the coloricon blushes so this is the wet oil to color icon bronzer this is in the shadeto ticket to Brazil this retails for at $4.

99 on ulties website I've seen in afew other places like at my CVS at Rio for $5.

99 so it just happened dependswhere you get it but I'm really been wanting to try this out because I dolove their blushes and I try to a couple of their bronzers and like otherformulas really love those and this does look like a shade that maybe a littledarker for me however I think now that we're approaching spring and summermaybe it'll work better for me so I do have high hopes I might just have to gopick up another one of these cuz I can't wait to dry alright so the next productis the essence lash princess mascara this is what it looks like this productretails for just around $4.

99 I actually saw this available at my CVSI don't know if it's available in CVS it's everywhere but essence is nowavailable in mind I'm really excited about that so I hope that's for everyonebut this mascara I hadn't picked up for a while for the same reason that Ididn't pick up the Physicians Formula Foundation just because I had so manymascaras my collection like I had 20 open at the same time which is nevergood I found it through it was hard but I decluttered and I narrowed it down tokeeping just two three maybe even four open at the same time because you reallyshouldn't have mascaras in your collection for longer than three to sixmonths and I was definitely doing that and so I really want to focus on usingjust a few mouse cares at a time so I can really enjoy them and get the mostuse out of them so that's why I waited on this one but I'm really glad I did Iheard that this gives amazing volume length it's a really kind of dozen allmascara I really like a lot of mascaras from the drugstore a lot of people likeI was actually talking to my friends this morning and they're like I reallyonly use high-end brands because that's just what I trust and I was like youshould go try you know my favorite the L'Oreal voluminous like I have so manythat I love from the drugstore so I am like I'm not skeptical I know that youknow mascaras just because they have a lower pricenot you know if they perform any less than you know say Lancome even though Ilove Lanka or Too Faced or Urban Decay or any of that so I'm really excited totry this out and I will be definitely keeping you guys posted on my fall timeso this is actually kind of interesting and not a lot of people talk about thisanymore but I do have a shake already from thiskind of line and I am obsessed this is the elf mineral blush this is in theshade Mellon Bob I wish a twinkle pink in my collection I use it all the timebecause it's a very buildable blush it works really nicely because I do go inwith a heavier hand with blush so I'd like to have the option to kind of shareit out and have a color that isn't as pigmented as say I'm trying to think ofit like Oh without hourglass questions those are really pigmented and there'snot a lot of wiggle room with these there's a time so if you're new tomakeup this might be good to try oh my gosh the sing me forever to take out butthis shade in particular I believe it's a dupe for a one shade that I have in mycollection that I'm gonna try out and I will keep you guys posted I might dolike a Pinterest dupes video in the future so here's with the actual productlooks like again this is a mellow mob and I'll show you the pan just lookslike that this one's kind of different it doesn't have as much glitter andshimmer as the other shade did which really I mean that wasn't a bad thingbut it might be nice to try out kind of a different consistency I don't thinkit'll be a different formula it looks really nice you can see like I said it'smore of a sheer color it looks really pretty so I will have to keep you guysposted I know I'm saying that with a lot of these but I'm really especially thisone it's only three dollars and we're a blush that is amazing and it looks likeit's gonna perform really well so lately my Lighting has just been going reallyin and out I'm really sorry for that if that's been irritating you guys as muchas it's been irritating me like this has been a very long struggle like a couplevideos ago I started noticing it I've been doing everything I can like I justgot up tonight of adjust the lighting and I literally like went back and likebalmy on the head so I'm just had to mention it because it's kind ofirritating me and that kind of just really irritated me so this thinks lipproduct is one I've been wanting to try out for so long I know I'm saying thatwith a lot of them but truly this I've heard since like old school YouTube sothis is the NYX butter gloss this is what it looks like and this is in theshade specifically creme brulee found retails for just around $5 and ahouse watching it on my hand you can see it's a really pretty shade I think Iwill be loving this and spurring it just looks like a really nice like mutedCoral I'm really excited to try it out all right next up I have a product I'vebeen dying to try out ever since I heard it Jessica brown it talked about thesethis is the dose of colors lip gloss this is from the shade on repeat andthis product retails for 17 dollars she talks about a lot of the differentshades but I saw her advice to make sure wearing the shade on a repeat on herlips on Instagram and I was there I was like I have to get it it looks like myperfect ma pinky shade here's a swatch of it on my hand that's what the onrepeat be dosukoi shades look like and then below it I got that cranberry lifemix so you can kind of see a comparison there really like their shades are morecomparable at all but there are formulas kind of art and so while some of youguys on the grand scheme like when you're themed about other higher inbrands it's not that much compared to the other palettes sometimes not kind isand so I will be trying out both the NYX butter gloss and then this goes withcolics lip gloss to Kelsey because they're formula is very similar so I'llhave to keep you guys posted what does a better deal cuz for me I'd much ratherpay $5 for a product that works just the same at 17 but I don't know maybe maybeyou guys feel differently than me I can't wait to try this out because Ireally do trust Jessica she is an amazing youtuber basically from beforelike she's great if you're not watching her you definitely should be alrightguys that was today's video I hope that it was helpful I hope you enjoyed iteven though I was like really discombobulated I've just been feelingit so Spacey today not that I'm not Spacey in general but today especially Idon't know if someone's been up I think I'm just so happy that it's Friday ithas been a long a week you guys it's been a rollercoaster week and honestlythat's why I wasn't able to get a video up last weekend it's really been a crazytwo weeks but I appreciate you guys kind of staying with me and some of you maynot even notice that I didn't post because I know I mentioned and leadingthe year that my goal and it's really always been my goal to definitely getone that you have each week um that's really important to me and then try andget another video that I can that normally doesn't happen but if I can itwill um and so I feel really bad that I wasn't able to kind of you know complywith that but I try not make this stressful I try and just make it kind oflike a hobby for me because I am I'm still in school I still have a lifeoutside of YouTube even though YouTube the sofaum so yeah I hope that this was kind of an escape for you guys as well becausethat's what it is for me that's all I really you know want it to be I justwant really what I want is that community where people can talk aboutsomething they love makeup Beauty hair care whatever it is and I don't knowjust enjoy themselves like have a moment kind of a self-care moment that's whatit is and I know as cheesy as it sounds I really am just so appreciative for allof you coming my channel or watching my videos like all of your support reallydoesn't mean just the world to me so if you are nerdy subscribe more selfpromote you know please be sure to do so I love you know whenever someone joinsthe family I don't know it just means a lot to me so thank you guys and also ifyou would like to click that notification though please be sure to doso that way you are notified for all my lives in the dirt videos and I do have anew makeup releases for February coming up I think it'll be my next video so ifyou want to be notified when that videos live be sure to click that notificationbell so you don't miss out you guys seem to really enjoy this so I love doingthem alright guys that is it I hope you guys have a great couple of days until Ipost my next video and I will see you then.