so guys this is the Huawei Y7 2019edition.

This phone has just recently been released so I thought we should take alook at it, now I've done the review for the previous Huawei Y9 2019 edition so I'llleave a link in the description or you can click here on the YouTube card toactually see that video ok? This is one of the best Mid-range devices you can get inthe market right now at an affordable rate.

So the device has is very beautifuland glossy finish at the back this is not really new if you look at the Huaweiwith devices that have been released in the past three years you will noticethis very trend all of them have one thing in common they have this veryglossy finish at the back with this kind of gradient thing going on.

The Y7 2019is a very beautiful device if you look at the finishing, the formfactor, and the way it sits in your palm you're just gonna fall in love with thisdevice and you wanna buy it, so one of the things I mentioned earlier on that Iloved about this device is the form factor so under the device we have twostereo speakers blasting there and in between those two serious because wehave a USB 2.

0 port and behind the device we have a fingerprint sensormounted there, dual camera setups There, we have a regular display and ontop of the device we have a headphone jack.

So just in case you're wondering ifthe device is water-resistant please the device is not water resistant, I was shooting this video then it just started raining in the process and so I justcontinue shooting anyway so that's why you see water all over meor water all over the phone as I was urm.

shooting the video.

so please if you haveyour own or you if you're gonna buy it when you buy it, please don't put it under the rain or don't put it inside water and later onyou say Ah! I just, I saw the guy that was making the video on YouTube put the phone inside water, no no no that's not true.

So straight out of the box you get Android8.

1, you get a snapdragon 450 processor you get an octa-core 1.

8 gigahertzCPU and you get an Andreno 506 GPU these are pretty decent specs for anentry-level device you know.

You also get 2GB RAM 32GB inbuiltmemory and an SD card slot that is expandable to up to 512GB butthe problem is if you're going to use an SD card in the SD card slot that meansyou're not going to use a second SIM card.

My favorite thing about this deviceis the display this thing has like one of the best displays I've ever seen on abudget smartphone.

It's an LCD display 6.

2 inchesin size 80% screen to body ratio and a 720 by1520 resolution, and like every other 2019 device It still comes with a notchthat tear drope that a lies in between that display, one thing I likeabout this notch is that it doesn't occupy all the room like all othertraditional nothes we've seen so far it just sits just very tiny there andthat's my idea of a perfect notch.

if you don't like the notch you can still turnit off, so if you go into settings and then you scroll down to display then you seethe option that says notch, once you tap it, you see another option that says hidenotch, once you tap on the hide notch you see the display becomes normal it looksnormal even though you can still see thephysical notch there but the display just has this very regular look.

I likethe fact that most of the manufacturers are coming to terms with the fact thatsome of us don't like the notches in the devices and they now give us the optionto turn it off if you look at some of the newTecno phones that I've reviewed here and Infinix devices, mostly infinix Hot 7and the Tecno Camon 11 and all those phones, you now have the option that youcan just go into settings and turn off the notch which to me is very cool.

Tookthe phone out on the Sun like my tradition is on this channel I alwayslike testing the displays under the sunlight to see how they'll performin case you were out there going out somewhere and you're having your deviceyou just wanted to reply a text message or a tweet, now this display actuallyperformed pretty well, the Huawei Y9 we reviewed earlier on on this channel alsoperformed pretty well too under this same circumstance.

One thing I don't reallylike about this display is the fact that the bezels are pretty thick I mean we'rein 2019 asking for slimmer bezels is not askingfor too much.

So as you must have noticed we have dualcamera setups at the back the first one is a 13 megapixel main lens while thesecond one is a 2 megapixel depth of field lens which will enable you takeportrait shots or Bokeh shots, then in front you have 8 megapixel single lensunlike in the Y9 where have dual camera setups in front.

Something verybrilliant I love about the design of this devices this, now in front of the devicewe have a flashlight but it was so hidden and so designed like you will notnotice the flashlight bumping out or you not notice it unlike in the Tecno camon 11 or Infinix hot 7 where you'll just see the flash ring light in front theyglaring at you, on the Huawei Y7 it is there but it is hidden it is only when youturn it on that you actually see flash out, that is quite brilliant.

So now that you know all there is to know about the Huawei 7 2019 edition, what do youthink about the device? do you think it can compete against the Camon 11 pro and the Infinix Hot 7? Let me know down in the description alright? andalso don't forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on post notifications sothat you'll be the first to know when I release a new video on this channelalright? so thank you so much I'll see you again in the next one.