Good evening everyone my name is Johnjohn D.

Villafuerte and I'm here today to do a product review of a cellphone Brandthat was release last April 15 2019 so the name of this product is huawei p30 pro the price of this phone is fifty thousand nine hundred and ninety pesos ( 50,990 php.

) in the market today and let's see the overall impact of the brand for it's price and if it's worth it for it's price or not, i'd been using this cellphone for two weeks now ,so this is the overall look of this phone I chose the black color because when i bought it , black is only available that time and most of us and I own a bagna caudalike you param Arora Khan so cool enough available dutiful due to demand PO Iknow so you cannot put your mouth eatable so you know – is because a classclassic classroom and for you stea for pinning and for nothing so I'm liquid meavoid less no puedo so make it on your polygraph left for you get a comic-conside for now iPhone 6s during this shoot and it over yourself manso mirror it in for shall bless them for shine so never had a flagpole and marinepotion that look on camera I advocate on cameraOSHA and data for your flash at Apple and autonomous or Milazzo for it's a foryou a flagship for the phone which is the 50 times room so mama Papa Docsaying is a video NATO flash kinnikuman equality no picturesnah I'm measuring the 15 time soon I know so trait well nothing books on youawake a long seconds Porsche with the apps installed put inside this is havebecome a quarter before the video to mix Pune Python in a garment so let's turnon the phone and then you know go on he shouldn't goon yeah for long press for so it will take 1 2 34 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 14 14 seconds for the open so my code naka finito sobut masculine phone Hindi cup of that movie fingerprints AHA yeah so buttonled my own charisma for our easy form that you don't fingerprint so it willtake less than a second so do you think for nothing on it I amconvinced Nepal nothing stolen opposition among our side face moveGoogle Chrome my mobile agenda push I just am playing more by legend and myYouTube Nepal your mundane money for one – Edina college and other Oxford Ikicked off Instagram 28 and other apps for so with installs upper 80s 15seconds to open the hole why not so all summer be respond response gamma BDScotia before it was list for anything vivo 9 so V name is good but thisflagship phone is much better for much Mabhida Scotia with with the cornerMerrill Hashanah hockey but with or so but for 256 mb k 8o i GD p– i meanyoung storage 'no so when an a push on SD card so monkey top unit in volusia SDcard slot mariposa for the symbol called m4s in calledyoung so sermon on demand for coming over the only action coming up is mobilespoke again and try cocoa featuring your mapping insideusing this phone to knife so Lanie a Porsche so it's operationalfor my VP the night mode planner so here in aplia Porscheso sample ampule and so gaming the manpower trip onething a open new mobileagenda in a second portion of the response so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1213 14 15 16 17 18 19 so now over Yuma by legend in less than20 seconds for now so natural Kona push on your meeting for during the gameimagine and I just empowers are playing as a Machado Puma delicious Crimeaso why Ramona just you movement not my mother to play the game fair enough youvideo quality in a manner for a smug my bow fleshly power due to the side like Isaid to pull you myspace come kind of cachaça be less and then I ended up anapology to public perfect for summer apps an instruction for get a slight thethree times and toggle proportion must wipe in the commercial mama on I am sohe XE proportional to 9 e report wah-wah so yeah made of oversight three times toshow the navigation bar maybe rock pop up sorry for busting me go again sothree times nigga push action you must be follow-up wallah here for my Jonah'sI just for outside Megan after up until now in the confusion of Baba in the ocean up above that's fuckdirection of about innovation up up up till now I am nandito publicist afteracid in navigation bar so much America life anything that for so I do not washare so mnemonic for your phone and but the return of is an important an issueadditio turned off for a an ample in a long press new Porsche as a communityfor leather bus pussy Google assistant final so that word for a long pressmoonshine you must be the power I'm here for luma bus new power of Sousabacteremia demand for with the data open with the Wi-Fi open place it takes atleast 12 hours for Nampa commit not so much Jonathan that was offered Androidthey say usually quoted only thing six eight hours for neither person full ofshit not Phone 8 and a 4200 and each shown battery Nia and a push a monsterfor you matter Indiana Pina Takata even playingfor and using lucky to our Facebook enough songs woman and battery man it'sa possum Ahmad mokopuna bus and it is a phone sa with its price for over 50,000you screaming up or without the protector unbelievable not the spherenot discuss in less than two weeks so Maya papi picture incorporate the Paranaattorney oh mama like crap just nunnery seniorwithout the tempered glass in eco pushin up in another dumb temperature will haveto available some market and Juno be near 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napurand a pagina gramma crockery to form some 400 samples last night of foreignwine name back at the wine in class na na product and Hindi Puscifer so myexpect mañana Madonna Pasha Pasha electrical shopwhether temporary mama and Maggie Tonya nap an appearance yet without the properskin protector measure Nagisa people with the Rings not gonna place me inexpec upon a scratch free shot in Mishima bogus Kazan and today andlearning never promised I phone I mean previous phone covers iPhone 6s now theinner garment to promote to shoot and the v9 without its price for slapping incopa-data he pushes up as easily nagar discuss andit said it was a warning because the phone is blessed pulling back man sothat but in utter on attention so it comes normal folk with the jelly kingsI am actually Python opinion guide during a pinochle super novel of OSHAOSHA so many wasn't when I teach I'm afraid so say no poo biome gusto young50,000 with not for no it's my bad luck in one in one Hulu debauchsay y n so saturation gentleman ball USB type-c potion Michigan typicalmeasurement MA and a portion asthma why must my devotion because I'm dry so wealways I always make sure for the linear for your charging all the time and moneytrying upon a fast charging OSHA per se am bigger tornado adapter Union if you'donly take me 30 minutes less than 30 minutes to fully charge the phone and Isaid nice for permutation I found when you push on a fan over that but for 25percent to 20 percent up at a church in uniform for in your Papa Rama maximizeyour battery capacity a new mother relationship or as perreview spoon and a bicycle an advantage for another body to assume earphone yupis USB type-c Bipasha so we deem upon petting simultaneouslyMaga McDonald – Irish car with the phone and the DL phone car so siga reportuniversity community to your well charging you're using too much for thephone shop report about a change of paradigm of youtube so you want to useyour earphone listen to me mama instant success sumasar Busia saguru unionlisten and wobble for that and to my utter mama videos to youtube andeverything for I have an entire opera during charging is diminish advisableboo million awareness na bluetooth earphone for far as a convenienceneeding place up and I'm gonna put in our Pacheco Medina gave us half an hourwhat about wireless speaker 1:and box wanna finish us off recent ocean leavingman actually for total price Neto param Maha Purusha originally I'll only sharepatella – man very much it's turban and pop it behind my own so 25 nano MadonnaI was shooting this video st.

Paul so overall Paul who worth it put my ownphone de líneas modern day you quality no picture mother name quality longvideo so after Poonam video Nathan uncle shit for man he became a renowned samplenanites at Singapore you 50 times oom and the video poor souls expect thisvideo to be longer and something wanna disappoint the power will the air phoneand and so during after important lovely people unique sound for some peoplethe frame when you get out a very well be themself finger not as impressive asother brand a phone you.