The Huawei P30 Pro – the top phone fromHuawei this year is really making some waves with its new periscope camera.

While not available for sale in the USA, it'squite possibly one of the best phones on the market so far this year.

It's definitely not cheap though.

Huawei is calling this color Breathing Crystal.

Personally, I think it looks more like a UnicornSneeze with it's pearly pinkish blue coloring.

It's time to see if the P30 Pro is durable.

Let's get started.

[Intro] Right off the bat, the phone feels and lookspretty sleek – on par with other 2019 flagships.

It does have one tear drop notch up at thetop.

And while the back is unique, I'm strugglingto decide if it reminds me more of a soft, cloudless morning sunrise, or Will Smith inthe new Aladdin.

Maybe by the end of the video we'll get usedto it.

The main selling point of the P30 Pro is thequad camera set up on the back, but we'll get to that in just a second.

Let's start with the scratch test.

Smartphone screens can be made from a fewdifferent materials, not immediately discernible to the naked eye.

Plastic scratches at a level 3.

Glass scratches at a level 6.

And sapphire scratches at a level 8 or 9.

Diamonds are the only thing that can scratchat a level 10.

It looks like Huawei is falling in the footstepsof all recent flagships and using tempered glass on their screen, where we can see scratchesat a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7.

One thing that Huawei does really well iscameras.

The front facing camera on the P30 Pro isa 32 megapixel beast, and pulls off some really good pictures.

You might be feeling like something is missingup here at the top of the phone, and that's because the P30 Pro has no earpiece.

It's taken a pages from the LG G8 and gottenrid of the physical earpiece speaker.

It uses vibrations on the acoustic displayto project sounds into your ear.

I'll show you what that looks like from theinside if this cupcake frosting colored phone survives the durability test.

The sides are made from metal, which is whatwe would expect from a flagship this expensive.

The power button has its usual red paintedinlay.

The paint can be scraped off.

The aluminum sides have a subtle blue shineto them.

You can see it better up here at the top.

Whichis also made from metal.

The top has an infrared LED for changing channelsand volume on TVs.

Pretty cool feature.

The other side is also made from metal.

No buttons or anything over here.

No headphone jack can be found when we turnthe phone over to the bottom.

The paint job is crazy on this thing.

There is a USB-C port down here that can do40 watts supercharging, along with a loudspeaker grill and SIM card tray – all made frommetal.

Huawei does include a clear case in the boxwhich is nice of them.

Inside the SIM card tray we see that the P30Pro does have expandable memory, but only with that proprietary nano memory card slot,which is basically the same thing as not having expandable memory.

It does have a red rubber ring around theopening to help keep water out.

The P30 Pro is ip68 water resistant.

Underneath this scratch resistant glass panelis a wireless charging coil that can do the same power share thing that the Huawei Mate20 Pro started, and Samsung also implemented with the Galaxy S10.

It can charge up other wirelessly enabledgadgets just by resting them up against the back baby blue panel.

The main selling point though isn't the wirelesscharging or Smurf colored glass, it's the quad camera setup.

With the top 20 megapixel ultra wide cameraand 40 megapixel main camera there in the center, followed by a square camera lens thatI'm most intrigued by.

A telephoto with 5 times optical zoom thatcan be bumped up to a 50 times digital zoom.

Accurately described by MKBHD as creepy.

The only way to truly appreciate unique hardwareis from the inside with a teardown.

So be sure to subscribe to see that componenttaken apart.

Hopefully we get to see the reflective mirrorsand off-center periscope pathway that Huawei is using to achieve the 5 times optical zoom.

There is a 3D time-of-flight camera here aswell.

I'm excited to see this implemented more often.

Eventually it's going to be great for virtualreality.

3D scanning and printing, and digitally measuringobjects.

If you're not a fan of the My Little Ponyvibe of the P30 Pro, there's always more sleek and aggressive options over at dbrand.

This is what it looks like with the Swarmskin installed.

Quite a bit more modern and professional thanBlue's Clues over here.

I'll leave a link in the description so youcan dbrand your own phone.

Skins can also be as temporary as you want,so no judgments if you ever decide to switch back to something that looks kind of likea Pokemon.

Okay, just kidding.

I'll stop.

I'll just 'let it go.

' The Breathing Crystal colored P30 Pro hasa 6.

47 inch 1080p OLED display.

And when hot flame's applied for scientificpurposes, I assure you you're just going to have to trust me on this one.

This is tremendously scientific.

While I'm sciencing with the flame, it lastsabout 22 seconds before the pixels start to go white and never recover.

The screen did briefly stop responding tomy touch after the heat was removed, which would have been pretty embarrassing for Huawei.

But after a brief turn off and turn back onagain, it started working again just fine.

The P30 Pro does have an under display opticalfingerprint scanner.

I'll quickly set up my fingerprint and thenscratch the surface with the deeper grooves of a level 7 pick, just to make sure the basicfunctionality of the phone can handle years worth of abuse and scratches.

Even with the damaged fingerprint area, itstill scans and reads my thumb just fine.

The last of my standardized durability testsis the bend test.

This quickly shows whether there are any structuralbuild quality issues with the P30 Pro.

Huawei's P20 Pro from last year cracked duringthe bend test, which was unfortunate.

This P30 Pro seems to be more structural andrigid in design.

That 3D curved glass edge makes this versionmuch more solid and won't allow the glass to flex and crack like last year's phone.

The curved glass does make the phone moreprone to damage during drops, but structurally the P30 Pro is much more solid.

So good job, Huawei.

The P30 Pro passes the bend test.

Would you want to rock a phone that lookslike cotton candy? Let me know what you think of Huawei's newcolor scheme down in the comments.

I'll be leaving the dbrand link down in thedescription if you ever want to spice up your current phone.

And come hang out with me on Instagram andTwitter.

Thanks a ton for watching.

I'll see you around.