– So back in 2018, Huawei wowed the world with its MateBook XPro laptop, and in 2019 they refreshed it, andreally not much has changed.

That's probably a good thing.

Today I'm going to tell you my full review why it's still one ofthe best laptops around.

Stay tuned.

(upbeat music) All right, if you're unfamiliar with Huawei's MateBook X Pro,this is their premium laptop.

There's also the MateBook14, which was just announced.

We'll be reviewing that soon.

And we just reviewed the MateBook 13.

There's also MateBook X.

But this is their best one,and it's a really good laptop.

Now not a lot has changed but then again, I'm not sure what theycould have done to this that would have beenso radically different.

There's not much new inprocessors out there, and the GPU, well, thatdid improve a little bit.

So let's get to that hardware,and I'll tell you what's new.

All right, looking at theexterior here, you could see this is the space greyformat, and it's really nice.

Nothing's changed there.

There's also the silverversion if you want something a little bit lighter.

Now when it comes tothe logo, look at that.

They're just going to a textversion versus the weird sunflower logo that they had last time.

So a little bit cleaner looking.

It's still not the best design for a logo, but hey, it's not bad.

Turn to your left-hand side, you could see some of the Type C ports we have.

We got two of them.

One is gonna be used for charging.

The other one's aThunderbolt 3, and I'm happy to report that it is fullfour PCIe lanes this year.

Last year's version was just two.

You could still use it with external GPUs.

This one though will be better.

There's also an LED there tolet you know it's charging.

And you get a headphone jack.

Now looking at the right-handside, not a lot going on, but you still do get a USBA legacy port there as well.

So kind of unusual to havethat on such a thin device but it's always nice to have.

It's one of the thingsthat separates this.

Other than that though,not a lot going on for I/O on this device.

Opening up the MateBook X Pro, and this is where all the magic happens.

So check out that display,still one of the best in the business here.

So there's a three by twoaspect ratio that's the same that the Surface Pro usesand Surface laptop as well.

It's rare to find that ona full laptop like this besides Microsoft's own.

It's so awesome on here.

It's give you that edge to edge display.

Yeah you got a little bit of bezel there, but one of the thinnest in the industry, and it just looks really good.

Especially since the bottomhere, you don't have a chin.

Overall though, thisis a very good display.

You're talking a 100%sRGB and 75% Adobe RGB, so the color accuracy is there.

It's also a touch screen.

Doesn't support pen, butthat's okay, you still do get the touch screen.

And the brightness is very good.

They say around 450 nits.

I measured around 420 nits.

That is really bright.

Most laptops are around 300or 320, so going over 400, well it's gonna be really nice.

Now I still have to pointout, as on all Huawei laptops, they do have the sensor toauto-adjust the brightness.

That's awesome, not alot of laptops have that.

Theirs though is super aggressive.

So if yo leave it on,it's gonna make the screen really dim.

That'll save your battery life.

If you can live with it,it will help you out.

But I think a lot of you willprobably wanna turn it off, and you'll just controlthe brightness through the dedicated keys.

Look at the keyboard deckhere, not a lot has changed.

So the keyboard is still very good.

Around 1.

2 millimeterfor travel, so not a ton.

But it's pretty good,maybe it's 1.

1 millimeters.

It's pretty shallow, butit's not too bad on there.

You do get backlit keys thatlook really nice in the dark, and you get that nicecontrast here as well.

And because there's noroom for the web camera, well they put it here in the deck, and it pops up.

Now depending on how you use a webcam, that may bother you.

Or like me, I really don't care.

I barely use web cameras, sothis is totally fine for me.

Well Huawei has said, barelyanyone uses these things so they're okay with it.

But since everybodygrilled Dell so hard on it, you gotta grill I guess alittle bit Huawei here too, but in the end you getthat amazing display.

I think the trade-off is worth it.

Now the upper-right corner,you do get a power button with a fingerprint readerbuilt in, so that's your Windows Hello authentication.

And Huawei does the trick herethat when you turn that on, and you see the Huawei logo show up, so it's coming out of a deep hibernation, if you have your finger on it that moment, it actually holds on to that fingerprint.

So that it automaticallylogs you in to Windows Hello.

Looking at the track pad, and you see it's one of the biggesttrack pads you'll see on any laptop besides a Mac of course, who have set the bar for that.

Just really massive, verysmooth precision drivers.

Really nice track pad.

I have no problems withit, but for those wondering about that rattle.

Yeah, there's still alittle too much movement.

I don't really care for on this track pad.

It's not really rattling,but you can definitely feel like it's got alittle bit of movement.

They haven't changed itat all from last year.

So I hope they can fixthat going to the future.

It's still a really good trackpad though.

I had no issues for usingit, and then it's really all that matters.

Now another thing that Huaweidoes right with this laptop is the speakers.

You get four speakershere on the top deck.

They are Dolby Atmostuned, and they are just really good audio.

You can't really askfor much more than that.

If you're looking for amedia device, well this one's gonna be for you.

Just really good speakers on the top deck.

All right so far, everything'sbasically the same except for that Thunderbolt3, but let's talk about what is new here.

So you get an Intel Core i7 or a Core i5.

This one's the 8565U, sothat is with you light.

That is the latest eightgeneration process from Intel.

You know you only get alittle bit of a higher clock rate here, so this isgonna perform a little bit better than last year's model.

Now if you did buy lastyear's model recently, don't worry, this is not a huge upgrade.

There's really no reasonto go get this one, but still having thatlittle extra CPU clock speed does help.

You'll also get a little bitbetter battery life as well because well that chip isslightly more efficient.

You can also get 8 or 16 gigs of RAM.

That is DDR3, I knowthat bothers some of you.

Why is it not DDR4? Not really sure.

Now the SSD in this is always very good.

Huawei just uses very goodcomponents in their devices.

Last year was Samsung.

This year they're usingWestern Digital, which is something I've actually seenin a lot of laptops lately.

Now those speeds comearound 3,400 for a Read and around 2,700 for a Write.

So this is gonna be a very good SSD in power performance.

We have the one terabytemodel with us right now.

That's pretty amazing tohave that in such a device.

Now the battery's a 57 watt hour, which is a pretty good size.

You could find with that processor, well you're going to stillget around eight to 10 hours of battery life out of this thing, which puts this in one of thetop categories for laptops with great battery lives.

So if that's really important to you, and you want performance,well this is gonna be one of the best devices out there.

Speaking of GPUs, sothey're using the MX250 from NVIDIA and that soundskinda weird, but yeah, there's a 250, and outlast year was the MX150, so is it really that big of a deal? No it's not, and theMX250 is literally just a re-branded MX150.

We've seen NVIDIA do this before.

It's slightly faster,you're going to get around 5% improvement over last year's model.

So it's got a slightly higherclock rate because of that but it's really not a big deal.

You can still think of it as being in the Iris Plus or Iris Pro graphics since there aren't any for theeighth generation series.

Gives you that little extra power.

Still not a gaming GPU though, so don't look forward to do that.

Now one thing I do wanna talk about.

If you have a Huawei phone like I do.

I used a Mate 20 X.

If you haven't seen myvideo on this, it's one of my favorite phones right now.

Well you could do a lotof cool stuff with this.

So there are some neat softwarestuff that Huawei has done.

For instance, you can do now three finger swipe on the screen to do a screenshot.

You can also do a couple other gestures which then will autocrop that or you can just freehand it.

Now once that screenshot istaken, the computer can then pull out text from it, andthen you can copy and paste it.

That is super usefulif you're in a business and you want to basicallypull out text from any kind of screenshot.

And if you have the phone with you, there is now an NFC tabbuilt in to the laptop.

It's a sticker, which is kinda weird, 'cause of the metal chassis,so it has to be on top.

So if you peel thatsticker off, it won't work.

That gives you kind of anugly sticker in the laptop.

But it's super cool to use.

For instance if I just tapmy phone to the NFC thing, it'll screenshot my computerand then automatically send it to my phone.

That's actually very useful.

Likewise if I have a photo on my phone, I can use the Huawei gallery app.

I can then send it throughone tap to the computer.

I can edit it on there andthen send it back to the phone.

This actually all works veryflawlessly, so use this NFC to pair-able WiFi direct toconnect, so it's super fast.

You can also send videos and documents.

Overally it's a really neat system.

If you do have a Huawei phone,I highly recommend using it.

It's just really cool, andtheir new PC manager app is also really nice as well.

If however you don't have a Huawei phone, well it's not gonna be much use for you.

All right, let's bring it all in.

So the Huawei MateBook X Pro, not a lot has changed from last year but that's actually a really good thing.

I'm not sure what theycould have done besides just redesigning the whole thing.

To be honest I wouldn't mind that either.

I'm not a huge fan ofthe look of this device.

I think it looks all right.

It's pretty generic though in my opinion.

I think Huawei's capableof doing a little bit more for design, but that doesn'treally matter too much.

What does matter is the value here.

So you're getting a really nice display, really good track pad, very good keyboard, Quad audio speakers, Thunderbolt 3 with its full four PCIe lanes.

Then you get a reallynice Core i7 processor.

You're gonna get that MX250GPU, which while not outstanding does give you a little bit of extra boost.

So you don't really find thattoo often in this kind of series of a laptop.

Overall this is just one ofthe best laptops in the market especially the price.

Speaking of, we don't knowthe whole price of this yet.

Last year, it went down as low as $1,499.

I have heard Huawei maybejumping up the price a little bit because last year they were doing that.

Because in the US, they don'thave a presence in the market, so they're really trying toundercut everybody else and make a name for themselves.

They have now made thatname, so they may bring up that price a little bit.

But even if they do, Istill think this is probably one of the best laptops.

Now it's a shame it's not a two in one.

It's just a straight up laptop.

So you're not gonna getpen support with this.

It's obviously not a two in one.

It's just a straight generic laptop, but evidently a lot of people are still pretty happy with that.

I know I am, so I still recommend this.

Especially if you're still looking at something like the Surface Laptop 2, which is actually a really nice device but it's pretty expensive too by comparison.

Although those prices havecome down a little bit as well.

So it's not quite asdramatic as it was last year when we only had Surface Laptop 1.

Now as to who should buythis device, well I think anyone who's a student or just wants a professional level ultra book.

It only weighs 2.

93pounds or 1.

3 kilograms.

Very light and easy to carry.

It's slim, it looks sharp.

Really not a lot to like here.

You may have some issues with Huawei.

I still don't.

If these laptop folks werestealing any of your info, well it would be pretty easy to notice.

You just have to connectup to a network sniffer, and you'd see whereall your data is going.

So far as I know, no one'snoticed anything going back to China, so findthis little paranoia a little bit weird, butI'll leave that up to you for you as you're the buyer here.

Overall though, Huawei's done it again with the MateBook X Pro.

I think they're one of thebest companies right now for laptops which issaying a lot considering how new they are.

But if you're looking for oneof the best 14-inch laptops on the market, well you don't have to look much further than this.

All right, so there's aquick look at the Huawei MateBook X Pro for 2019.

It comes out sometime in Mayglobal markets everywhere so look for it on yourstore shelves there.

Now if you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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Thanks for watching, take care everyone.

(upbeat music) So back in 2018, Huaweiwowed the laptop world with its MateBook X Pro laptop, Nah, it's a lot more two times.

So back in 2018, Huaweiwowed the world with its Mate (beep) Why can't I remember its name?.