hello friends we are glad to see you onour channel happy viewing review Hawaii I've n3 pro Yui ban three Pro is anadvanced fitness bracelet with high quality AMOLED screen the devicereceived a built-in GPS receiver which allows you to use navigation withoutadditional gadgets the presentation of the model took place in October 2018appearance in economics Hawaii I've been 3 Pro is made of metal and the strap issilicone this bracelet looks very stylish and bright thanks to the elasticstrap it is really comfortable to wear the device since the fitness trackerperfectly wraps the wrist available colors black blue white dimensionslength 45 millimeters with 19 millimeters thickness 11 millimetersweight 20 grams display in band 3 Pro is placed zero point 95 inch touchscreen ituses high quality matrix AMOLED which guarantees excellent color saturationand wide viewing angles there is a virtual navigation button for easymanagement top screen is covered with a protective 2.

5 D glass this colordisplay has a resolution of 240 by 120 pixels functional fan 3 pro supportsmobile devices based on Android and iOS platforms there is a comprehensivemonitoring of the health of the user there is a unique truth scene heart ratetracking system with very accurate readings not only the infrared emitterbut also artificial intelligence is responsible for analyzing and processingthe information received through sleep monitoring you canidentify certain problems during a night's rest as well as get hundreds ofrecommendations for each case there is a personal trainer function to controlphysical activity particular attention is paid to the built-in GPS receiverwhich allows you to know the exact location at any time there is supportfor vo2 Max in this case the device is able to read the readings during thevoyage as it has protection from moisture connection connecting withother devices using bluetooth 4.

2 this makes it possible to receivenotifications about messages and calls mobile internet is not here but there issupport for Wi-Fi 2.

4 Jihad's autonomy in Hawaii I've been 3 Pro a battery witha capacity of 100 mayor has installed this battery charges about 100 minutesin normal mode the charge lasts up to 17 days with GPS enabled battery life is upto 8 hours findings Hawaii I've been 3 Pro is amulti functional fitness bracelet with an abundance of possibilities andmeasurements the highest quality materials are combined with the presenceof an excellent touchscreen and with the help of GPS you can run long distanceswithout fear of getting lost pros comprehensive monitoring of pulsesleep and health very high quality AMOLED display many modes for a varietyof workouts powerful GPS receiver durable case and handy strap minuseswhen navigation is enabled it can quickly discharge pretty high price notthe most outstanding design specifications Hawaii Iban 3 Pro generalcharacteristics model Hawaii Iban 3 Pro Turbie 19 the date of the announcementand the start of sales is October 2018 dimensions W times H times T 19 X 45 X11 millimeters weight 20 grams available colours are black blue and whiteplatform support Android 4.

4 and up iOS 9 and up design bracelet materialsilicone adjusting the length of the bracelet is the time display method iselectronic moisture is communication and sound SMS notifications calls callnotifications mobile internet is not Wi-Fi is bluetooth 4.

2 gps is NFC is notno headphone jack display display type AMOLED color touch backlit screen size0.

95 inches screen resolution of 240 x 120 pixels monitoring indicators sleepis calories are there are steps running is sensors accelerometer is pulse ometeris no gyroscope compass no gravity is not battery and autonomy batterycapacity 100 mega non-removable battery mount type of connector for chargingmicroUSB waiting time up to 17 days active time eight hours with GPS oncharging time 100 minutes other additionally with the help of thebracelet you can adjust the camera timer and control it equipment standard bandkit 3 pro 1 USB cable 1 user guide 1 warranty card one charger one thanks for watching subscribe to ourChannel always glad to see you.