Want to win your dream car? my name isStacia Kennedy in this video I want to share with you how to win your dream carif you're new to the channel make sure to LIKE and subscribe and comment belowwhat is your dream car stay tuned because I'm going to show you exactlyhow to do this welcome back again my name is Stacy canbe in this channel I talk about how to make money online how to make moneythrough affiliate marketing and in this video specifically I want to talk aboutthe click funnels affiliate program because they do have a dream car bonusfor those who hit 100 affiliates or 100 subscribers let me scroll down herewhen you enroll over behind when you enroll a hundred new click funnels usersthrough your link they actually give you five hundred dollars towards your dreamcar when you hit two hundred they give you a thousand dollars towards yourdream car that's on top of the affiliate income and commissions that you getthrough their program you actually get 40 percent so if you click below thisvideo here I actually have a link for you to learn more about the ins and outsof the program but specifically I want to highlight a couple of my friends letme scroll down here that have actually won the dream car here's a list of allthe people who have wine you drink clickfunnels dream car program here JoshRhoades he's a mentor of mine here ping Jun you know you've seen these namesGrant Cardone Robert Kiyosaki but specifically regular people just likeyou and I here Gregg Jeffries he actually did all all he did was videosan SEO he has a blog he actually was featured and click funnels podcast hejust pumped out a bunch of videos turn those videos and just put into a blogpost and ranked his blog and hit he's the number 34 click funnels dream carwinner and he actually has a course that I can share with you for free below thisvideo on how to do that in using his strategies the second person Iwant to show share with you is Spencer Beckham Spencer Beckham is actuallynumber 41 but he's actually made over a million dollars in the clickfunnelsaffiliate program as well so he's not only the top he's like the top topaffiliate and not only a dream car winner but also one of the topaffiliates for clickfunnels and he also has a program who he has actually helpedother dream car winners get their dream car and increase their commissionscalled affiliate secrets 2.

0 I'm also gonna be linking that program below thenyou can check that out and my very close dear friend Rachel esli here number 55and her significant other to Russell I don't know how to say Robbie check thereare two amazing super affiliates Rachel s Lee is an influencer we're connectedas well and I'm actually a coach for her program called the daily Commission'sClub so you can also check out the daily Commission's Club where we both coachpeople inside of the daily Commission's to get daily commissions and help yougrow your clickfunnels subscribers and hopefully win the dream car yourself aswell if that's what you want and so I'm excited to share with you these threeprograms I'm be linking it in the description below these are programsdifferent types of strategies obviously the first one Greg he did it through SEOand blogging Spencer mecha you can check out his programs I believe he done mostof it through paid advertising and that's what affiliate secrets actuallygoes through and Rachel Leslie has also is a student in his as well she's a bigadvocate for Spencer and she learned a lot of the things that made her the adream car winner as well and Russell and I am on my way so better watch out guysso thanks for watching this video if you want to learn how to earn that dream carthen click the link below this description you know check out thoseprograms if you're already click funnels affiliate you canlearn how to increase your daily commissions and win that dream caryourself as well as see the strategy I'm working on as well too so I'm gonna gointo detail in both all three of those programs here on my youtube channel somake sure to keep subscribed because I'm gonna go into more in the ins and outsof each program but in this video I just wanted to give you a heads up on how youcan win your dream car through the clickfunnels affiliate program thanksfor watching again much love and aloha and we'll see you guys on the next video.