wondering how to use clickfunnels foryour affiliate marketing business are you wanting to grow your affiliatemarketing business or maybe you're starting from scratch so you're gonnawant to listen into this video make sure to LIKE and subscribe if you're new tothe tribe my name is Stacia Kennedy and I'm your online marketing coach I'vebeen teaching and training entrepreneurs business owners and real estateprofessionals and people who are just ready to skip the nine-to-five and growtheir affiliate marketing business making extra money from the comfort oftheir own homes and this is one of the things that you need to know is how tocreate a simple sales funnel or a affiliate marketing funnel to help growyour commissions on a daily basis so in this video I actually share with youexactly how to use click funnels for affiliate marketing and I did this videofor a training inside of my my private group so I'm gonna share with you theins and outs of what I'm a mistake that I made and how you can avoid it so let'sget right into it well the number one thing that you needto know is need to actually pick a target market and that's been it's stillsometimes for me I'm getting closer but I think when you get better at doingthings and trying things you know and seeing what sticks even though sometimesit's not really like recommended it's like doing things and see what sticksbut you kind of fart start finding out what you like to do and what you don'tlike to do right and I wanted to share that with you like if you're a beginnerand you still don't know what you're you know what the next steps are what to dolike pick something that you really have it you have some experience in rightthat you can share with other people so learn even if you're learning if there'ssomething that you're really interested in going into learn it do it and thenteach it and in today's video or this livestream I wanted to jump on and showyou some basic things I want I want to start doing things that are helpful fornew people who are just getting started and maybe you've been in the industryfor a while but you didn't didn't know these things so come at it at in anangle where you're you know don't know sometimes you don't know whatyou don't know and sometimes you learn you know hopefully you pick up a littlethings for me here and there so in this video I want to show you my screen somebasics of affiliate marketing so when I first got started you know I kind ofjust can't it came across I actually don't even remember how exactly or whatmy first product was I just knew I can't remember a lot of the courses would sayhey you want to be an affiliate and I just kind of fell into it then I I thinkI keep trying to think back like when was the first time or what was thethings that I wanted to know right things that I can help you with from thebeginning like what what did I do to overcome certain things or I mean Iliterally watched thousands and thousands of hours of videos andtrainings and I mean more than I can even remember so it's hard to think backbut one of the things that stood out to me was I believe probably a training byJames Wedmore and if those of you who don't know James Wedmore he is abusiness coach now but most of his stuff was from video marketing and so that'swhere I started doing videos and doing a lot of my video demonstration videos butI didn't know what I didn't know about it was really the bonus thing like Ihaven't really given out bonuses in exchange for people to buy from my linklike creating things that are super irresistible to to help you stand outfrom all the other affiliate marketers and one thing I didn't do is well Iwould do these videos how I first got started I would like learn how to rankthe video videos I got really good at SEO I can rank a video you didn't seethat in the in the section in the learning section and I put my videotraining on there on how to rank your videos fast I think I need to do aretake on that but I have a checklist for you of all the things that you needto do to your videos before you upload them as well and all the SEOchecklist in there but one of the things I was listening is I would do thesevideos ranked it and I would get tons of traffic to it but in the description Iwould have them go straight to my affiliate link I would actually use likea bitly or use like pretty link which covers up the whole long link which isone of the things you make sure you do – you don't spam your long-ass link thatyou get from your affiliate you know back office you don't just send that topeople you want to actually start building your own bridge page so this iswhere I got smarter and started thinking you know I didn't start like building mylist because and this is why what I learned from the dots dot-com secretsbook if you haven't read clickfunnels russell brunson the founder ofclickfunnels wrote a book called calm secrets and he teaches you that if youknow once a buyer is a buyer is a buyer so once you have them on your list youknow they may buy after opting in that first time but it's probably most youknow most buyers take it a few times to see that offer before they actually takeaction so once someone clicks on that link I'm losing the buyer if I if I showthem hey go over here and buy this product they click on the link they mayor may not buy it I get lucky right so you're like kind of leaving it up toluck if you're doing it that way so when I learned you know I got a littlesmarter hey I need to have a bridge page and what a bridge page is is that you'resharing with them the offer maybe you're doing the video but you're capturing thelead first and you adding them into your list and then sending them to the offerso there's actually two kinds of bridge pages you can do a page where you'recapturing that off you get that lead and then on the thank you page you have avideo of you like sharing a little bit about your story maybe you know you givethem a little bit more of a training first maybe you're offering some kind ofa training and then say now do you want to take it further or this is how youuse the product and then you have the link below inyou know right below the video and you you know send them off to buy theproduct but now that you have them on your list you can follow up with themwith emails so um if you guys are here hey VinayI just want to make sure that you guys are understanding me if you're watchinglive hashtag live I always forget to say this hashtag replay if you're watchingthe replay but it's super important I wanted to share this training with youbecause some of you may or may not know this this strategy this is a veryimportant when it comes to affiliate marketing if you're going to you knowgenerate a full-time income a stable online income through affiliatemarketing making sure you build your list number one knowing who you'remarketing to your target market so that way now that you got some on your listthey may or may not buy that product but now you can send them other offers thatare related and they may purchase other offers you know that may be the firstoffer wasn't for them and then now that you have them on your listwhat's and they might buy something else or maybe it was for them and they buythat offer now you can sell them other stuff this is what Amazon does right youbuy a product from Amazon many say oh by the way thousands of other customers whobought that product also bought this product maybe you're interested in thatbut now they have the customer and you've lost out on the customer if youdidn't capture that lead alright so I want to show you an example of a one ofmy first funnels that I created inside of click funnels and it was for thedot-com secrets book and I actually created this out of going through their108 affiliate bootcamp which is like craziness like I don't think I actuallyeven finished it there's and there's good stuff but a lot of the stuff inthere was to be honest like you need you need to like they're telling you thatyou need to like pay money for ads in like I don't have money didn't havemoney for ads especially so not even knowing what the heck that was doing Imean it's like I'm pretty good at doing ads and watching like video instructionsand stuff but when you don't have money for eyes you'vejust hard to throw away money then you're not really sure I mean obviouslyif you're going through the one funnel away challenge he also tells you likeyou need you know you can also hire people but so when you're first startingout there's a lot of things to know and before you're you hire people to it'sstill a little little difficult so let me show you my screen hold on a secondwhere am i sorry what I thought I just changed the settings so it's kind ofweird okay there there it is sorry the screenwas all weird so this is my first funnel and you can see the description in abovethis video oh if you want to take a look further look at it it's Stacia Kennedycomfrey DCs so I wanted to kind of show you what what I did here at the very topI'm I'm attention business owners entrepreneurs Network marketers and Icould probably be more specific to be honest like I could really just be likehey entrepreneurs that need to generate more leads and sales or something likethat like I could be more specific to be honest on my target market here and thenI have the you know this is kind of a generic like headline that a lot ofpeople use like you know how to generate you know you fill in the blanks likewhat are they what is your target market want and what do they want to boy what'sthe pain point so my target market wants to generate more leads and sales withoutbugging your friends and family for you know with another opportunity like thisis more for like network marketers I guess like what if I wanted to be reallymore more specific I could say something like maybe attention Realtors how togenerate more leads without knocking on doors or something right like that rightso I wanted to pinpoint that I could probably do a better job at likebe more target market focused and then this video is me over here K Smith and Iused a script called the who what why and how who what why and how so the whowhat why and how scripts how that goes so need to switch over miss Manionso the who what why how script do you guys want to know what that iscomment below if you're watching live if you want to know what the who what whyhow script goes now give me some hearts you know I want some interaction guysgive me some hearts and likes so basically how that works it's it'spretty is exactly what it is it's who are youlike I love all of my videos I tell people this is like my basic script youwant to introduce who you are so who you are is a little bit of your credibilitywhat you have to offer and so in the in the video I say you know hey I bred thisreally awesome book and I want to shoot you know I think I gave some tips onlike you know why my favorite part of the book and why it's important to themso I'm telling them I wanted to tell them about this book and why it'simportant to them why they need to know that they need to get this book and whowhat why and how they can get it so who you are why um who you are what you haveto offer why it's important to them because we always want to with themright like what's in it for me people want to know what's in it for me and howthey can grab the book so I'm telling them like you can get it for free plusyou know all you have to do is pay for the shipping and all you need to do isgo and enter your name and email address here after they opt-in you can go againto station Kennedy comm such free DCs and see my opt-in you basically go andenter your name and email address and it goes directly in to my affiliate linklike it passes through there's no thank you page on this one it passes throughI'm collecting the lead and now you're in my follow up series and you'reget like five emails that tells you a little bit of story about me and likeyou know why I think this book is like the best and why you should get the bookso potentially if someone opts in here and they go to the sales page to youknow the dot-com secret sales page I'll show you here and potentially if theydon't buy the book so I'm just gonna opt in to my thing if they don't buy thebook I'm actually sorry I don't know if it's good yeah it's gonna show okay ifthey don't buy the book right here and this is my affiliate link that they'regoing through they don't buy it then it's fine because I'm I got them now onmy email list and I'm gonna be following up with them cuz that's the thing that'sthe key here with every with sales guys like fortunes and the follow up and ifyou're not following up with them you lost the sale right and now I can followup with them and I do have like a five-day sequence and then after thatyou know you can I can send them to other offers like hey maybe you want tolearn more about being an expert you know and I can talk about expert secretsI can talk about sending them to a webinar to the funnel or secrets or sendthem to you know to learn more about copy and tell them other stories factstell stories sell so I'll send them more different different types of storiesthat go into different offers the other option I could have done this is have itso that there was a training maybe on the second page a thank you page soinstead of going straight to the my affiliate link they go you know to aThank You page with me sharing more of a story and then having a link below thatvideo so those are kind of like to like bridge page options that are the basicor simple funnels that that are very common in in the affiliate marketingindustry and I'm very easy to use are very easy to implement with using clickfunnels and I want to show you how to do this because you may may or may not knowhow to do the redirect and it's actually reallysimple let me go to my screen here oh I was uploading a video earlier show youhere so here is it see it's like a one-pager like that's it so I have havein the description above this video too I have a link where you can duplicatethis funnel so you can duplicate it right into your account if you alreadyhave clickfunnels or you can sign up for your free trial and that you're gonnaget this funnel so you go in to your funnel you go to edit page and I'm goingto show you how to edit it real quick and I'm just going to show you how to dothe redirect to so you go in at the very top of your brand new dove click funnelsyou can click on any of these things and like I said if I wanted to be morespecific I could go over here and be like attention and Realtors or realestate professionals that aren't serious about generating leads or something orjust calling out whoever and then here you know like I said it's how to youknow the blank fill in the blank of what your who your target market is withoutbugging or whatever the pain point is that what is the pain that they want toavoid so everything in here is pretty like you know drag and drop copy like inpace you can change things bold things everything is super like you just clickon it and then you start changing like editing it like a word format these thisvideo over here over here you can click on that and everything opens up and thenyou can just drop down the YouTube video after you record the video you can useVimeo Wistia you can change that and then drop your link in there and it'sliterally that's why I love clickfunnels just like aand you change stuff and that's it then if you wanna you know import orintegrate your email autoresponder I use Aweber if you have the 297 Edison suiteyou can use action etics and all you do is go over to this settings at the topclick on integrations and then you set the integration here I use Aweberintegrate existing form select the list this one doesn't have it because this ismy sample one but I would I'll just connect it here to to my dcs one whereis it here comm secrets offer and then that's it you just that's how youconnect it you you already create you have to create your form in Aweber andthen add in the integration add it to the list if you're using action eticsyou would just create a list in action etics and then add to list and thenclick your find your list there but I'm just gonna remove that so that'll be inanother training if you're still if you're brand new and need to know how toadd it and autoresponder so the important thing though I want to showyou in this video if you don't know is how to do the redirect you go intosettings and go to general you click on general and then you put your youraffiliate link right here so I have an affiliate link that's actually I usedthrough clickmagick so I can track how many clicks I get from from them goingto this opt-in and going and using that link but you can simply use you knowyou're straight affiliate raw affiliate link just drop it right there in thesubmit and go and you don't actually need to click any buttons like that thatwas like the confusing part for me I was like okay what do I do now like is itsaved and because there's no button just like you don't want to save this as atemplate that's a whole nother function you just put the link there and you justclick anywhere on the side and it closes it anywhere on there and you save overat the top right you always want to make sure you save but that's how you do theredirect you just go to the settings and then go to general and as you can seeit's there still there and I can just click over anywhere on the side andit'll close it up and that's it so yeah I just wanted to do this really quicktraining for you guys it's all about the who you are what you have to offer whyyou're why it's important to them and how they can get it so you can do itthis style where I'm sharing it with it sharing you know the the video on thevery front page and then offering them you know just go and opt and opt in thisbut you know right here on this page opt-in here and then sending them directto my affiliate link or you can do the similar video and have it on the ThankYou page so it could be just a really big like one headline type of funnelwhere it's like case study like you know maybe maybe you told me your story abouthow you were able to generate so many leaves or something some kind of casestudy or maybe talk about someone else's story that was able to generate leadsfrom using that using that book or whatever you're promoting that thatsoftware or maybe you do a demonstration of the product on the Thank You page soyou would have it it's basically a two pager in the video on the second pageand the very front funnel would just be a one big headline of what you'reoffering and then you have a button on the bottom hope that makes sense andyou're not lost but I wanted to show you how simple it is this one and you canduplicate it there's a link above here that you can duplicate this exact funnelI'll share with you guys more funnels in the future and other trainings I'm itlooks like in the polls it looks like you guys want to know what how to createmore shareable posts that make you money so I'm really excited I'll schedule thatand teach you some more fun stuff all right thanks forwatching this video and much love and aloha got any more questions commentbelow we'll see you on the next video.