[Intro] What do you recommendfor people who can't sleep? I have suffered insomnia for years.

This is becoming one ofthe highest epidemics that we're facing today,is people are having a hard time sleeping.

So what is the root cause of that? What is the root cause of the situations we're dealing with rightnow with sleep and insomnia? What we've identified iselectromagnetic frequency, okay, the people aresleeping with their phones, their computers arenearby, their clock radios, their cell phones are left on, their smart meter'snext to their bedrooms, so we're seeing a huge linkbetween electromagnetic frequencies and insomnia or lack of sleep.

Secondly, toxicity,toxicity levels, poor bowel.

You know, your bowel isactually what regulates your serotonin, your melatonin, all of your neurotransmitters, your sleep, all of the things that help you sleep come from the intestinal lining.

So if you're havinginsomnia, you're having difficulty sleeping, oneof the things I recommend is start healing yourgut, start repairing, cleansing, putting in goodprobiotics and then also a toxic liver is associated with insomnia.

You're not able to breakdown toxins efficiently, you're not able to break down alcohol, you're not able to break down sugars, you're not able to break down all these different compounds that you're consuming and your liver isoverworked and overwhelmed.

That can cause insomnia, lack of sleep.

So look at all the toxins.

If you're having situations with sleep, stress is another big, big, big scenario when it comes to sleep and insomnia.

What you wanna do is you wanna address the root cause of whyyou're not able to sleep.

You know, look around your house, look at what time you're going to bed, look at all the possiblechemicals and toxins, look at your bedroom, doyou have any light in there at night, you know, youwant it as dark as possible.

One good thing that reallyhelps a lot of people dealing with insomnia is meditation.

If you can get into agood meditative state and meditate for about 20to 30 minutes before bed, and adjust your time,timing is very important for when people can't sleep.

Your timing should beno later than 9:00 P.


or at least 10:00 P.


at the latest for going to sleep.

Between 8:00 and 10:00P.


should be the time that you're going tosleep, every single night.

Try doing some meditation,calming yourself down and another big trickto sleeping is to try not to eat anything or drink any alcohol after 7:00 P.


, okay? You should only be drinkingwater after 7:00 P.


Now, you can try taking some melatonin, you can try taking somefive hydroxytryptophan to help you out a little bit, you can try doing some CBD oil, I meanthe CBD it pretty much works across the board formany, many different conditions.

You can try taking earlierin the day some neurofusion, that's got the lithium orotate in it and it helps you kinda relax a little bit, some thionine, but reallyaddressing the root cause and balancing out anddealing with the stress and that's why meditationworks, 'cause usually with sleep it's just that you're tryingto quiet your mind down, like your mind is goinga million miles an hour and that's why meditationworks extremely well whenever you're having difficulty sleeping and then also looking at allthe electromagnetic stuff that you might have aroundand then fixing the bowel.

The bowel and the intestines is huge, and once you cleanse theliver, maybe once or twice or three times, and you,and clean your intestines and you reduce all ofthose things and not eat after 7:00 at night,and you start meditating and you start paying attentionto your sleep patterns a little bit more, youcan even journal 'em, then you can get downto the root cause of why you're having sleepdisturbances and insomnia and then you can address those.