Do you want your YouTube content toreach a global audience? On average two thirds of YouTube watch time comes fromoutside your home country if you want to make your YouTube videos accessible toan international audience consider translating them into different languagethere are 75 languages that access YouTube every day and they're probablyinterested in your great content.

In this video I'm gonna show you how totranslate your YouTube videos, playlists and channel info into English or anotherlanguage hello my name is Herman Drost from drostdesigns.

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Here's how totranslate your YouTube videos into English or another language besides yourown home country step 1 identify the language that you want to translate yourvideos into click on creator studio click analytics on the overview pageyou'll see your top geographies click on that and you can see it's United StatesIndia United Kingdom Canada Pakistan Australia Philippines BangladeshMalaysia Germany Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia.

What if I want to translate myvideos into Arabic so I can appeal to people from Saudi Arabia step 2 go toyour video manager select the video that you wish to translate and anotherlanguage I'm going to select this one click Edit click translations underoriginal language it says select language so the original language isgoing to be English and this is going to be the default for new uploads so youcan check that then in the drop-down box under translate into select thelanguage that you want to translate your title into and for Arabic click addlanguage step 3 enter your translated title and enter your translateddescription you could go to Google Translate just Google "Google Translate"enter your text.

Enter my title in there and I can select the language Arabic clickon this window symbol to copy "translations copied" you can see it mytitle has been translated into Arabic and I can do the same with thetranslated description just copy my description go to Google Translate enterit into there and here it's translated click on the windowicon copy it "translation is copied" then I can just paste it into the descriptionand then just click Save Changes alternatively if you have the TubeBuddy extension it will show you the top ten languages spoken by your channels audience so you can see here English Hindi Arabic Filipino Punjabi German Spanish DutchIndonesian Portuguese so I could just simply choose Arabic for instance hereand then click translate keep in mind you do have to upgrade your TubebBuddylicense to enable this feature and just click Save Changesyou also want to add a translated version of your title into the tags sojust copy this you can go to basic info and I'll just put in my tags like thatand click Save Changes now if someone views my videos from anArabic country such as Saudi Arabia the title description and tags will be inArabic if you translated your video from French to English the title descriptionand tags will be in English number two here's how to translate YouTubeplaylists click on your video manager click playlists select the playlist thatyou wish to translate I'm gonna select this one "how to make money on YouTube" Click playlist settings click on the three dots over here click translate playlistinfo, select the original language "What language is the original text setup?"English set language then you want to select the language that you want totranslate your playlist into in this case I'm gonna add a new language whichwould be Arabic click add language then you just add your translated title soI'd go to how to make money on YouTube go to Google Translate paste it in thereand here's my translated Arabic language Click the window icon "translation copied" paste it into the title box and here's my description just copy that goto Google Translate click on the window icon "translation copied" paste it inthere then click Save now my playlist titleand description has been converted into Arabic number 3 here's how to translateyour channel info go to your channel home page click on the gear icon downthe bottom here it says translate info reach audiences in foreign countries bytranslating channel info click on translating channel info select thelanguage click English select the language click add new language thiscase gonna select Arabic again click add language enter the translator title I'mgoing to Google Translate it's gonna be exactly the same translate it and I'mgonna copy my channel description Go to Google Translate and then I'm justgonna click on the window icon "translation copied" and click Savenow you know how to translate your videos, playlists and channel info toanother language and reach a global audience here's an important thing tokeep in mind the Google Translate tool is not very accurate so you might upsetthe people from that country when they don't see an accurate translation ofyour videos if you want to get a really accurate translation then use a servicesuch as go transcript.

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