The Plattsburgh knot produces a symmetrical, elongated triangle that's magnificently robust.

It takes its name from thetown of Plattsburgh in New York where its inventor, ThomasFink, happens to come from.

This baby makes the perfectstatement in the board room because it's big and confident.

Just like you, my friend.

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Alright, let's give it a go! Place the tie around your neck with the seam facing outwards.

The wide end should sitlower than the skinny end.

Cross the skinny end overthe top of the wide end to create a cross.

Fold the wide end up through the neck loop and pass it back down.

Transfer it to your left side.

Fold it up through the neckloop and pass it back down.

Transfer it to your right side.

Cross the wide end overthe knot towards your left.

Pull it up through theneck loop from underneath.

Push it down through the loopyou've created in the knot.

Pull down on the wideend to tighten the knot.

Slide the knot up towards yourneck and adjust as you need.

Well done, comrade! You've just completedthe Plattsburgh knot.

That's gotta be a cause for celebration.

Japanese sake all around! Konnichiwa, my friend.

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