Find the middle marker on your wrap and place in the center of your chest.

Bring the fabric up and over your shoulder making sure not to twist.

Bring the fabric up and over your other shoulder.

Prepare your pouch for child making sure bottom section is tighter (enough for their feet) and middle section and top hem looser.

Gather fabric downwards into a ‘rope’, this is where your child's bottom will sit.

Use hand to guide feet through the ‘rope’ of fabric.

Ensure fabric sits in knee pits and child's bottom is lower than knees.

Find top section & pull fabric up child's back to top of ears (infant) nape of neck (toddler) keeping one hand under bottom to secure.

Keep the bottom third of fabric still under knees to create a seat.

Start tightening up the fabric from the top third.

Make sure not to let go of the tightened fabric or you will lose the tension you have created.

Repeat on opposite side.

Take fabric straight down into knee pits.

Cross over each side (making sure not to let go) and feed under legs.

Pass fabric to your back and tie in a double knot.

Holding under child's bottom, untie knot, loosen and lift child up and out.