The Four In Hand Knot is one of the most ancientknots known to man.

It was introduced as a fashion statement in the 17th century whenCroatian mercenaries visited King Louis XIII's palace in Paris.

So basically, this knot will make you look like a badass king! Don't forget to hit thatlike and subscribe button! Now, let's getting tying, my future king.

Place a tie around your neck with the wide end lowerthan the skinny end.

Adjust according to your height.

Cross the wide end overthe top of the skinny end to create a cross.

Wrap the wide end behind the skinny end and pull towards your left.

Cross the wide end over theknot towards your right.

Pull the wide end up throughthe neck loop from underneath.

Then push the wide end through the loop you've created in the knot.

Pull down on the wideend to tighten the knot.

Slide the knot up towards your neck and adjust as you need.

Popular for its elegant V shape, the Four In Hand Knot is sleek, elegant, and very, very smooth.

Now you've mastered someEuropean je ne sais quoi it's time to hit the streets, big boy.

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