Hello there, comrade.

I'm here to show you the Cross Knot or the Christensen Knot.

This knot was invented by atie maker named Christensen who appreciated thesubtle art of elegance.

This Cross Knot features a subtle cross at the top of the tie to give you an artistic point ofdifference in the office.

This is still a rare knot to encounter.

So, treat it like a precious diamond.

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Okay, let's get tie in Indiana Jones.

Place the tie around your neck with the wide end lowerthan the skinny end.

Adjust according to your height.

Cross the wide end over the top of the skinny end to create a cross.

Wrap the wide end behind the skinny end and pull it toward your left.

Pull it up through the neckloop and pass it back down.

Transfer it to your right side.

Place two fingers over theknot and wrap the wide end over the top toward your left.

Wrap it behind the knot and pull it toward your right.

Cross it over yourfingers toward your left.

Keep your fingers in placeand pull the wide end up through the neck loop from underneath.

Push it down through the loopyou've created in the knot.

Pull down on the wideend to tighten the knot.

Slide the knot up toward your neck and adjust as you need.

Alright, alright, alright.

That's how we do the Cross Knot.

You Sir, have shown some true skills.

Guard that precious diamondas if your life depends on it.

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