(electronic music) – Hi everyone.

We've been talking alot about social media and how important social media is.

Now, I wanna discuss a few cases.

What if you are new tothe real estate industry, and you don't feel thatyou have enough content or a valuable content to share? Because like they say you're new, you're just gaining your knowledge now.

How can you be on social media? Of course you don't copy paste,and you don't try to spend hours and hours trying to create scripts for your social media posts.

All you have to do is to go torelevant social media posts, relevant social media influencers, and you start placingquestions, reading the articles, reading the posts, and placing questions, because that is the fastestway for you to engage while you're actually learninghow the platform works.

And start with a platformthat you're comfortable with, whether it's LinkedInor Instagram or Twitter, or whatever platformyou're comfortable with.

Even if you don't have content, because I think if you wannato go into social media, you first need to have thespontaneous content built in, which is the knowledge and the experience you have and you practiceall day long at work.

So, if you don't have it,start by asking questions, you're gonna learn a lotand it's only gonna benefit you us in every shape, way and form.

Because even if you aresitting at home at 12 midnight, and you have few questionsabout the real estate industry, all you have to do is togo on your on your mobile, and place your questionsto start engaging.

That's number one.

Number two, what if you'reactually new to the industry, but you do have some valuable information, about a specific project or specific area.

Even if that is just simple floor plans or basic information.

Remember, we all have different contents and every content, will attractdifferent type of audience.

So, for someone who'scoming recently to Dubai, he would like to read aboutthe 101 the very, very basic things and basicinformation about rentals, the do's and don'ts, theprocesses, the procedures, any advice that you cangive in that simple regard, that you might feel it's too basic, trust me any content as longas that content is real, and it's well tested, the content is true, you will always findaudience to connect with you.

And of course, as you increase your knowledge and experience, you simply share all the things that you know spontaneously,everything that's built in, everything that you'regaining on daily basis, you simply share it on social media.

You need to have contentthat adds value to others, and you need to have the you content.

This is the me content.

Basically, in other words, you know, I control what contentI put on social media, but I definitely do notcontrol how people perceive it.

However, I'm a big believerthat those who are on the same frequency as me, or those who actually can relate to my frequency,they will always come and they will always write good comments.

Even if you look at thebiggest influencers worldwide, you'd always see some sillypeople taking the time to write some silly comments about them.

Just you put your chin upand you keep moving forward and in your mind say that Iam too busy focusing on me.

Me rather than focusing on whatpeople have to say about me.

So if you're placing a very simple post, with very basic informationabout real estate, and you saw some realestate guru trying to write, "Oh this is very basic, areyou serious, we all know it.

" You just put your chin up,and you keep moving forward.

And there's always a place to start from, but if you keep focusing on the process, you will keep progressing and you will definitely get to places.

I'm so excited for everyone,I'm so excited to see actually three years, four orfive years down the line, what collateral, what content,each one of us is building on social media, becausethat is gonna work for you, while you're doing other things.

Two people, one that builtcontent over five years, and the other one is just starting, and he has never done content.

You're gonna see amassive, massive difference few years down the line.

I again wish you all the best.

Stay tuned for more videos.

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