Hello guys how are you? This is my html narration From beginner to top I'll teach Html5 to you and This is my first tutorial on YouTube I'm so excited My bad trainer skills But I'm gonna try to pass on all my information to you.

with dreamweaver Dreamweaver is a coding program.

let's start With Html you can create your own website and these tutorials will teach you everything about html Html is easy to learn And you will have fun while learning If you like playing games or spending time on your mobile devices Easy way to learn html In all trainings I will give you examples <h2> What is Html </ h2> Html is a standard language.

Html is the language required to create your web pages.

Html's expansion Hypertext Markup Language Html determines the structure of the website <h1> so heading <p> ie paragraph Browsers don't show html tags, but they process and make them visible.

NOTE (ONE OF THE MOST LETTER OF THE WEBSITE CONTENT) You can see how a browser reflects our content The html element is a root component of the html page.

The <head> element contains metadata About document The <title> element determines the title of the document, but does not appear in your browser.

but the browser will detect it The <body> element is the part where our browser reflects the image to us The <h1> element shows the title with a large title.