So in this video today, I'm going to show you how to start anonline business that makes you profit, that makes you money,that makes you rich.

I'm going to share with you the stepsthat I take every single time I start a new business and turn it intoa million dollar business.

So if you're someone who hasan idea and you're thinking, how can I turn thisinto an online business? Or you're someone who's alreadyrunning an online business, but it's not making you money.

Maybeyou're a coach, a consultant, a marketer, or maybe you or someone youknow who's an influencer.

So it could been social media influencerand you're trying to make money from that and it's not making you money.

But by the end of this video, you will have a very concretestrategy that works today.

That's going to make you money today.

So pay attention, watch it all the way to the end.

And I promise you this video willchange your life, change your business, change your finances.

Withthat, let's get started.

So there is basically a four step planthat I follow every time I want to create a successful online business.

The very first thing is I need to finda product that I know is in demand that will make me a lot of money.

My goal isnot just to sell anything that I want to.

I want to first ensure there are enoughpeople who want to buy because they are only like 100,000 peoplewho want to buy it.

I'll make few 100,000 but not much.

So I want to make sure whatever ideaI have, whatever product I have, it's something that's profitable,that something that has massive demand.

Now I could have a favorite product thatI want to launch and maybe there's not enough demand for it, but that'sokay.

But I would not start with that.

I would first start from a place where Iknow I can make big money and then when my business builds, my list grows and then I have a favoriteproject I can release it because at that point I'm not caring about money.

It's something I just want to do.

So that's your first step is to researchyour idea or the product you have and find out if that can makeyou a lot of money or not.

And there are many ways you can do that.

One strategy is you can create a few adson Facebook and see how people react to it,see what kind of conversions you get.

Even if you don't havea product right now, just create a sales page and just tellpeople that if they give you email you'll send them the offer and see howmany people respond to that, what kind of comments you get what kindof responses you get and if you find that people are reacting well to yourads are getting cheap conversions, then you know that's a product youcan create cause it's in demand.

Now if you don't know that at all, then you can go on Google and let's sayyou're trying to find something in a niche maybe in fitness.

You can go on Google and type fitnessand then type forums in front of them.

And then research fitnessforums go there and find a post, a topic that a lot ofpeople are talking about.

That a Lot of people are commenting,responding to you.

So you know that's a topic that alot of people are interested in.

So now you can take that topic andcreate a product around the topic because you've seen many people areinterested in that already.

You know, now I don't want to go too much intodetail on how to research products because I have a whole different video on that, but I just wanted to give yousome quick ideas so you have an, so you have a good understanding thatthe first step is you want to find out that whatever product you have, whatever idea you have is somethingthat's going to make you money.

You can do the same thing.

You cango on Facebook groups, you know, and find out and look for topics thatpeople are interested in.

You could, you know, go and post your own topic and see whatkind of responses you get from people.

If you are someone who only has anonline business.

Look at the posts, the videos that you have online andthe ones that has the most reactions.

The most comments, the most engagements,once again is a topic that people want.

Okay? But maybe you already have a productand it's already sold good in the past.

So now you can make changes that make anupgrade to that and improved version of that.

And once again, you have aproduct.

So that's the first step.

Okay? And a couple more ideas I'll share.

You can also spy on your competitors.

You can see what yourcompetitors are selling, you can look at your competitors' ads, you can go on Facebook andsee your competitors whoare running the ads and see which ads are getting the most engagement.

And once again, you will find a topic.

So that's really the first step.

Just keep researching until you find anidea that you know this will be a great product,a great service, and great coaching topic to create thatI know a lot of people are interested in because if you have a productthat has a big demand, you're automaticallyassured to be be successful.

Now many people will tell you thatif there is a lot of competition.

You should not go in.

It's very expensive.

You won't be able to compete withbig gurus.

That's all garbage.

That's all bullshit.

Okay? More competition is actually good newsbecause that means there is a lot of money to be made.

That's why so manypeople are in there.

And I tell you, I worked in many, many, many, many industries and generally what I'vefound is in every industry there are one or two people who are doing it good.

And everybody else just sucks.

So there might be like 500 people runningads 500 people talking about how good they are and have their websiteslisted and even ranking.

But they're not making money.

They're only one or two peoplewho know what they're doing.

And after watching this video, you will know what you need to do thatwould make you money so you don't have to worry about anybody else.

Okay? So first step, create a great productthat you know has a demand.

So you know that when you sell, you'llmake money.

There's demand for that.

The next step is youneed to attract buyers.

Now I'm saying buyers becauseI know a lot of people, they just talk about followingunique following.

You need people to, you don't just drive trafficand they drive blind traffic.

They get blind followers and as a result,they don't make money.

And give you a perfect example,and I don't know if that applies to you, but if you look around, you'll see this and I have manyclients who had that situation, I recently had a woman,she was running an Instagram account.

He had over 50,000 followers and mostof her followers were men and she was trying to sell Bikinis.

Now, I don't have to tell you that if youwant to sell big Bikini and most of your followers are men, you're not going to get that much salesand she couldn't understand why she is not making money.

And I pointedher the obvious.

You see, she hired someone to grow her Instagramaccount and the person just thought, oh, just keep posting sexy photos of you.

Andmore people will come and look at this.

I grew your account, to 50,000 people.

Well those 50,000 people are worthless.

Okay? She would be better off having 500 girlswho are interested in buying a bikini.

And so this is very importantbecause if you don't realize this, you're just going to havegarbage people following you.

I've seen so many clients with emailslist of like 50,000 a hundred thousand and not even 200 people open theiremails and respond to them.

Okay? Because their targeting is very off.

And if you understand this concept, you would understand thatany content you create, any marketing you create, anyproduct you create, any following, you create has to bethe following of buyers.

The content has to be somethingthat motivates buyer.

So it's not.

So having an Instagram account where youjust show your sexy body is not going to attract the right audience,going to attract a lot of single men, young men who want to see sexy girls,but they are not your target audience.

So you need to bring in otherinfluencers and you need to bring in.

You need to come up with a strategy andI don't want to go into strategy you need to come up with astrategy that attracts womenof right age who come in and then they look at the content and itmakes sense for them to say, that's right, that looks really good.

I would like to wear that on so andso on occasion that she's wearing.

So that's branding or I mean not branding,but that's how your bring, the right buyers.

So that's the second step is know whoyour buyers are and then create all the content for your buyers.

And once you identify your buyers, what you will do is you willcreate content to attractthem and you would create content for about two months of contentand you will post it every single day.

And that's, I'm going todiscuss this in the next step.

So the first step was toidentify a product you can sell.

Second step is creatingcontent for the right audience.

And then the third step is nowdriving traffic and to drive traffic, the very first thing is you create contentand you want to create content that excites people to buy from you.

Not just you don't want them to justconsume your content and runaway, but watch your content and beinterested in you.

See the past, it was easy to just run an ad,take them to your landing page, collect their email, then send themoffers and sell.

But these days, I don't know about you,but if you have, you know, if you look at your Facebook feed,if you look at her Instagram, they are full with ads, every body on this planet is running anadd selling a cake, selling coaching, selling.

I mean there's ads, ads, ads,ads, ads.

Everybody wants your email, everybody wants to sell you something.

And people are very, very defensive.

They don't want to give their email,their email boxes are full of spam.


So that all strategy of just running adsand taking people to your landing pages doesn't work anymore.

In today's time.

You have to differentiate yourself.

You have to first build a connectionwith your audience and then sell them.

And actually from my test, this is way cheaper and waymore effective for conversions.

So what I do is usually I createcontent for about two to three months.

Anytime I have a new product,a new business, a new areawhere nobody knows me, right? So I step into somethingnobody has heard of me.

The first thing I do is I'll create alot of great educational content that shows them that I knowwhat I'm talking about, that I have great information tocontribute that can help them.

Something like this video, where I'm actually giving youtips that will make a difference.

It's not just me selling you.

I'm giving you really good informationthat you can put to use tonight, right? And that's what I do.

I show my expertise,I give them content that helps them.

And this way I create a relationshipwith that I create a, you know, kind of a connection with them.

And thenwhen that happens, they start to like me, they start to follow.

So for everyvideo, what I do is I spent $5 per video.

So let's say you created 200videos, right? 200 videos.

If you think about that,almost six months of content.

So let's just go break itdown to two months.

Right now, let's say in order for youto start getting attention, you need to release videos nonstopfor two to three months, two months, meaning 60 videos.

And you'll spend $5 for a video, which just $300 and $300 would be enoughfor you to establish yourself and have some following.

See,the thing is right now, Facebook works really good if you alreadyhave a list of customers who bought from you before.

So if I were to goright now and take my other business, my dating fitness businesses,and I ran an ad, it would make me a lot of money becauseI already have a list of buyers.

I tell Facebook these people are boughtso they know exactly what kind of people to find to buy from me.

If I'm starting a new business, I don't know who will buyfrom me.

Facebook doesn'tknow who will buy it from me.

Right?So I would like to run an ad for a long, long time until somebody buys it and thenFacebook starts to identify who these buyers are,takes a long time and this content, makes it much shorter and wewill discuss this in step four.

So the thing is that's what they do.

Create videos for two months and then yourelease one every day and you spend $5 per video.

I spend $1 to get traffic from thirdworld countries so whenever I release a video, that's my first thing.

I spend$1 get traffic from third world country.

These are the people whocome and engage with my post, these are the peoplewho will give me likes.

These are the people who give me comments.

So for 100, so for $1 I usually get about a 100-120likes and I get about 15 or 20 comments.

That's pretty good.

And the reason you need this is becausebefore you go to to bigger markets like the US, UK, Australia, you alreadyhave a post that people are engaging, they're already responding.

So you'renot someone who has only 2 likes.

When you have a post with a hundred to120 likes people are more interested to read or watch that video.

So I spent $1 to get those likes andthen I spent $4 then in the markets that I'm interested in.

So basically ifyou think about it, if two months, I have 60 videos, you know I'm going to spend $300 that'sall I'm going to spend and this is going to bring me a lot of traffic.

And now what I'm looking for is which ofthese videos have the most engagement? The most comments.

So any video that Ifind has most engagements, most comments, most reactions is the one I will spendmore money on because I know this is what people are looking for.

Again, now I knowthis is too much information to absorb, but it's because I'm really giving mywhole business plan in the short video.

So excuse me, it's getting long andI'm really trying to cut things back, but you know, I'm trying to make it asconcise as I can.

If I stop talking.

that's the one point.

So first thing is your research a product.

Then you figure out, you know what kind of people will buyit and what kind of content you should create to attract them.

And then you create content and he spentfive bucks per video per post and bring them in.

And then the, the content that you create is thesame content you post everywhere.

Okay? Different time in different lengths.

So if I create a video, I create the same video,I post the same video on youtube, on my blog and on Instagram.

So I take that video and you know,If Icreate a 10 minute long video I'll edit it into 1 minute or 30 seconds,post it on Instagram.

Then I will make a slightly differentversion of that video for youtube.

Then I will transcribe thatand post it on my blog as a, as a blog post.

And I will alsotake the audio and create a podcast.

The only thing is I posteverywhere on different dates, not the same day because I don't wantpeople to feel, oh if I'm on Facebook, I've already consumed it.

I don't need to go anywhere else becausethe content is exactly the same.


So I post different, different andthere's more reasons for that.

Again, I don't want to go into it why it'sgood for Seo, good for becoming big.

So people's, you know that.

I don't wantto go into that, but just get this one.

So that's the step number three is postthe content, promote it and let people, see your content and start liking you,create a connection with you, have a relationship with you.

And then you go to step number four.

This is conversions.

Okay, so nowwhat I do is in order to convert, now you can, you can rundifferent campaigns.

I, my favorite campaign at this point isto now bring them into a landing page, give them something collect theiremail and then sell them something.

I have also tested taking them directlyto landing pages for sales offers and depending on how long you been runningthe ads, how much they know you, you know they also work.

So what I do now is since I've run myads for a month or two or these content I've showed to people now, I started looking for now is createa new campaign on Facebook and say, anybody who's seen this video,this video, this video for over 50% or more than3 minutes or more than 4 minutes.

Now I want to target them because ifI know that somebody has consumed my content for 2 minutes – 3 minutes, or if someone's consumed my video atleast 50% these people are more likely to give me their email.

Okay? So now my conversion costs would be veryless because before I would have shot in the dark, I would not have known whowants my content doesn't want my content, these people have been exposedto my content over and over.

They have given a like and they'veengaged or they've seen or consumed my content enough.

So now if I say,Hey, I have a free book for you, I have a free this or that,download this, they're more inclined to getit because they trust me.

They have a relationship with me.

So myconversion cost will be very, very less.


And then once I have the email, then of course I started email marketingand that's where you started to get sales.

And anybody who is consumedyour information enoughhas already a relationship with you.

And then they get emails from you.

They are better buyers thananybody else on this planet.

And if you use this strategyfor very little money, you will get sales every singletime you run these campaigns.

And now what happens is oncepeople start giving you the emails, now you just create a new campaign basedon with the list of people who have given your, given you their email.

So now when you keep doing this, your cost of conversion, your cost of getting newleads keep decreasing becauseFacebook is learning more and more based on the data you're feedingthem and then people who will start to buy from this, then you take them and then you bringthem in and then you run a sales campaign for them.

And so these four steps,if you follow these four steps, you will have a really, really good solid business plan thatwill work every single time because it's worked for me every single time.

And itworked for my clients every single time.

Now I know that this was a very longvideo and I know there was a lot of information in it.

A lot that you needto go through.

So watch this video? Two Times three times, four times.

Justkeep watching it until it makes sense.

And then follow these steps.

If youhave a business that's already running, go and see if you'remissing one of these steps.

Apply these steps and I guaranteeyou that your business will change.

You will start to make money.

And ifyou're someone sitting on the sidelines, you're really thinking you want tostart a business, you're not there.

Take my advice.

Go to this video, starta business you're going to love it.

So I really hope you liked this videoand I would really appreciate if you engage with this video,leave me a comment, tell me what you wouldlike me to talk more about.

If there is something you want to learn,something I can share your opinion, call me an idiot, call menice or whatever.

But justgive me some engagement.

Give me some love, will be very nice.

So I hope all works well for you.

I wish you the best andI'll talk to you soon.