– A lot of people want to learn how to start an online business, but the problem is theygo about it the wrong way.

And what I mean by that is they get very much stuck in the hows as they begin, even the question, how do I start an online business is a prime example of that.

And what will typicallyhappen is people will you know, they’re like how doI start an online business.

They’ll find out some business models.

They’ll then say, “How do Ibuild an e-commerce company? “How do I build an online school?” They’ll start looking at howdo I do e-mail marketing, build e-mail lists, orhow do I create images or how do I get customers, how, how, how, how, how, how, how.

Right, you get the point.

They very much get stuck in the hows, and the problem with that is that when you’re stuck in the hows, as soon as things startgetting overwhelming, you end up with lots of different options and lots of differentthings that you could do, which will happen by theway, because it’s quite a big world out there for online business, and the problem is without having the right foundations in place,if all they have is the how, and that’s all they’ve been working on, then there’s nothing tofilter decisions through about what you should be focusing on and why you should be focusing on it.

And that’s the point, people often start with the how, but they miss the much more important steps which is the what, and more importantly than that, is the why.

Right, you’ve got to get the why and the what in place before you start asking the hows.

So the way that that’s typically gonna look if someone wants to start an online business, if someone wants to work from home, if someone wants to learn how to make money online or whatever it is, they’ve got to first tap into the reasons why they’re doing it.

What is the lifestyle thatthey’re looking to create? Why do they want that lifestyle? And I’ll tell you onething, earning money, right, does not cut it for a why.

Having a why of oh because I want to get rich is not gonna cut it.

You know, if people were truly motivated by money, right, nobody gets out of bed in the morning thinking I can’t wait to get a million pieces of rectangular paper today.

You know, if that was the case, if someone was truly motivated by actual money, then give them a million in Monopoly money and they’d be delighted.

But the point is that it’snot money that motivates us, it’s what money enables us to do.

Money is a resource,money gives us the ability to make choices, you know, to make decisions, to do things, to create impact.

Money is a resource, a vehicle,so it’s not money itself.

It’s what does money enable usto do, and why do we want it, so we got to focus in on that why, what’s the vision that we’re looking to create of our lifestyle, okay.

And so when we start dialling into that and we can look at what is our ideal day gonna look like.

What is our typical day gonna look like when we start achieving this result, this life that we want to live, and it has to be the typical day because you know if all that’s motivating you is that dream vacation or buying that Lamborghini or whatever material goal it might be, well that’s not your typical day.

What you gonna be doing the other 99.

9% of your time when you’ve achieved this result? What’s your life actually gonna look like? So we gotta get that right.

What is the typical ideal day that we’re going to be living? What is that day gonna look like? What will we spend our time doing? Why do we want to spend our time doing that? You get clear about that, you start building the foundation from a place of why, and what happens then,we’re dialling into that is we can then move onto the what.

So the what is where we start dialling into things like our commitment to ourselves that we’re gonna build the right routines, we’re gonna stick at this.

We’re gonna build the right habits.

We’re gonna show up every single day doing what we need to do in order to achieve our why.

You know, and the whats can be things like learning the right skills,going through training, committing to success habits, morning routines, making sure that we’relearning from mentors, we’re modeling people who have achieved the result before us.

What are the things that we are gonna commit to doing every single day that are gonna move us towards our goal, our vision, our why? And when we make that commitment to ourselves that dedication that we are going to do what it takes, we’re not gonna give upon achieving our goals.

We’re not gonna quit when it gets hard or when it gets frustrating We’re not gonna come home in the evening and go, “Don’t feel like it tonight, I feel a bit tired, “I’ll just leave it ’til next week.

” You know, it takes commitment to create change in your life, whatever that looks like.

Mastery of anything,whether online business or otherwise, takes time,and we have to show up with the right expectationthat we’re gonna commit to it.

And once you’ve got thatin place, you got the why, you got the what, you’reready, you’re dedicated, you’re gonna start buildingthose right habits, those right routinesthen you go onto the how.

Then you go on to things like, you know, how do you build an online business.

I’m sorry, I’m justtrying not to get run over while I’m talking about this.

How do you build an online business, how do you start an affiliate company, how do you start an e-commerce company, that’s when you startasking these questions, and the reason is so damn important to get the why and the what in place first is because you then have a filter when you get into thisworld of online business and all the differentparts that you can go down.

You know what things tofocus your attention on that are gonna move you towards your goal.

’cause if you don’thave the goal in place, you don’t know what to focus on, you’re just gonna berunning around like a maniac trying every single strategy and every single get-richquick bullshit scheme out there to help you or to try to get a result, but you don’t even know whatthat ultimate result is.

Gotta have the why in place first.

Right, so hopefullythat perspective helps.

The key really, so one of the best things that you can do once you gotthe what, you got the why, and you wanna startfiguring out those hows is look at other peoplewho have achieved the goal you want to achieve andfigure out what did they do and how did they do itand then you model them.

Because if you do what others have done, you’ll get what others have gotten.

The power of modelling,so find other people who have achieved the resultthat you want to achieve, model what they did toachieve that result, and that then is reallygoing to start answering some of those how questions for you.

How do you build an online business, how to start an onlinebusiness, that kinda thing.

All right, so hope it helps, and I’ll see you inanother video, bye for now.