– Hey it's Leah Raefrom ToddAndLeahRae.

Com and recently I sat down with someone who was working hardto build her business.

She was providing valuein groups on Facebook building audiences andresponding to people's messages on Twitter and Instagram along with making postsand networking with folks.

Plus, she was promoting products from two different networkmarketing companies along with two differentaffiliate programs.

She opened up to me and said that she's actually sat down at her computer and cried more than once.

She is building this onlinebusiness to create time freedom.

And she's had the realizationthat if this takes off, even if her business, you know, when it starts to get into profit and she's really able toreplace her current income, she's still not gonnahave any time freedom.

She's gonna be stuck at hercomputer working all day long.

And that's exactly what she doesn't want.

Here it is folks.

It is really easy to gethustling and find yourself in a place where you'recreating more work for yourself instead of the time freedomthat you're seeking.

Now thankfully I was able tohelp her get onto a better path streamline her efforts and make sure she was actually buildingtowards her dream of time freedom instead of creating anightmare of just another job that she had to work herself.

Since this is a prettyeasy trap to fall into I really wanted to talk to you today and give you the two keysthat you need to understand to make sure that all the work that you're putting into your business it actually goes towardsgetting your closer to the business and thelifestyle that you want to live.

Now am I saying that youshouldn't be hustling to create your business? Absolutely not.

It's going to require a lot of work to create the type of business and the lifestyle that you're looking for.

Especially at the beginning.

But I wanna make sure thatyou're doing it the smart way.

That what you're workingon now works for you instead of you creatingmore work for yourself.

Now key number one is to focusonly on one target audience.

One of the simplest ways tocreate more work for yourself is trying to serve multipledifferent audiences instead of just one.

Yes, you should havemultiple streams of income but they should all fittogether as trying to solve different problems thatyour one audience faces.

So if your audience is interested in learning how to make money online then you should have an opportunity that they can make money with.

You can then also provide them with the tools and the training that they will need to createa successful online business.

Something like theattraction marketing system we refer people to, My Lead System Pro.

And email autoresponderlike Active Campaign.

And maybe a greatInstagram training course like what we offer.

All of these offers stillserve the same audience, people interested inmaking money from home.

Now compare that to someonewho has an affiliate offer like MLSP that they wanna promote plus a couple of networkmarketing companies that they're pushingindividual products for, say a discount program andmaybe essential oils company.

So instead of just creating content and building one audience they have to do three times as much work.

Because those audience are different.

People who are most likelyto buy essential oils aren't the same people most likely to wanna join the discount program.

And they're different frompeople who want to learn how to make money from home.

By working with multiple target audiences you are definitely creatingmore work for yourself.

Do yourself a favor and simplyfocus on one target audience.

And only add income streams that serve that same exact target audience.

Now second key is choosingmarketing strategies that work for you insteadof making more work for you.

People can easily fall into the trap of focusing on strategiesthat require continual work and not long-term strategies.

Yes, networking, providing value, doing Lives on socialmedia, all of that works.

You do bring in leads, you're gonna bring in sales, you're gonna build an audience.

But if you're only doing this type of work you're guaranteeing thatyou're gonna have to continue to do this work to make any kind of money.

If you stop doing the work, you wanna take a breakor maybe just a vacation, the money will dry up.

What we advocate is thatthese types of strategies should be layered on top oflong-term content strategies.

Something like blogging,YouTube, or podcasting.

While all of these arelong-term strategies, YouTube is definitely our favorite because it's not only agreat way to deliver content but it's also a search engine, the second biggest searchengine only to Google.

Why does that matter? Because new people can findyour videos each and every day whether you're workingor you're on vacation.

So if time freedom is whatyou are working towards, you should focus on one of these long-term, evergreen, content strategies.

Then you are building up online assets every time you publish another video, post a new blog post, or publish another podcast.

These online assetscan serve your business for years to come, creating content thatpeople can find 24/7, years later, that cancontinue to bring you leads, bring you sales and signups whether you're working or not.

Now these long-term strategies typically don't bring in a lot ofaction right in the beginning when you're first getting started.

So that's how you can usethe networking, the Lives, and all that kind ofstuff on social media, to really strip salesand layer that activity on top of your long-term strategies.

Plus you should use theseaudiences that you're building on social media, whateverplatform you're on, to promote the contentthat you're creating.

Whether that's sharing your blog post, your videos, your podcast, whatever, to that audience.

Now if you follow these two concepts, you keep them in mind asyou're building your business, you can create a businessthat works for you whether you're working or not.

So you don't just createanother job for yourself.

Now for some great trainingto help you create a leveraged online business with affiliate marketing make sure to click the linkat the top of the description.

Now please know thatwe are rooting for you.

We are here to help youcreate the time freedom that you and your family deserves.

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Again this is Leah Raefrom ToddAndLeahRae.

Com, head over to the next video up here, and I'll see you soon.