– [Damian] Hey guys, it's Damian, from Marketing Food Online.

And this video I'm goingto show you several ways, you can actually increasethe amount of items you have, without actually increasing, the amount of items that you have.

(laughs) Now, this may or maynot make sense to you, right off the bat, butI'm going to explain, exactly what I mean by that.

And it's a great way to drive sales.

Especially if you are limited, with your initial offering of products.

So, meaning that ifyou only have a couple, you have a few, or maybeyou have three or four, I'll give you some way that you can actually fill a storeout, and drive more sales.

Because what you're goingto give your customers is kind of a visual of having a variety of things to choose from, asopposed to one singular item, in lets say five or six different flavors.

This is gonna be a great tip to kind of, fill your store with a lotof variety, even though, you don't have a ton ofproducts right off the bat.

So really quick, who is this, and why am I using this as an example? This is one of my clients,this is a young lady, that I've done some consulting work with.

It has this product, itis a chocolate truffles, that she's got in this box here.

But I'm gonna explainto you what she's done, the process she's done to get to this, because it's really quite impressive.

And definitely if you guys arelooking for some motivation and some inspiration on howto create you're food product.

This video I'm gonna go into, I'm gonna show you what she's done, and then I'm gonna giveyou some great tips.

So, right off the bat, letslook some of her photos.

Number one, the photos are fantastic, and she's utilized all thephotos that are available, which I recommend by that way.

If you are on Etsy, Ebay,Amazon, whatever platform with however many photosthat they have available, definitely use all of them, okay? So if you look on here, you see this lid right here by the way, really quick notation, this is fantastic.

This is very professionallydone, very well done.

It's got the shape, andit's got the description and everything includedas to what is in each box.

It is a four pack as you can see, right.

But she's gone so far as to also include a nutritional label, she gotthe nutritional analysis done.

And great images of the ingredients okay.

And leading up to the finalproduct that she has right here.

All of the ingredients, this is a great, actually a great way tolead into the final product, when you're showing theingredients that you're using.

And then you've got the final product.

So, even actually, to tell you the truth, the way that she has the imageslined up is even fantastic.

And then right at the end, you got your nutritional analysis.

Here's the reason whyI'm doing this video.

So she has this product on Etsy, and she offers it incoconut, hazelnut, ceramal and then like an assortedflavors box okay.

And I do apologize,I'm not sure what AB&J, and I do apologize if I don't remember what the flavor was for thatone, but the point of this is to show you the variety that she's got.

So she's got one, two,three, four and five, okay.

So she has five flavorsof this type of product.

Now she only has oneparticular listing though, that utilizes the drop downmenu selection feature.

This is a feature whereyou can drop down a menu, and you can have a lotof different varieties of flavors, colors,sizes, and that's great.

But, what's even better, is this.

Each of these flavors need tohave an individual listing.

When you're starting out, and if you've got justone item in your store, especially on Etsyguys, really quick note, Etsy is like so inexpensiveto do business on, it's so cheap compared toso many other platforms, each of these flavorsneeds to have a listing unto themselves, okay.

And when you do that,what you're creating is, is a shop that's got a multitudeof things to chose from, instead of just one listing.

And from there you'recreating way more selection and variety for your customers.

Let me go over to hershop and I'll show you.

So here's her shop, okay.

And she's actually, that's great, she actually already had some sales.

She just opened up her shop,she's already got 24 sales and some great feedback,so that's fantastic, okay.

And she's also using the info section, where you can offer avariety of discounts, coupons and stuff like that.

But then when you scroll down here, so she's got the one single item.

This looks okay, and ofcourse this is the beginning.

But what I would as acustomer would want to see, is this thing filledwith a lot of products.

Now you don't have togo crazy, and overdo it.

But just imagine, righthere, she's got five items, so she can have a least, keep this listing with the multiple drop down,she's already done that, so keep it, you don'thave to get rid of it.

But here, here and all down through here, she need so to have therest of those flavors, created individually.

Then, this is where it gets good, and this is where you canactually make even more money.

So she has a lot offlavors to choose from.

So you need to create,a three pack combo pack.

So what I mean by that, isoffer, she sells it for around, let's say $12, right, that'sher regular price, $12 each.

If she had a three pack,caramel, hazelnut, coconut, you had three boxes together,then you can increase that, up to about $36, $35 dollarsfor one individual transaction.

As opposed to, tryingto get people to buy, you know, the three of them together, or multiple boxes for 11.

95 each.

Take a little bit of a discount off, sell three boxes, okay,and don't just stop there.

And here's what I mean.

So you've got coconut,you got hazelnut, coconut and hazelnut, so you putthese three together, right? So then you can put hazelnut,caramel, AB&J, okay.

So these three can go together.

And then you can mix andmatch, kinda go crazy with caramel, ABJ, coconut and try to find as many combinations as possible.

And you need to throw insome subscription boxes.

She's got five different flavors, that's at least five monthsof subscription boxes.

And you can sell that as a listing.

And you put on there, chocolatetruffles subscription, chocolate truffle of the month club.

And it's a subscriptionbox, where each month, they're going to get one of these, or they can send it as agift to somebody, right.

Coconut you get one each month, but, you're going to be chargingfor five months in advance, right, or you're gonnado a three month program.

Hey you wanna just try a samplebox, here's three months.

So each month you getthree different flavors.

But you're going to increaseyour individual sale price.

So for five of them, let'ssay $12 on average each right.

That's gonna be, around $60.

So for 59.

99, you can geta five month subscription to our gourmet truffle of the month club.

That right there is another listing, you see what I'm saying? So you don't have tohave a lot of products to create a full store, I meanwith one or two, it's okay, don't get me wrong, but ifyou've got like this is great, five or six, or evenmore, then you're golden.

You can create almost a wholestore filled with stuff.

Just mix and match it,give customers a variety.

And also by the way, you can even do this.

Someone may be a die hard coconut fan, so do a three pack combo ofthese individual flavors.

Three boxes of coconut, okay.

And again there it is, you'relooking at the retail price of around $36 dollarsfor that one transaction.

Someone may be a crazyfanatic for hazelnut.

Three boxes, get a discount promo code.

Three boxes is 29.

99, okay.

So the idea is to increasethe per-transaction amounts.

So that way you're making more money, as opposed to hoping thatpeople buy a multitude of boxes, you need to present them, with the option of buyinga multitude of boxes.

Now this concept can be used for anything.

I'm just giving you the foundation of understanding how this works, it doesn't have to bechocolate truffles as such.

But this was a great,she was very kind enough to let us use her listingto kind of critique and show what we could do here.

So really quick, that was,I just wanted to show you this idea, this concept, and you could fill upyour store with that.

And like I said, on Etsy, it's fantastic, 'cause it's like 20c alisting, that's nothing.

That's very, very, very inexpensive.

So mix and match it up,and give the customer a variety of things to chose from.

And you don't have to createa hundred different truffles.

Five is perfect, five is great.

Just mix and match them.

And then that way you'regonna make more money.

With that being said, I'llwrap it up really quick.

I wanted to do a really quick video.

And I hope she enjoys this concept, and it can help her grow too.

Take care and as always if youguys appreciate the videos, please do give a big thumbs up.

If you have any questionsabout this idea or concept, let me know down below, and I will get to it as soon as I can.