I am Anugreh Sehtya an 18-year-old Entrepreneur.

I build India's first assistive solutions company.

I am a national awardee and I want to change the world and make it a better place to live in.

Hi, I am Anugreh, an 18-year-old Entrepreneur.

I built India's first assistive solutions company I am a National Awardee and I want to make the world a better place Anugreh Sehtya, an 18 year old entrepreneur I built India's first assistive solutions company.

I am a National Awardee and I want to change the world and make it a better place with cameraman Gitaansh Ahluwalia, signing off.

I'm an 18 year oldentrepreneur I built India's first assistive solutions company I'm anational awardee and today I will be sharing with you how I was awardedglobally for my work how I started a company at the age of 17 and how you allhere do the same as well I was always an average student in theschool I knew from the very beginning that I didn't belong to the studyenvironment that I was in.

And since I was very young the idea of buildingthings really fascinated me.

So I started by learning how to build things fromYouTube.

I started by making home automation system automatic irrigationsystem and I made many more products like that.

Slowly afterlearning I got so good at building things that I started giving workshopsto people in the ninth grade it was then that I realized that passion issomething you teach yourself so good that you can teach it to others as well.

Later, I built ApeX band and because of ApeX band, I was listed in Top 100 innovatorsfrom India, I was selected in the nation's biggest national competition.

When the results of that competition were announced I was declared a winner.

Later, I was invited by the University of Toronto for their DEEP program and I was the only Indian to go there that you Unfortunately,in 2017 my life took a sudden turn my dad passed away due to cardiac arrest atthe age of 52.

Everything happened in front of me.

I got very depressed after and this shook me from inside.

I never knew thatdeath could come like this so, I started searching about how a cardiac arresthappens why a cardiac arrest happens and I got to know that cardiac arrestcardiac arrest is the most common reason of death in the world.

I was shocked bythat and it was then that I realized and told myself that I will use my skills tohelp people now.

That is why I built EyeQ EyeQ iss a headset made for the visuallyimpaired that observes understands and then narrates what is happening in front ofthe visually impaired.

After knowing about EyeQ, I was invited to India'sbiggest Innovation Summit which had over 400 CEOs from all around the globe.

When I showcased EyeQ in their main event people were very impressed, one of those people was so impressed that he offered me to pay ahefty amount if I made solutions for autism.

Imagine a chairperson of a big company offering a hefty amount to a 17-year-oldfor making solutions for autism.

This surprised me and an idea popped upin my mind.

Why not make a company where we build products for specially-abled people and make money out of it.

it This will help me solve my motive ofhelping people and also fulfill my monetary needs.

This led to the start ofHybrid Idea.

I co-founded it with my fellow co-founderWe are India's first assistive technology solution design company weare supported by NITIAAYOG.

Our vision is to provide assistance to every personthat is in need of one.

We are working with various nonprofit organizations andwe are building products for the deaf, the visuallyimpaired.

So, from now on I will be uploading a series of videos, where Iwill be teaching you what a millennial needs to start his or her own venture.

If you want to make a change and start your own venture then follow me onsocial media and I'll make sure that my content is useful to you and helps youchange your mindset about everything! Thank you.