So you want to create a single opt-in emaillist for one reason or another.

In this video I am going to show you how to set up AWeberfor single opt-in.

This is going to work for new list that youare creating within AWeber as well as any existing list that you may have had.

And Ihad to do this in the past because in my website which is Property Investing in Australia,a lot of people do not do the double opt-in confirmation because they are just not supertech savvy.

So I prefer the single opt-in even though it is not industry best practice.

So let us go into AWeber and I will show you how to do it.

So here we are in AWeber.

We go up to the top where it says manage list and we go aheadand click on that one.

First, I am going to show you the process for a creating a newlist and then what to do when you have an existing list.

So let us go through and createa list really quickly first.

All these details are fine, just click next.

I will just namethis list 'example.

' And we can see here, to approve our confirmation message and thereis no option to turn it off.

But that is alright, we do not need to do it right now.

Just click approve message and create list.

Do not adjust that message at all.

Just clickthat approve message and create list button.

Now we are going to go back into manage listand this is the process that you would do for an existing list so you cannot do it onset up, you actually have to do it with an existing list.

So let us go back to our list'example' and we go ahead and click on that to edit it.

And where it says confirmed opt-inon the left-hand side here.

Let us go ahead and click on that.

Now here is our confirmationmessage but it is now giving us an option to send a confirmed opt-in email for web formsso we can go ahead and click on that.

Then go ahead and click yes and that is now goingto go ahead and turn that off.

Then click save settings and now we have created a singleopt-in email list within AWeber.

There is a tool that goes one better whichis called ConvertKit.

And if I go into my form – so let us go into this free listingform, if I go into the settings of this form, I can have this incentive email here.

Andso these people are signing up to get some free property listings and so I say, "Hereare your property listings.

Thanks for signing up.

As promised here are your property listings.

"And they can then click this big button to go and view their property listings.

However,when they click that button they are then double opted-in.

And also I can order confirmnew members as well.

So people can double opt-in but they can also be single opt-inand it is not one of those annoying 'you need to click this link to confirm your email.

'They are getting what they were promised – the freebie that they promised, but when theyact on that and they click on that then it confirms their email.

So that is a reallycool thing that ConvertKit does.

ConvertKit also allows you to add automationsso I can go ahead and add a rule.

And the thing that I love is when someone clicks thelink I can then subscribe them to a course.

So I could send out an email to my generallist which is like 12,000 people and say, "Hey look! Here is an interesting product.

"If someone clicks on that product I can subscribe them to a mini course that goes into moredetails about the benefits of that product and tries to sell them on it because I knowthat they are interested in it.

So that is a really powerful thing.

So if you are looking for a single opt-in service that is better than AWeber, then Ido recommend ConvertKit.

You can go through my affiliate link at pelt.

Co/ck which I massivelyappreciate if you do that.

It will not cost you any more but I will get a small commission.

And just so you know I am not recommending ConvertKit because of the commission.

Thecommission is the same that I get with AWeber and the pricing is basically the same as well.

So I would make the same amount if you went with AWeber as you went with ConvertKit butI recommend it because I think that it is awesome.

Plus if you sign up through any ofmy affiliate links you can get access to a free bonus.

You can get one of my paid coursesfor free.

Just go over to pelt.

Co/bonus to choose your bonus over there.

So I hope that this has helped you learn how to set up an AWeber single opt-in email list.

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Until next time guys, keep learning!.