– In this video, Kevin Davidis gonna share with us, the easiest beginner system for how he generates over $10,000 per month.

So if you wanna show themyour seller central account.

For those who don't know, Kevin actually has like eightseller central accounts.

This is just one of them to show you guys, to prove to you guys, you seehe's refreshing right there.

Just to show you it's not a screen shot.

This is not a screen shot.

– Yeah, we wanna makesure that you guys know that this is all real, right? This is just one of mymany Amazon accounts.

You can see right there, almost$16,000 in the last 30 days.

And we've refreshed it foryou just so you know for sure, that it's not like some ofthe other guys out there, who are just showing fake screen shots.

– And what's cooler than that, is that Kevin actually invited me to his private student group.

And he actually got to show me two success stories right here.

So if I show you guys this first guy.

He generated over a $150,000in a one month period.

He's been in his program, Kevin's program, for less than one year.

And let me show you justone more right here.

Someone who generated over $11,000 in just two days, 48 hours.

– Yeah and those are just afew of the success stories.

It's crazy what you're ableto do with this system.

So we're gonna talk aboutvery in-depth, in this video, how you can do it.

– Okay, so stay tuned.

(music playing) ♪ ODi Productions ♪ (car engine starting) Alright, Kevin, soyou're gonna show us the easiest beginner system for how you generate over $10,000 a month.

What is the business? – Yeah, so this called Amazon FBA.

So you see that we'reon Amazon right here.

Obviously, you guys haveprobably heard of Amazon.

Amazon FBA basically means that,you find a product to sell.

And we're gonna teach you exactly how to do that in this video.

And then Amazon does allof the hard work for you.

Amazon fulfills it, youdon't need a website.

Amazon handles all of thepayments, and sends you all of your money for you.

They literally take out all ofthe difficult steps for you.

And they fulfill all of your stuff.

So literally, all you have to do is find a successful product,a profitable product, get it here from China, whichwe're gonna teach you how to do as well, and thenAmazon takes care of the rest.

And so what we're gonna show you today, is actually how to findprofitable products on Amazon, which is the most importantstep of the entire business.

If you can do this well, anyone can make $10,000a month with this system.

– Wow, okay so let's get right on to it.

Guys, so we are hoppingto Kevin David's computer.

Actually hopping into itphysically, literally.

And we are gonna show you theactual product research for how we find these products that generate over $10,000 a month.

– Cool, so this is Viral Launch, guys.

This is the best productresearch software available.

It used to be some otherstuff but Viral Launch has continued to become moreand more innovative.

They had more and more products, and they're the most accurate.

So we're gonna be focusing on them today.

What we're looking at right now, is called Product Discoveries.

It's a piece of software.

It's available for you guysif you want to take a look.

What this software does,is it looks through all the millions and millionsof products on Amazon.

And it allows you toactually narrow them down and filter them based ona variety of criteria.

So we're gonna look at certain categories.

That I have proven tobe the most profitable.

To actually make 10,000 a month, 20,000 a month, 30,000 a month.

And then we're gonnatake about exactly how to continue narrowing them down.

So you're only seeingproducts that are going to be profitable for you to actuallystart selling yourself.

And then we're gonnatalk about exactly how to actually get those productsto Amazon so that you can, most importantly, startmaking $10,000 a month.

Just like I have, and just like so many thousands of my students have.

So, this is the category section.

These are all the categories on Amazon.

Obviously, we don't want tobe selling certain things.

I'm not trying to sell CDs right? I'm not trying to sell books.

I'm not trying to sell software on Amazon.

So, what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna actually narrow down only the categories that I'veproven to be profitable.

Arts and Crafts, Baby, right? I like to look at Grocery,Health and Household, Industrial Scientific, Kitchen and Dining, Office Products, PetSupplies, Sports and Outdoors.

We're gonna skip most of these.

We're gonna include Beauty.

Home and Kitchen isdefinitely the category I've made the most money in.

Probably 75% of the millionsand millions of dollars we've made on Amazon havecome from Home and Kitchen.

Patio, Lawn, and Outdoorsis also pretty good.

Tools and Home Improvement.

These are the categories, out of all the different categories thatI've made the most money in, and that I've seen themost success, most often.

With all the thousands of my students.

So, once we do this guys,what we're gonna do is we're gonna put in additional filters.

So what we want to look at is, we want to make sure thatthe most reviews that the products that we're gonna see here, are actually going to be, you know, I don't like togoing into a new category on Amazon, if they have more thanan aggregate of 50 reviews.

Everyone types 50, so what we're gonna do, is we're gonna type 54,because then we're gonna see a few more products that nobody else sees.

Because everyone thinksin multiples of 10.

– So we're gonna put 54 instead of 50.

Just so we see a few extra products.

So we might find aneven better product that other people might miss.

Average monthly revenue.

What we're gonna put in forhere, it actually goes against the grain of what most people teach.

Most people say, "go outthere, find products that are "selling $100,000 a month.

" But the problem with thatis, if you find a product and you sell a product for $100,000 a month, what the main issue with that is, is there's so much competition.

Chinese sellers are tryingto compete with you, you have highjackers, right? People are constantlytrying to take you down.

So what I teach my students,and what I've had a massive amount of success with myself, is finding products that sellbetween 7 to $8,000 a month.

And around $15,000 a month.

So between 7 to 15 iskind of the sweet spot.

So we're gonna look ataverage monthly revenue.

We're gonna look at 7100, againpeople think in forms of 10.

So I always like tochange it up a little bit.

And the max that we'regonna look at, is 15,400.

The average price, what I've found myself is, you can't be profitableselling on Amazon FBA, if you sell a productthat's less than $13.

And just trust me when I tellyou cause of Amazon's fees, cause of a lot of varietyof different things, it's not possible, or it's very difficult.

It is possible, it's verydifficult to be profitable if you sell it for less than 13.

So what we're gonna do here,is we're gonna put 12.

90 Again, just try to mix it up.

People always put inmultiples of 10, or one.

So 12.

90, we're not gonnatalk about advanced filters.

If Odi is kind enough tobring me on for another video, we will talk about advanced filters.

Advanced filters, obviouslyare more advanced.

That's why they'recalled advanced filters.

But they have allowed me andmy students to just get a ridiculous amount ofadditional products that no one else is finding.

So we will talk aboutthis in another video.

But for now, we're justgonna leave it blank.

So once we do this guys, we'regonna press Show Keywords.

So again, we're in product discovery.

We're in the keyword section.

The product section we cantalk about another time.

The keyword section inproduct discovery is the most powerful way tofind products in my opinion.

So we're skipping straight to that.

So what we're seeing here now, is different products thatViral Launch is showing us.

Dustpan and broom combo set, right? Very basic stuff, but what you see here is they're doing seven in-a-halfthousand dollars a month.

Cup plate, like what the heckis a cup plate first of all.

So we're gonna view this one on Amazon.

But you see that they're doing$14,100 every single month, with almost $9,000 profit.

Per month which is crazy right? And literally all this is, is cups and plates, like combo sets.

And you see that there's verylow reviews, which is key.

Because the hardest thing to compete with as a new seller on Amazon, is reviews.

So don't go into like, don't go and sell Bluetooth headphones.

Cause there's 15,000 reviewson all the Bluetooth headphones you'll never be to compete with that.

And so it's just not worth it.

But we see very very low reviews here.

And if we run the chrome extension, this is called Market Intelligence, by the same company Viral Launch.

We'll see that these guysare doing crazy numbers.

$29,000 a month, $30,000a month, 24,000, 35, 17.

All of these peopleare doing crazy numbers with incredibly low review counts.

So this would be a ridiculouslyprofitable product to sell.

And I was, literally thefirst product we looked at.

Waterproof solder wire connectors.

Could that be more random? CBD gummies, like I don't knowif you know much about CBD, but CBD is kind of like the new health craze right now for relaxants.

One of my students actuallysells CBD drops for dogs.

Literally to relax dogs? And he was doing multiplethousands of dollars a day for a while, selling CBD— That's crazy – dog drops for dog relaxation,which is fricking crazy.

Facial vacuum pore cleaner.

Disposable coffee cups we see $13,000 a month, $6,000profit, and you know, $12,900 a month is a lot money.

But it's not gonna completelychange everyone's lives.

But the thing is guys,that's only one product.

When you add two products,or five products, or 10 products that aredoing $6,000 a month profit, if you have 10 products,all of a sudden that's 60 grand profit a month.

If you have five products,that's 30 grand profit a month.

And I don't know about you but 30 grand a month profit woulddefinitely change my life.

– A hundred percent – So detox cleanse system we see 8.

6K And this is just one page.

Look at all these pages.

– That's crazy.

– These are all products and, what I teach my students is, the people who go farthestdown the rabbit hole, when it comes to product research.

Whoever looks the most andfinds the most products, and gets the most products intotheir kind of ecosystem and into their list that they'redoing further research on, those are the people who are successful.

The people who think that theycan do product research for five minutes and then just quit, and find the first thing, and buy it? They're not gonna be as successful.

It takes work obviously, butViral Launch makes what used to take months or longer,literally you can do it and sit down in one day.

Baby dome, this is hilarious,what the heck is a baby dome– – What is that? – $10.

4 thousand every single month.

Six over six grand profit, andthis is a fricken baby dome.

So let's look at this.

So this like a, I don'teven know what this is.

Oh, it's like an attachmentto a crib I guess? – Yeah, it's a crib – Yeah so if we look at the market intelligence chrome extension, which is again by Viral Launch as well, we'll see that, you knowthere's a lot of people, $28,000 monthly revenueright here, the last 30 days.

12,000, 17,000, 10,000, 15,000.

We see that the review quantitiesare a little bit higher than the cup-plate combo, 60 reviews.

But these are still beatable,these are still doable.

You can still come inas a brand new seller, and actually compete with these people.

And this is another right? This is the second product we looked at.

Again, extremely profitable.

The one thing that I wouldlook at, that I see here that I don't really like, isthat this is by Fisher Price.

Fisher Price, Fisher Price,Fisher Price, Fisher Price.

Which is obviously a large brand.

Sometimes when I see alllarge brands like this, I would want to make surethat they don't have a patent.

– Hmm yup.

– Or like a copyright on that.

And that's a little bit moreadvanced but Viral Launch, think of Viral Launch as yourinitial product research.

It's what you're doing at first,but there are other steps.

You want to make sure that there's no trademarks, copyrights, patents.

You want to make sure that youcan actually buy this stuff for a cheap enough price tohave a healthy profit margin.

And there's ways to do that, like the Amazon FBA fee calculator.

Where you can calculateyour profit margin on any product super easily.

So there are some additional steps, it's what I like to call thefive steps of product research.

Which is something that I teach.

To go a little bit further, there are ways to actuallyget exact data from Amazon on as to how many units sell for any product.

These are just estimates.

Every piece of software,it's just estimates.

The only person, or the only company that knows true sales is Amazon.

And there are ways to actually get those exact true sales numbers.

Which is part of the fivesteps of product research that I do teach as well.

So, we see copper plastic utensils.

$10,000 a month, 6K profit.

All of these products,hair regrowth system, I don't know about you but Iwould never just be sitting at my computer and be like, "you know what? "I wanna sell somecopper plastic utensils.

" Or, you know, a rose gold paper plate.

And that's what, that'swhere Viral Launch comes in.

Cause they don't, they're not subjective.

They literally, just look at the data, they look at the sales,they look at the reviews, and they present you what you want to see based on the filters that you've set guys.

This is just, we're on page two right? We've already seen a bunchof different products that we could actually sell.

So that is how I find productsto sell on Amazon FBA.

Using Viral Launch, and it'smuch easier than people think.

To actually get theseproducts live on Amazon.

And get them to the point where you're actually generating$10,000 a month.

– Wow, that's insane andwe're doing all of this live right now.

When I'm seeing all of these products, I just look at it and I think,and I just remember that some of the biggest companiesin the world are very boring.

And this products are, for the most part, they're pretty like, youwouldn't think about them.

– Yeah- They're very unorthodox, they're very just out there.

But they're generating real money.

Which is the crazy thing.

– And if you think about it too, a lot these things,like it's not by chance.

What's something that'shappening recently in the USA? People are, and companies are trying to cut down on plastic straws.

Like I don't if you'refollowing that in the news, but looks at this product: Portable Straw.

Like, are you serious? Why on earth would I carryaround a portable straw, unless it's actually drivenby the mainstream media.

People are being more health-conscious, they don't want topollute the environment.

And so people are buying portable straws.

Amazon is just the biggeste-commerce platform in the world, and so you see thatportable straws might be an awesome niche to get into now, because these people arealready making almost $8,000 a month, with $5,000 profit, from a fricken portable straw.

Mosquito killer, palm leafplates, natural foot pads, ultra-sonic ant repeller.

The most random stuff in the world.

Viral Launch makes this easy for you.

All you have to do, is knowhow to actually choose these products right, cause thisis just the first step.

There is four moresteps I like to look at.

I like to look at Google Trends, to make sure that it'spopular all year 'round.

You don't want a seasonal product.

You want to make sure that you look at the sales history on Amazon.

You can actually tellfrom what's called BSR, or Best Seller Rank, youcan tell if a product has consistently sold for years,or if it just recently spiked.

And I don't want to getinto a product that could be really trendy and popularnow, but could completely fall away in the next week or month.

– Like fidget spinners – Like fidget spinners, exactly.

Cause then I'm stuck witha bunch of products that I can't sell, so I wantto make sure that it has consistent sales history on Amazon, that it has consistentsearches on Googles trends, and there's a couple more extremely vital steps that I teach in the fivesteps of product research, really to find these products, and to feel 100% confidentin your investment so that you can actually start generating $10,000 a month easily.

Or even more as we showedwith a couple of my students.

$11,000 in two days or $150,000 in the last 30 days.

It's happening every single day.

It's just hard to believe until you actually experience it yourself.

– Awesome, okay so once youfind your product, I mean, what do you do next? What's the next step? – So the next step afteryou find your product is you actually have to find a supplier.

Find a supplier toactually make this product.

And so, we can't gosuper in-depth as far as, how to actually do every singlestep of the entire process.

It is a little bit more complicated.

But, Odi was nice enough.

We put together a completelyfree training for you guys.

If you want to learn more aboutthe step-by-step process to actually get these products live, so you can start generating monthly sales, and you can start makingthat $10,000 a month like I have, and likethousands of my students have.

We put together a completelyfree training for you guys.

That will be down, availablein the description as the top link, if you guyswant to check it out.

It really lays thingsout step-by-step-by-step.

How you can start yourown Amazon business.

Every single step of theway, no steps skipped.

Completely for free training, if you guys want to check it out.

– Awesome, thank you for the value Kevin.

And if you guys enjoyed this, if you want to see Kevin againback for more, type below: Amazon FBA Product Research.

Type that down in the comments below and make sure you givethis video a like 'cause Kevin is literally taking his time to show us some winningmethods right here, That's really just cuttingthrough all the fluff, and showing us some actual techniques.

And I really love this kind of stuff.

So I thank you so much for that– – Yeah, and it's awesome.

I mean, the thing is guys,I know when I first started, it seems like so out oftouch, it seems out of reach.

That people are making $30,000 a month, $10,000 a month, 150,000 you saw one of my students.

It's happening everyday guys.

Amazon is a trillion dollar company.

Trillion with a T.

We should put that number,one trillion, on the screen so you guys can see what that is.

Amazon is not going anywhere.

It's one of the biggestcompanies in the entire world.

This is happening everyday.

The real question is, areyou gonna actually claim your piece of it, like so many peopleare doing every single day.

So I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Again, comment down belowAmazon FBA Product Research, if you liked this video.

And hopefully then Odi willhave me on for another one.

– Thank you Kevin, I appreciate it.

– Alright brother.

– Later.