When you go to publish your book onKindle direct publishing or CreateSpace Amazon will ask you to enter sevenKindle keywords with each one separated by a comma most authors they'll quicklychoose whatever pops into their head and move on but they're missing out onsomething very critical to their books overall continuous success the way asearch engine like Amazon works is that it first needs to index your books or asearch phrase in other words it needs to figure out that your book should show upfor a particular keyword or phrase that someone types in to Amazon how do youget it to do this you could have the word in the title subtitle and/ordescription however the most surefire way to get your book to show up for aparticular phrase is by selecting it for one of your seven Kindle keywords so asyou can see the keywords you select will have a dramatic effect on where yourbook shows up on Amazon and potential organic sales but just because your bookshows up for a particular phrase doesn't mean you'll sell more books to insureyour Kindle keywords will make your book more money you're going to need toselect keywords that actually have people typing it into Amazon and lookingfor it are willing to pay for books on that subject and isn't so competitivethat you can't rank in the top three for it answering these three questions isexactly what KDP rocket was made for so in the rest of this tutorial I'm goingto show you exactly how KDP rocket will tell you if the keywords get traffic ifthere is a hungry market for that keyword and if you can beat thecompetition let's start with a book idea search typein your potential keyword and click go get them rocket KTDP rocket will takeyour keyword and look for other more longtail keyword ideas out there readthrough the list and if any of them interest you or could pertain to yourbook click the analyze button let's look at the competition score in general acompetition score below 35 is pretty easy and the score above 70 is superhard did you find any room in that market now that we have a couple ofideas of potential keywords that are making money and are not too competitivelet's look at the number of people who type it in Google and Amazon ourestimated Amazon searches per month is exactly that an estimate to create thisvalue we've used known data sets and crawlers to help figure out exactly howmany hits a keyword phrase is getting and mix a couple of other variables inthere as well we also include Google searches per month here because it couldhelp to discover new book ideas that no one else has written about if yourinitial keyword search doesn't bear any fruit go ahead and try againone tactic I like to do is take a word from our previous search and put it intoKDP rocket in this case we did a search for ninja we found that ninja books lookpromising let's put ninja books in and see if there's anything KDP rocket can find for us Hey look at that ninja books for kids as you can seethere are a lot of parents out there typing this into Amazon and Google andthe competition not too hard I think that would be a good addition to a kid'sninja book as you can see finding profitable search after Kindle keywordshas never been easier using KDP rocket you'll be able to find your 7 Kindlekeywords and give your book the best chance of success all with a simpleclick of a button KDP rocket book idea research has neverbeen easier.