How To Remove Earwax At Home Earwax is a substance which is naturally found in the inner ear.

This substance protects the ear from bacteria and other harmful organisms.

However, there are cases when its amount increases and this can cause discomfort as well as irritation, loss of hearing, itching, dizziness, etc.

This is why ear hygiene is crucial.

The blockage usually happens when you use cotton swabs to clean the ears because they push the earwax deeper into the ear canal.

Also, people who regularly wear earplugs or in ear headphones are at a higher risk of accumulating too much earwax.

Instead of using swabs to remove the wax, you should try the following solutions.

In this way, you will prevent the buildup of surplus wax.

Saline solution Dissolve 1 tsp of salt in ½ cup of water and then soak a cotton ball in the solution.

Then, drop a few drops in the ear while tilting the head on one side.

Remain in this position for couple of minutes so that the liquid can penetrate the ear canal and soften the earwax.

Next, tilt the head in the opposite direction and use a tissue to gather the draining liquid.

Paraffin oil Heat three tablespoon of paraffin oil over a candle flame and then drop couple of drops into the ear and lie for a few minutes.

Then, rinse any remaining wax with warm water.

Repeat the procedure for 3 days until you dissolve the accumulated wax.

Glycerin Drop four drops of glycerin into each ear, three times per day for optimal results.

Vinegar and rubbing alcohol Mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar and then soak one cotton ball into the content and then drop few drops with the cotton in each ear.

Olive oil Drop two to three drops of olive oil into the ear before going to bed.

Try to sleep on the opposite side and repeat the treatment for four nights in a row.