Back late January earlyFebruary, YouTube took away the automaticposting to Twitter and Google Plus.

So you can no longerautomatically send a tweet out when your video goes live.

You totally rely on YouTube'snotification system.

Well today we're going to showyou an alternative, that is going to makeyour life so much easier.

Stay tuned.

G’day it's Doug from Doug HewsonYouTube and we're here to help you with techfor content creation.

And today we're looking atwhat's been taken away from YouTubers, and that's when you upload, to be able to set a customYouTube message where it would share a linkto your newly uploaded video, to Twitter, Google Plus and differentplaces like that.

Don't fear, there is a simple way, and we're going to usea service called If This Then Thatto automatically post the link and description of yourvideos to social media.

Let's get on overto the computer right now and check it out.

And we're looking today atwhat to do about auto posting now being turned off on YouTube.

In other words when you upload, let's do this.

We go to upload… OK so I’ve selected a video.

Now as you can see overon this side we no longer have a part where we canschedule a tweet we have a tweet message at leastto Twitter and Google Plus they’ve taken that out that'sjust been depreciated as a just in the past weekfrom when I'm recording this.

So now when I'm uploadinga video I have no way of promoting this otherthan trusting in YouTube's own notification system.

What if I want to letpeople know who follow me on Twitter or Instagramor LinkedIn or whatever social mediaplatform Facebook of course.

Any of those socialmedia platforms.

Well I'm going to showyou one way you can do that using a programor a service.

I should say called I F T T Tor If This Then That.

Okay so simply what you needto do is go to I F T T T dot com and you'll cometo this particular Web site here.

When you first comewhen you first come to it it's goingto look like this.

So then you can sign up for anaccount and it doesn't cost you anything.

Just sign up, you can sign up with an emailaddress or link it to a Google account whatever you want to do.

Let me just sign in… and you can see I'vegot some things in place for YouTube services.

And the two that I've set upare these two here because basically it's likeit's like a lot of old school programming.

If this happensthen do this task.

So it's like an old schoolbasic programming computational language.

You create your own appletsby picking an action and picking what you want to happen.

In this case we'vepicked the action.

If a new public videois uploaded on YouTube it's my particular account.

Then this is sendinga set action on Linked In via my Buffer account.

So I'm getting a poston LinkedIn.

This one here is doing a postdirectly to my Twitter account.

And you can follow me on Twitterat Doug Hewson YT.

So lets go into one of these, lets go to the Twitterone because I think that's easier to follow.

It tells me that it's usingthe YouTube service and Twitter service.

But let's go through setting oneof these these up.

First of all, we want to do a new applet, so we can click over hereand then we get this.

If This Then That.

So we want to tell what the“this” is first.

What's the action that is goingto trigger.

So what's the trigger? OK, first of all it wantsto choose a service.

So in this case we want YouTube, so I’m going to type in YouTube, and then I get YouTube hereso I’m going to click on YouTube and theseare the things that you can do at the momentas a trigger from YouTube.

We can trigger somethingevery time we like a video.

If we upload a public video, a new public videofrom subscriptions this triggers fires every timea specific user you subscribe to your makes a video public.

This is where you can followsomebody that you've subscribed to and getand maybe create some sort of action based on their upload.

We can also send the actionif we receive a Super Chat while we're live streamingand if we receive a Channel Membership if we have suchthings activated on our accounts.

Okay, but the one we're concernedwith is if we upload a video and it goes publicwe want people to be alerted through our social mediaso we're gonna pick a social media.

We've selected that now.

So we've got the YouTube, we've got the “if” and nowwe're going to program “that.

” What is the result, what do we want to have happen? Here we go.

Okay this time we're goingto go with, let's go with Facebook.

So I'm going to want to publishto my Facebook page so I'm going to pick Facebookpage at the moment for the Facebook pagesspecifically for pages.

I can create a status message — a plain text status messageto appear on my Facebook page.

I can create a link post — post with a link in itwhich which could possibly link to our YouTube video.

Upload a photo from a URL, which is not what we'relooking at today.

So I think the bestone for us is, we want because we want it tolink to our YouTube video.

So we're going to createlink post.

Now it's a similar process.

If it was Twitter or somethingelse you'd go to the to pick the Twitter oneand then pick the actual what we call“action” that you can take.


Says add a link URL, so it’s asking for the linkURL and then the message.

Now, the Add Ingredient means we canactually get it to fill in the title, description and someother information here.

But in this case we wantto say “new video” and then we maybe want to tellit to put in the title, we've really got the link URLup here.

We don't want anyof these other ahh, we don't want the dates.

We could possibly putin the description.

The description, well I think possiblyputs in the complete description of the video.

We don't want to post that wholething with affiliate links and and other thingswe just want the title and the URL, so people can click on itand then we can go Create Action and thereit says Review and Finish and there's its basically givingus a summary of what's happened.

It's giving us a descriptionas written but we can change that says, “if the new publicvideo is uploaded, then create a link poston Doug Hewson YT Facebook group” which is interesting.

I didn't ask me which page.

I've got multiple pagesfor different different YouTube channels and stuff, but it has linkedto the right one, so maybe because I've usedthat before for something that it's automaticallypicked that.

And then once we're done, we click the big “Finish” atthe bottom there and we will end up with anapplet thats in place.

Now we can optionally uhleave this on to receive notification when the appletruns.

So when it runs, and it dislays like a littleconfirmation say hey we've done this task so you upload a video.

So you had had allthese applets going, then you're going to getlike a notification from If This And That, that will tell you, hey we've just uh done this taskand that your Facebook page.

We've done this task, send it to you Twitter, we’ve done this task, sent it to your LinkedIn, we've done this task we’veuploaded it to your blog, whatever it might be.

But this is one way of doingit when you click finish, here it says finishing, here it says it's turnedon you can actually togglethese on and off.

Now let's go back to myapplet so we can see all the ones we've got now.

You can see all the onesthat are active say… you have a little green dotand say “on.

” You can see all the YouTubeones have.

Now I'm not currently usingthat for Facebook per say myself is why I usethat as an example because I'm not particularlyusing Facebook at the moment.

So what I'm going to do is turnthe Facebook one off because I don't wantthat to actually fire.

So what I do is I clickon that and you can see now it goes gray saysit's turned off.

If we go back to the mainpage it's an option for the future I canturn that back on.

At the moment I'm runningthe Twitter one, if I got into that you can seeif a new public video is uploaded, then post a tweet.

Now a rambling little biton this video, so let's wrap this up by lookingat uh video I posted… actually I did my live streamlast night, so when that went livethat should have triggered my Buffer on myLinkedIn and everything.

So let's jump on over… there it is there, 24 hours ago.

That sounds about right.

It's the new video.

I mean it was my livestreamso and there it is.

Put the title of the livestreamand the link and that's all its done.

Unfortunately you can'tcustomize the message using this method, like you could do with the uhthe settings when you should be ableto just set up the auto tweet to go offwhen your video goes live.

You could basically put in acustom message.

This doesn't have the custommessage if you want to do that you have to continue to dothat manually by going to your video, go Share, and when it comes up to share, you can edit the the actualwords on the tweet to whatever you want to go out say.

There you go.

So there we know that theTwitter works, let's go check the LinkedIn.

I want to see my posts, here we go… and I believe there it is alsoposted the whole thumbnail too.

And people can actuallywatch the video on LinkedIn, so it's interesting.

So you can see the linked in oneworks fine and dandy as well.

I have it not sent directlyto LinkedIn but I have it going through my Buffer account.

So yeah that's how you canuse If This Then That to continue to let peopleknow that you've posted a video to your socials like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, all those wonderful places.

As you can see, If This Then That is a prettypowerful site that you can use to automateall sorts of processes.

But particularly today, those YouTube uploadsdon't promote themselves.

So make sure you get on thereand work out some integrations that are goingto work for your workflow.

And if you’ve usedIf This Then That before for something otherthan this upload process, but something that's reallynifty and it could be a time saver for people, make sure you put it inthe comments below ‘cause I'd be really interestedin hearing that.

And don't forget to sharethis video for any Youtubers that you might thinkthis information be really useful for them.

They may not have thought of, “Hey jump on If This ThenThat and create some automations.

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Well this is Doug, from Doug Hewson YouTubeand I'll catch you later.

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