Hello, English Winners.

I'm recording withmy phone right now because of a temporary mishap, so in this video, I'mshowing you how to get the subtitles – that's the words right at the bottom ofthe screen – to show up.

So here I'm doing a screen recording that shows you how toget subtitles.

As you can see, I have a popular video of mine for Spanishspeakers; this is me from about a year ago.

I look really fat compared to now,but that's okay.

So, to get subtitles on a video, you take your mouse – that's thething I got right here – and you go down to the right side where it says CC andthen you hit CC.

And it should turn on the subtitles right here.

Maybe it sayssomething different in your country.

But let's play it.

So that's what it looks like;you have the words at the bottom of the screen.

Very simple.

And the CC – as you cansee – is now underlined with a red line.

Make sure you see that red lineunderneath, or else the next thing will not be available.

So you can also clickon this gear; it says settings, but it'll say something different in your language.

You click on it and we have subtitles.

& its English (auto-generated).

So you canchange it and click on options here and you can change a whole bunch of thingsabout how your fonts show up.

I can change the writing.

Look at that.

I canmake it small capitals.

I can make it proportional mono-spaced that looks likeit's a screenplay or something.

Or casual.


that's just a.

comic sans.

I don'tlike that at all.

So I'm gonna move that right back towhat we had before.


Proportional Serif.

You can.

Also, here's another thingyou can do if you want to practice your English and help EnglishWin get to thenext level.

Let me show you how to add subtitles for a new language at thebottom of videos.

Maybe you don't know this, but you can make translations ofvideos; let me show you how to do that.

You take your mouse and you go down tounderneath the title of the video and to the right.

You should see three dots.

Youhit those three dots and you get an option that says 'add translations.

' I'mgonna click on that and it takes me to a menu; let's load that up.

And so now, youcan add new subtitles.

I'll click on that Search a hundred and eighty seven otherlanguages! Ooh! Let's put Spanish in there.

Spanish (Latin America).

Let's do that, andyou can click on that.

And here you have the option to upload a file, if you haveall the words I have spoken translated in a Microsoft Word document, you canupload that document.

Or, you can create new subtitles.

I'm going to click on that,and that way, it'll take you to a timed text section, and you can start enteringin the subtitles.

Like, let me show you: I could say.

let's listen to this, okay?welcome let's go into the errors that are common.

bienvenidos vamos alerrores comúnes.

I think that's how you do it, right? So if you want to addtranslations in your language to English Win videos, that is great practice foryou, and it also helps all the other people who speakyour language and want to learn how to speak English well.

And when you'refinished, of course, you just hit 'Publish' right over here.

I'm not going to do thatbecause, while I'm okay at Spanish, I'm not great compared to someone who livedin a Spanish-speaking country their entire life.

All right? So if you do thisfor your native language – you translate videos like this – your skills willimprove, and you'll help others who speak your language succeed in English as well.

You'd also be doing me a huge favor, so it's a win for everybody.

And that is howyou use subtitles on YouTube.

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Thank you so much; it means a lot to me.

I have included a link to anothervideo I think you might like.

right over there.

So don't let my head get in theway, alright? Catch you later with another video.