Hey guys, this is Heather! Today we aremaking a spicy miso ramen bowl inspired by evenings at my brother's in Brooklyn.

He's got this favorite ramen place and when we've had a long day, and everybodyis wiped out, we order ramen – he goes on his scooter to get it, brings it back, and we have movie night with the kids.

everybody zones out.

slurps away.

and just enjoys the goodness.

Sometimes it's sonice to have something salty and savory and just super-duper satisfying.

So, we aregoing to recreate the basic premise of that bowl I'm going to replace a few things.

I would say that that is boiling! So we're gonna get the ramen in there,and I like to try to break it up as soon as possible so that it doesn't get clumpy.

I had been using a brand of ramen noodles to make at home that just used regular flour, though you can swap in brown rice noodles OR! I found these at the storetoday, which are millet and brown rice ramen packs.

They are single servingpacks, and they come – this is the vegan one that they offer – it comes with aflavor pack which is spicy miso! so I could just use this, but we are going tomake our own, and I'm gonna save this for another fun day! This being rice basewill probably be a little bit on the sticky side, so I'm just gonna keep aneye every so often while this softens up It says four minutes.

So that's not very long at all! Meanwhile, I'm gonna put a little bit of water in apan on medium-high to start cooking some mushrooms.

I'm using regular brownmushrooms, sliced.

You could use the little enoki mushrooms, which are lovely andprobably more authentic, but I'm gonna use brown mushrooms – and I'm just gonnacook them a little bit.

I like to steam or water sautee them a little bit first,with a bit of salt to get them going and then I'll saute them properly withsesame oil in a minute.

These noodles are done now, so just drain those, and thenrinse with water to get them to not stick.

Back to our mushrooms, which arebrowning nicely, and I'm gonna add some chopped fresh ginger – that's a lot, youdon't have to use that much – and fresh garlic Now is when I'm gonna add sometoasted sesame oil If you are using enoki mushrooms, youwouldn't have to cook them, but I would still cook the ginger and garlic, I think.

Just probably with the tempeh instead of mushrooms.

I've got this one today, sothis is NOT pre-cooked.

If you watched my Victoria video, you will see my favoritetempeh – which is precooked and seasoned But this one is not.

I'm gonna just dothe whole pack, because leftover tempeh is always a good thing.

and I'm justgonna cut this into cubes.

This just needs a little splash, and then we'regonna set that aside and do the tempeh in this same pan.

People always ask mehow my prep time is so low for dishes like this, and it's because I don't dothe whole mise en place thing, I just chop as I go.

Just a little water inthere to clear that out, and it doesn't hurt for the tempeh to steam alittle bit to start off.

You could also bake this if you like, it just takes alittle longer.

So for this, I am going to drizzle it with sesame oil to start off.

Stir it around, get it coated, a littlebit of tamari in there – that's excellent! Turn this down a little bit from whatthe mushrooms were at, because you want to cook this a little bit slower.

Justkeep an eye on this, turn it over every so often, and while that is cooking away -we are gonna make our broth! I'm gonna do this in the pot that I've boiled theramen, to save dishes, and I've boiled some water in my electric kettle.

Youwant it to be just below the boil for this, because we're mixing it with miso andwe don't want to damage the flavor.

I'm gonna do four cups – you can let that coola bit longer if it looks too hot.

I am going to magically make thisvegetable stock by putting a mushroom stock cube in here.

Oh, these are sodelicious give it a try if you see it in the store, it's such a nice rich flavor.

So either do that, or use some actual vegetable stock or broth.

To that, youwant to add your miso – about a quarter cup, which is pretty much exactly what Ihave left! I'm trying to squeeze every.


little bit out of this.

They say redor white works the best, because they're milder flavors, but if you know your misotastes – just go with whatever you like.

Stir this together to make sure it's alldissolved.

it might take a bit, squish it against the side.

All right, that looksall dissolved now.

You can give it a taste here, cause you want to make sure ittastes all right before you put all your goodness in it.

Oh yes! That is tasty.

We're gonna add a little drizzle of toasted sesame oil right to the broth,and if you want to make it saltier you can add some tamari or soy sauce, andthen the last thing we're gonna add to make it spicy is some crushed red pepperflakes.

Now, go with your own taste, start small – these little guys pack a lot ofpunch, so depending on how spicy you want it, put in however much youlike.

You can always add more later, but you can't take it out.

Tempeh's still going over here.

oh my god, I love tempeh.

This looks so so good!Getting a nice crispy brown on there, add more sesame oil if you need to.

Ok – on to the veggies! We're gonna have some veggies, because we're good vegans likethat.

Baby bok choy is what they usually put – this is the smallest one I couldfind.

But, to be honest, it's really hard to eat an entire baby bok choy, so whatyou can also do if you like – and I want to – is just chop off the end, and chopthem up a bit.

Maybe just cut that little bit out.

and you know, maybe leave the small leaves.

and maybe cut this leaf in half.

you can steam these ifyou want, or you can just throw them in with the miso broth, whatever you like!We've got some green onions, just cut the ends off, take any bits off theoutside that look old, trim tops a little bit, and then I usually cut them in half -and then just slice that small.

I've got some cornthat's just thawing, and you can do bean sprouts.

The bean sprouts looked terriblethis week, so I'm going to do little matchsticks with a cucumber instead.

Always a room for improv in a recipe! Time has come to finish these off!You can add a little bit of spice with crushed red pepper here if youlike as well but I'm just gonna leave these savoury just mix them around so that that tamarisears on to the tempeh, and then turn the heat off.

Looks so good!If you take the tempeh out and leave this on the heat, you can deglaze withwater for easier cleanup.

oh my goodness, how amazing does this look!We are going to spoon some broth into a bowl Then your ramen noodles – these ones gotsticky again, just rinse them with water YUM!and then arrange everything else.

some mushrooms, some bok choy, some cucumber, lots of green onion.

some corn, and some tempeh YUMI'm just gonna nestle that.

Nestle it amongst the bok choy, how sweet is that!Get that bok choy in the broth so it steams a bit.

If you just left me alonewith this tempeh, I would eat it all.

My best bet for eating success is alwayschopsticks, as well as a giant spoon.

I don't have the cool scoopy kind, I mighthave to get some when I'm next in New York Anyway – whatever you use, it'sgonna be slurpy, and it's gonna be awesome!Leave me a thumbs up if you like this recipe, leave me any comments down belowif you have questions or suggestions for what you're putting in your ramen bowls!Be sure to grab your free October vegan cooking calendar, which includes thisdelicious recipe and 30 others for a month of treats – sweet ones and saltyones, like today! Hope you enjoy it, Thank you so much for watching, go have awonderful, healthy day – and we'll talk soon.

Bye guys! xo h.